Technology using microwave heating may impact electronics manufacture

OSU engineers have merged a microwave heating system with a continuous flow reactor to produce technology that may dramatically affect the electronics industry.

OSU a partner in $320 million "digital manufacturing" initiative

OSU will be a key partner in a new, $230 million national initiative to support "digital manufacturing," which could revolutionize the way things get built in America.

Sustainable manufacturing system to better consider the human component

Society is demanding a higher degree of corporate social responsibility, and OSU engineering advances on sustainable manufacturing are helping to meet that need.

One step at a time, researchers learning how humans walk

Researchers are near a complete understanding of how humans walk, with implications for improved robotics, biomedical devices and other fields.

Amber fossil reveals ancient reproduction in flowering plants

Researchers have discovered an ancient flowering plant preserved in amber, the oldest known fossil specimen of sexual reproduction in plants.

OSU spinoff company NuScale to receive up to $226 million to advance nuclear energy

Nuclear technology that began its development in an OSU lab has now received up to $226 million in federal support to the spinoff company that is commercializing it.

Cascadia Lifelines Program begun to aid earthquake preparation

A new Cascadia Lifelines Program led by OSU and involving private industry will expedite the research needed to address the subduction zone earthquake looming in Oregon's future.

Breakthrough in study of aluminum should yield new technological advances

Researchers have discovered a new way to study aqueous aluminum - a fundamental advance that should open doors to many new technologies and products.

Research showcase highlights work of engineering grad students

Want to learn more about the Oregon State University College of Engineering’s far-ranging research efforts, including asking questions of those conducting the research?