Yellowstone transformed 15 years after the return of wolves

Fifteen years after wolves were brought back to Yellowstone National Park, ecosystem health in many areas is beginning to return.

Fuel reduction likely to increase carbon emissions

Forest thinning usually will add carbon to the atmosphere, even if it helps to reduce the severity of some fires, according to a new study by researchers at Oregon State University.

Thinning reduces flying squirrel populations - key part of spotted owl diet

The thinning of Douglas-fir forests done, in part, to improve habitat for the northern spotted owl is having the unintended near-term consequence of reducing populations of flying squirrels, a key part of the spotted owl diet.

Southwestern Oregon streams: a flawed view of the past

Riparian zones in southwest Oregon used to look much different before European settlers arrived, and the current "hands-off" approach to any management is preventing them from regaining their native conditions.

Climate change causing movement of tree species across the West

A range of climatic forces is already changing the species that can survive in forests across the West, favoring some while others die out.