Monkey business produces rare preserved blood in amber fossils

Two monkeys grooming each other about 20-30 million years ago may have helped produce the first fossilized red blood cells from a mammal.

Natural carbohydrate shows promise as weapon against food poisoning

Chitosan, a natural carbohydrate derived from crustacean shells, is showing promise as a weapon against a bacterium that annually sickens more than a million people in the United States.

OSU marine ecologist receives top National Academy of Sciences honor

The National Academy of Sciences is honoring Oregon State University marine ecologist Jane Lubchenco with its most prestigious award, the Public Welfare Medal.

Volunteers sought for study to measure actual metabolic impact of multivitamins

An OSU study hopes to answer a long-overdue question – does the use of multivitamin supplements really improve the nutritional status of elderly adults?

Massive online database lays the foundation for mathematics of the 21st century

An international team of mathematicians that includes an Oregon State University professor has released a massive mathematical database that catalogs objects of central importance in number theory and maps out the intricate connections between them.

Worldwide decline of coral reefs is focus of Corvallis Science Pub May 9

Research on the worldwide decline in coral reefs will take center stage at the Corvallis Science Pub on Monday, May 9.

Hydropeaking of river water levels is disrupting insect survival, river ecosystems

A group of researchers concluded today in a study in the journal BioScience that “hydropeaking” of water flows on many rivers in the West has a devastating impact on aquatic insect abundance.

Coal-tar based sealcoats on driveways, parking lots far more toxic than suspected

The pavement sealcoat products used widely around the nation on thousands of asphalt driveways and parking lots are significantly more toxic and mutagenic than previously suspected, according to a new paper published this week by researchers from Oregon State University.

Corvallis Science Pub holds two sessions in April

The Corvallis Science Pub will offer two science topics — microbes in the human gut and gravitational waves — in two separate meetings on Monday, April 11, and on Tuesday, April 12.

Lubchenco receives Linus Pauling Legacy Award

Jane Lubchenco has received the 2016 Linus Pauling Legacy Award sponsored by the Oregon State University Libraries and Press.