Noted oceanographer to speak Nov. 12 at Hatfield

Don Walsh, a pioneering oceanographer famous for his 1960 dive to the deepest part of the ocean, will visit OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Ocean sound: The Oregon Coast rules when it comes to ambient noise

A year-long study of the ambient noise off the Oregon Coast confirms that it is one noisy place - from breaking surf, to ship traffic to the sounds of blue whales.

Bald eagles increasing impact on murre colony at Yaquina Head

The recovery of bald eagle populations in Oregon is an environmental success story, which is good news – unless you happen to be a common murre living at the coast.

New study questions the role of kinship in mass strandings of pilot whales

A new study published in the Journal of Heredity has found that pilot whales do not beach themselves because of family ties - a hypothesis that has grown in popularity in recent years.

Invasive species danger from tsunami may not be known for years

OSU scientists who have examined more than three dozen pieces of debris from the Japanese tsunami say the potential damage from invasive species may not be known for years.

OSU, City of Newport plan for exhibit featuring piece of tsunami dock

OSU and the City of Newport are collaborating on a project to create an educational exhibit using a section of the Japanese dock that washed ashore on the Oregon coast earlier this summer.