Scientists hope OSU whale-tracking data can reduce accidental deaths

A team of scientists has launched a project to reduce the number of whales killed from ship strikes and entanglement in fishing nets, using data from more than 300 whales tagged by OSU's Marine Mammal Institute.

Study finds prey distribution, not biomass, key to marine food chain

A study just published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters documents the importance of prey density over biomass, an increasingly important concept scientists call "patchiness."

OSU unveils new seafloor mapping of Oregon's nearshore ocean

Researchers have completed a project to map 55 percent of the seafloor of Oregon's Territorial Sea, a collaborative project that will provide numerous benefits - including better tsunami inundation planning.

Hatchery, OSU scientists link ocean acidification to larval oyster failure

Researchers at Oregon State University have definitively linked an increase in ocean acidification to the collapse of oyster seed production at a commercial oyster hatchery in Oregon.

Rising CO2 levels linked to global warming during last deglaciation

A new study published in Nature, based on research at Oregon State University, links rising levels of carbon dioxide with the global warming that ended the last Ice Age.

Task force recommends reducing global harvest of "forage fish"

An international task force, which included OSU's Selina Heppell, strongly recommends global reduction in the harvest of "forage fish" like sardines and anchovies to maintain marine food webs.

Scientists still following far-ranging Varvara as Russian whale returns

Scientists continue to track the remarkable journey of Varvara, a rare western gray whale that has come from Russia to the breeding grounds of Baja Mexico, and is now returning up the West Coast.

Scientists document first consumption of abundant life form, Archaea

Scientists led by an OSU post-doctoral researcher have documented for the first time that animals consume Archaea – a single-celled microorganism thought to be among the most abundant life forms on Earth.