Delaney to present inaugural lecture commemorating hydrothermal vents discovery

John Delaney, a prominent University of Washington oceanographer, will give the first lecture in a new series at OSU commemorating the discovery of undersea hydrothermal vents.

New study finds surprisingly high rate of steelhead mortality in estuary

OSU researchers monitoring juvenile steelhead have discovered that nearly half of the dollar-sized fish died when they reached the estuary - most likely by predation - before ever reaching the ocean.

Oregon Sea Grant delivers federal dollars for ocean research, outreach efforts

New funding for Sea Grant will support 10 research projects, nine of them centered at Oregon State, in such areas as climate change, marine reserves and salmon habitat restoration.

OSU partners with Naval Research Lab on space-borne coastal imaging

OSU's College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences is partnering with the Naval Research Lab on a new coastal imaging system deployed aboard the International Space Station.