Veterinary hospital resuming normal operation after equine influenza outbreak

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital has resumed normal operations following an outbreak of equine influenza, which for the past two weeks kept it from accepting horses for anything but emergency services.

Cognitive decline with age is normal, routine - but not inevitable

The process of cognition and making memories is being tracked to its biological roots - and there may be ways to slow or prevent the natural decline in these abilities with age.

Flu vaccines aimed at younger populations could reduce transmission

A new analysis suggests that more flu vaccines should be given to children and young adults to reduce transmission, which would decrease overall deaths.

OSU study finds selenium added to alfalfa boosts calf growth, immunity

A study by OSU researchers found that adding selenium to fields planted with alfalfa allows the forage crop to “take up” the important mineral in its tissues, providing better feed for livestock.

Assay developed to rapidly detect disease that hurt oyster industry

Scientists have created a new assay to detect a toxin that has caused enormous losses in the Pacific Northwest oyster industry, which should ultimately help oyster growers reduce future losses.

OSU treats horse for equine influenza; warns horse owners to be vigilant

A horse from Eastern Oregon that was referred to OSU’s veterinary teaching hospital because of illness has been diagnosed with equine influenza virus, a highly contagious respiratory disease in horses.