OSU marine studies building to be a national model for tsunami “vertical evacuation”

Oregon State University’s new marine studies building at its Hatfield Marine Science Center will not only increase the region’s marine science education and research capacity, it will use state-of-the-art architectural and engineering techniques to serve as one of the first “vertical evacuation” tsunami sites in the United States.

Non-native species from Japanese tsunami aided by unlikely partner: plastics

A new study appearing this week in Science reports the discovery of a startling new role of plastic marine debris -- the transport of non-native species in the world's oceans.

Marine researchers invade Southern California for one of largest field studies of near-shore ocean

A large, diverse team of researchers will invade the California coast near San Luis Obispo in early September to launch an intense study of the Pacific Ocean’s inner shelf – a little-studied region between the surf zone and the mid-Continental Shelf.

Surveying sea floor animals for offshore renewable energy

There is growing interest in developing offshore wind and wave energy facilities in the Pacific Northwest. But not much is known about the sediment and animal life along the sea floor in the region.

OSU President: University remains committed to addressing climate change

 Oregon State University President Edward J. Ray today reaffirmed the university’s unwavering commitment to address climate change.

AAAS and Oregon State University announce 2016 Fellows

Three Oregon State University professors have been named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Public meeting on design of OSU's Marine Studies Building to be held Nov. 17

Oregon State University will host an informational meeting and open house on Thursday, Nov. 17, to present the schedule and design process for the interior of the new Marine Studies Building in Newport.

'State of the Coast' conference set for Oct. 29

Registration has opened for Oregon Sea Grant’s annual State of the Coast conference, which will be held Oct. 29 at the Salishan Spa and Golf Resort.

Tours available on OSU research vessel to dock in Portland at end of STEM cruise

Oregon high school students and teachers are joining scientists at Oregon State University aboard the research vessel Oceanus to gain at-sea research experience off the Oregon coast.

Comprehensive report of world's transboundary water basins finds hotspots of risk

Climate change and population growth will have an enormous impact on the world’s waterways that cross international borders, but economic development may have consequences just as far-reaching.