Changing habits to improve health: New study indicates behavior changes work

Improving your heart health may be as simple as making small behavioral changes – a new study of behavioral health interventions suggests that they are effective at helping people alter their lifestyles and lead to physical changes that could improve overall health.

Gene therapy could aid weight loss without affecting bone loss, new research finds

Delivering the hormone leptin directly to the brain through gene therapy aids weight loss without the significant side effect of bone loss, according to new collaborative research from Oregon State University and University of Florida.

Young Latinos experience discrimination when obtaining health care, research shows

Young Latinos living in rural areas say they face discrimination when they obtain health care services – a factor that could contribute to disparities in their rates for obtaining medical care and in their health outcomes.

New book from OSU expert shows teachers, parents how to help preschoolers thrive

Megan McClelland's new book, “Stop, Think, Act: Integrating Self-regulation in the Early Childhood Classroom,” is a guide to help preschool teachers and parents understand self-regulation and help children ages 3-6 build those skills.

OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences Dean Tammy Bray to step down

Tammy Bray, dean of the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, announced Sept. 17 that she will step down from her position following a national search for her replacement.

Oregon Center for Health Innovation to respond to emerging health care issues

Oregon State University’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences is establishing a the Oregon Center for Health Innovation to address emerging health needs.

Oregon State research reaches record, exceeds $308 million

Oregon State University research funding reached $308.9 million, its highest level ever, in the fiscal year that ended on June 30.

OSU faculty to receive $4.6 million in grants for early childhood learning research

Researchers in Oregon State University’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences have been awarded $4.6 million in federal grants to study how to better prepare at-risk children for school.

Light-intensity exercise could prove beneficial to older adults, new research shows

An easy walk, slow dancing, leisurely sports such as table tennis, household chores and other light-intensity exercise may be nearly as effective as moderate or vigorous exercise for older adults – if they get enough of that type of activity.

Arsenic and health to be focus of Corvallis Science Pub

Once touted as a conditioner for the skin, arsenic has a long history as a poison and as an ingredient in paint, pesticides and wood preservatives. On June 8, the Corvallis Science Pub will focus on the modern public health story of this toxic metal.