Ornamental fish industry faces problems with antibiotic resistance

The ornamental fish industry is facing increasing concerns with antibiotic-resistant diseases, raising problems for that industry as well as questions about human health impact.

Can you really give your dog or cat the flu?

Research suggests that humans not only can pass the flu to other people, but also to their pet cats and dogs - a risk that is poorly understood and needs more analysis.

West Nile virus activity on the increase in Oregon

Two human cases of West Nile virus were reported this week and the highest levels of WNV is confirmed in mosquitoes since 2009, according to OSU's Veterinary Diagnostic Lab.

OSU partners with Woodburn School District to increase diversity in medical field

Oregon State University is hoping to inspire a new generation of students to consider pursuing medical careers by giving high school students from the Woodburn area the chance to spend a week exploring the world of veterinary medicine.

Childhood obesity may affect puberty, create problems with reproduction

Childhood obesity may cause a range of problems other than the usual health effects, including accelerating the onset of puberty and causing reproductive concerns later in life.