U.S. adults get failing grade in healthy lifestyle behavior

Only 2.7 percent of the U.S. adult population achieves all four of some basic behavioral characteristics that researchers say would constitute a “healthy lifestyle.”

Nutrient slowed cancer cell growth in early-stage breast cancer

A new study shows that sulforaphane, a compound found at high levels in broccoli, can slow the growth of cancer cells, especially at early stages.

Liver recovery difficult even with improved diet, but faster if sugar intake is low

Liver damage caused by the typical “Western diet” – one high in fat, sugar and cholesterol – may be difficult to reverse even if diet is generally improved.

Obese people need more vitamin E, but actually get less

Research suggests that people with metabolic syndrome need more vitamin E, but are actually getting less of this nutrient to the tissues that need it.

New medical research reporting requirements may lead to fewer positive outcomes

New transparent reporting standards may have contributed to a significant reduction in the percentage of studies reporting positive research findings among large-budget clinical trials.

OSU names Hoffman vice provost for international programs

Mark Hoffman, associate dean in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, has been named vice provost for international programs at Oregon State University.

Mechanism outlined by which inadequate vitamin E can cause brain damage

Researchers at OSU have identified some of the mechanisms by which inadequate vitamin E can cause neurological damage.

High cholesterol, triglycerides can keep vitamin E from reaching body tissues

Much less vitamin E is actually absorbed from food than previous research has shown, raising concerns about whether most people get enough of this important micronutrient.

Beyond prevention: sulforaphane may find possible use for cancer therapy

Sulforaphane, one of the compounds found in foods such as broccoli that give it special health benefits, may be able to play a role in therapy for metasticized cancer.