2015 goes down as the warmest in Oregon history

2015 will go down on record as the warmest in Oregon history, beating the old record average temperature set in 1934 at the peak of The Dust Bowl.

Public invited to see shark necropsies at OSU's Hatfield Center on Saturday

OSU marine educator Bill Hanshumaker will conduct side-by-side necropsies of two sharks this Saturday, Jan. 9, at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.

Selina Heppell named head of OSU Fisheries and Wildlife Department

Selina Heppell, an OSU conservation biologist, has been named the first woman to head the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife in its 80-year history.

Harbor seal deaths show presence of bacterial infection

An analysis of the death of seven harbor seals raises new evidence of emerging marine pathogens and the need to track them better.

OSU/NOAA study: Warm-water years are tough on juvenile salmon

Juvenile chinook salmon have to eat more when the Pacific Ocean is warm, but they are smaller and thinner than salmon the same age during cold-water years.

Oregon Sea Grant announces 2016-18 research grant recipients

The OSU-based Oregon Sea Grant program is awarding $1.7 million in competitive, federally funded research grants for 2016-18.

72 scientists ink letter to U.S. presidential candidates urging leadership on clean energy

A group of 72 leading climate change scientists have written a letter to major United States presidential candidates urging strong American leadership on clean energy.

Report: Willamette Valley water future mostly bright, though gaps may need to be addressed

The Willamette River basin should have enough water for people in the year 2100, but conditions may not be so good for cold-water native fish.

Open house set for OSU's Port Orford field station

An open house will be held at Oregon State University's Port Orford field station on Nov. 14.

Scuba fill station opens in Port Orford, as diving increases in popularity

A scuba fill station for scientific and recreational divers is opening this month at Oregon State University’s Port Orford Field Station.