Glow-in-the-dark shrimp? Don't fret, say seafood safety experts...

Some Oregonians are reporting purchasing cooked shrimp at the coast that actually glow in the dark, but the luminescence - which comes from marine bacteria - is actually harmless.

Rapidly growing murre colony draws interest of scientists - and predators

A growing colony of murres at Yaquina Head is drawing the interest of predators - and scientists, who are studying the bird they call an "indicator species" for climate change.

New study shows importance of February upwelling to fish, seabirds

A new study led by OSU's Bryan Black has found that mini-pulses of February upwelling have an amazingly strong correlation with rockfish growth and seabird nesting success.

Harmful algal blooms on rise globally, but Oregon monitoring at risk

The recent closure of razor clamming along much of Oregon's coast has cast a spotlight once again on "harmful algal blooms," which scientists say are increasing globally.

Abrupt shift to summer masks record-setting dampness of early June

Weather conditions shifted abruptly to summer in recent days, but not until Portland had set an all-time record for June rainfall, and several cities logged one-day records June 2-3.

Study finds homebound Ad'elie penguins adaptable to change

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy finds that penguins will indeed march - when environmental change throws their preferred habitat into disarray.