Key to school improvement: reading, writing, arithmetic....... and character?

Teaching young students about character and personal development may be just as important to improving schools as traditional coursework, research shows.

Study: Physical activity impacts overall quality of sleep

People sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day if they get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, a new study concludes. Similar results were found for having difficulty concentrating.

Report: Oregon child care costs rising dramatically as wages fail to keep up

The cost of child care in Oregon has risen dramatically even as wages remained flat or increased slightly over the past decade, resulting in what researchers are calling a crisis for families.

High to moderate levels of stress lead to higher mortality rate

A new study concludes that men who experience persistently moderate or high levels of stressful life events over a number of years have a 50 percent higher mortality rate.

OSU senior named 'Emerging Designer' at Portland Fashion Week

Oregon State University student Amanda Grisham won the Emerging Designers Competition in conjunction with Portland Fashion Week last week.

Study: College students not eating enough fruits and veggies

A new study by researchers at Oregon State University has found that college students, in general, aren't getting enough fruits and vegetables - in fact, less than a serving a day on average.