Species identified from the Japanese dock that washed ashore

The floating dock from Japan that beached near Newport brought dozens of species of organisms, providing a "wakeup call" for potential invasive species arriving aboard tsunami debris.

Scientists hope OSU whale-tracking data can reduce accidental deaths

A team of scientists has launched a project to reduce the number of whales killed from ship strikes and entanglement in fishing nets, using data from more than 300 whales tagged by OSU's Marine Mammal Institute.

Scientists still following far-ranging Varvara as Russian whale returns

Scientists continue to track the remarkable journey of Varvara, a rare western gray whale that has come from Russia to the breeding grounds of Baja Mexico, and is now returning up the West Coast.

Study: Endangered Antarctic blue whales show surprising genetic diversity

The first circumpolar genetic study of critically endangered Antarctic blue whales has found a surprisingly high level of diversity among the surviving population of some 2,200 individuals.

Hatfield legacy lives in OSU leadership in the marine sciences

Former Oregon governor and U.S. Senator Mark Hatfield passed away Sunday after a long illness. His legacy lives on at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, OSU's world-class marine research campus.

Hatfield Marine Science Center unveils new live OctoCam

A new OctoCam at OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center allows web users a 24/7 glimpse at the center's resident giant Pacific octopus, which already is a hit with students in...Iowa?