Science Pub focuses on getting ready for school

If you want to know if your kindergartener will succeed in school, look to Simon Says for an answer. Or to Red Light/Green Light. Or to the marshmallow game.

Runs to benefit OSU's MS Exercise Program held Sept. 21

Two different runs will be held Saturday, Sept. 21, at Willamette Park to benefit Oregon State University’s Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Program, an individualized exercise program for people with multiple sclerosis.

Athletes need to be careful to monitor diet, weight to maintain muscle mass

Athletes seeking a healthy performance weight should eat high fiber, low-fat food balanced with their training regimen in order to maintain muscle while still burning fat.

Children with delayed motor skills struggle more socially

Studies have shown that children with autism often struggle socially and now new research suggests that a corresponding lack of motor skills may contribute to that social awkwardness.

Cost of child care continues to rise in Oregon; majority not in centers or organized care

The cost of child care in Oregon continues to rise even as wages decline, a new OSU report found. Child care costs increased 13 percent from 2004-12 while household income declined 9 percent.

"Boys will be boys" in U.S., but not in Asia

A new study shows there is a gender gap when it comes to behavior and self-control in American young children – one that does not appear to exist in children in Asia.

Oregon Parenting Education Week takes place May 19-25

Oregon State University’s Hallie E. Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families, which has taken a leadership role in parenting education in Oregon, will hold a series of events May 20, 21 and 23, as part of Oregon Parenting Education Week.

New biomechanics lab in Bend one of the few of its kind in the country

OSU-Cascades is a partner in a new biomechanics laboratory opening in Bend this spring that will provide cutting-edge research and intervention for injuries - especially knees, ankles and hips.

Excess vitamin E intake not a health concern

A review of mechanisms the body uses to excrete excess vitamin E make it clear that it's almost impossible to take toxic levels of this nutrient. Deficiency is a much more important concern.

OSU creates new health promotion program, seeks participants

A new health promotion program aimed at people with physical mobility issues seeks participants from the Corvallis area.