January - 2015
ODFW administrator named secretary for OSU Board of Trustees

Debbie Colbert, deputy director for administration at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, has been named secretary of the OSU Board of Trustees.

December - 2014
OSU News Release "Glowing" new nanotechnology guides cancer surgery, also kills remaining malignant cells

A new system developed at OSU may improve the efficacy of cancer surgery through the use of phototherapy and a technique that "illuminates" the tumor.

OSU awards $70,000 in agricultural scholarships
Sale of OSU co-op furniture set Dec. 29-31

OSU is liquidating the furniture and kitchenware remaining in four cooperative housing units that are being closed.

OSU News Release Study finds tropical fish moving into temperate waters

Tropical herbivorous fish are expanding their range into temperate waters and a new international study documents the dramatic impact of the intrusion in the Mediterranean Sea.

Un nuevo estudio demuestra que el "estado de saturaci'on del carbonato", no el CO2 o el pH, es directamente nocivo para los bivalvos

La mortalidad de larvas de ostra japonesa u ostión en criaderos de la región costera del Noroeste de EEUU (Pacífico Nororiental) ha sido asociada a la acidificación del océano. 

Introverts could shape extroverted co-workers' career success, OSU study shows

Introverted employees are more likely to give low evaluations of job performance to extroverted co-workers, giving introverts a powerful role in workplaces that rely on peer-to-peer evaluation.

OSU News Release New study finds "saturation state" directly harmful to bivalve larvae

A new study of Pacific oyster and Mediterranean mussel larvae found that the earliest larval stages are directly sensitive to saturation state, not carbon dioxide (CO2) or pH.

OSU News Release "Big Data" challenge seeks techie solution to science problem

A big data competition with prizes totalling $175,000 has been launched to solve a scientific challenge.

OSU Center for Latino/a Studies and Engagement joins Latino consortium

OSU’s Center for Latino/a Studies and Engagement has been selected to join the Inter-University Program for Latino Research, a national consortium of university-based research centers.

OSU Media Advisory: Oregon State University Shares Results of Investigation into 1998 Sexual Assault

OSU President Ed Ray sent a letter to the campus community on Wednesday about the university's investigation into a 1998 sexual assault.

OSU announces plans to renovate Valley Football Center

Building on a 15-year plan to improve its athletic and educational facilities for student-athletes, OSU announced a $42 million project to expand and renovate the Valley Football Center.

OSU News Release No laughing matter: Nitrous oxide rose at end of last ice age

A new study confirms that atmospheric levels of nitrous oxide rose significantly as the Earth came out of the last ice age.

OSU News Release New technology tracks carcinogens as they move through the body

Researchers have developed a method to track through the human body the movement of carcinogens known as PAHs as they are biologically processed and eliminated.

OSU News Release Scientists prepare for another wave of tsunami debris, possible invasives

Tsunami debris is still arriving from Japan, nearly four years after the big earthquake, and each arriving item carries the risk of introducing non-native species to the Northwest.

OSU to expand collaboration, outreach on UAVs, sensing technologies

Oregon State University has formed a new group to organize and expand its work and collaboration with unmanned aerial vehicles and sensing technologies.

"Wild" author Cheryl Strayed to speak at OSU on Jan. 15

Cheryl Strayed, author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, “Wild,” will speak at Oregon State University as part of their Discovery Lecture Series on Jan. 15.

OSU News Release OSU marine ecologist chosen as first U.S. Science Envoy for Oceans

Building on a new commitment to improved marine protection and management, the U.S. Department of State has chosen Jane Lubchenco as the first Science Envoy for the Oceans.

Science study links greenhouse gases to African rainfall

A new study published this week in Science links increases in greenhouse gases during a warming climate after the last ice age to increases in African rainfall.

Oregon State Honors College Rated Among the Best

The Oregon State University Honors College was rated to be among the top 22 honors colleges in the nation in 2014 by Public University Press, a private organization.

OSU's Ray joins other education leaders on initiative

OSU President Edward J. Ray is joining President Barack Obama and hundreds of higher education leaders at the White House today to announce new actions to help more students.

Veterinary hospital resuming normal operation after cases of equine influenza

The Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Teaching Hospital at OSU is resuming normal operations following several cases of equine influenza.

OSU News Release New type of semiconductor could change face of consumer electronics

Transparent electronic materials originally developed at OSU are now about to enter mainstream commercial use in a wide range of products.

OSU News Release OSU among best Earth and environmental sciences programs in the world

Oregon State University is ranked among the strongest Earth and environmental sciences programs in the world by the journal Nature.

OSU News Release Atmospheric carbon dioxide used for energy storage products

OSU researchers have found a way to make high-tech electronic materials out of a resource we have too much of - atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Corvallis Science Pub focuses on Ebola

Patrick Iversen, a professor at Oregon State University, led the development of a drug that targets the genetic machinery of the Ebola virus. At the Dec. 8 Corvallis Science Pub, he will review what scientists know about Ebola and how the new drug works.

OSU News Release PNAS study: Ocean biota responds to global warming

A new study suggests that the ocean may absorb carbon dioxide more efficiently than previously thought, but it may come at a cost - decreased oxygen in ocean environments.

November - 2014
OSU News Release Expert to discuss startup business issues, patents

The director of the Silicon Valley United States Patent and Trademark Office will explore startup business issues on Wednesday, Dec. 3, in Corvallis, in an open public discussion.

OSU News Release Matched "hybrid" systems may hold key to wider use of renewable energy

Alternative energy systems might be more cost effective if they can be matched with one another to provide a more steady and dependable flow of electricity, a new report suggests.

Veterinary hospital managing cases of equine influenza

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Oregon State University will not accept horses for anything but emergency services until at least Tuesday, Dec. 2, due to three diagnosed cases of equine influenza virus at the hospital.

OSU to study diseases affecting common nursery plants
OSU News Release Lionfish analysis reveals most vulnerable prey as invasion continues

New studies of lionfish may help researchers better understand how they, and other animal species, select their prey.

OSU News Release Self-regulation intervention boosts school readiness of at-risk children, study shows

An intervention that uses music and games to help preschoolers learn self-regulation skills is helping prepare at-risk children for kindergarten, a new OSU study shows.

OSU News Release Biomarker could provide early warning of kidney disease in cats

A new biomarker has been identified that will give pet owners more advance notice that their cats may be suffering from kidney disease, a common cause of death for cats

OSU News Release New technology may speed up, build awareness of landslide risks

A new way to use lidar technology could revolutionize the understanding of landslides around the world, and reveal them in some areas to be far more pervasive than ever before understood.

Oregon State University yearbooks digitized and made available online

The Oregon State University Libraries & Press has digitized a rich source of OSU history - almost every OSU yearbook - and made them freely available online.

OSU News Release "Get Smart About Antibiotics Week" event planned in Portland

The fifth annual "Aware at the Square" event about antibiotics and other health issues will be Nov. 21 in Portland.

OSU News Release Virulent bacteria affecting oysters found to be a case of mistaken identity

Researchers have discovered that the bacteria causing problems for oysters on the Pacific Northwest coast is not the pathogen they believed it was - but instead, one that's even more deadly.

OSU News Release New advance in cryopreservation could change management of world blood supplies

OSU engineers have identified a way to speed up the processing of frozen blood, which may have significant impacts on management of the world blood supply.

Author Kazim Ali to read at Oregon State on Nov. 21

Author Kazim Ali will read poetry at Oregon State University on Friday, Nov 21, beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the Valley Library Rotunda.

OSU News Release "Eyespots" in butterflies shown to distract predatory attack

Some experiments have shown how butterflies can use "eyespots" to deflect attacks on them, and live long enough to reproduce.

falllibrary New software will help OSU patrons access millions of books, articles

Oregon State University Libraries and Press will make it easier for patrons to utilize resources in academic libraries in Oregon, Washington and Idaho by providing them access to more than 9 million books, journal articles, and other materials

OSU professor helps develop promising Ebola drug
OSU News Release Expert on subsurface life to present Condon Lecture

An expert on unusual microbial life forms found in the Arctic and deep beneath the surface of the Earth will present the 2014 Condon Lecture.

OSU News Release "Antibiogram" use in nursing facilities could help improve antibiotic use, effectiveness

Research at OSU suggests that "antibiograms" could improve the use antibiotics in an appropriate and judicious manner, and reduce problems with antibiotic resistance.

Auditions for OSU production of 'Anne Frank' to be held Nov. 16 and 17

Auditions for Oregon State University Theatre’s winter production, “The Diary of Anne Frank,” will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 16 and 17.

Be Bright! Be Seen! event to be held Nov. 12 in the MU Quad

In an effort to encourage bike and pedestrian safety on campus and around Corvallis, Oregon State University is inviting the public to the Memorial Union quad on Wednesday, Nov. 12, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., for a special Be Bright! Be Seen! event.

OSU News Release OSU partnership forms new center for software development

Two organizations at Oregon State University have joined forces to create a new center offering expanded services in product testing, software development and hosting.

OSU News Release OSU hits 30,000 enrollment mark overall, while reining in Corvallis growth

For the first time in its history, OSU's combined campuses and its distance learning program have surpassed 30,000 students in overall enrollment.

Study: State, federal role in electric utilities' labor issues should be reexamined

It may be time to re-examine the role of public utility commissions and the effect of the National Labor Relations Act in labor disputes regarding electric utilities, an OSU professor suggests.

OSU News Release 'Go Baby Go' mobility program for children with disabilities expands to OSU

Oregon State University is the newest hub for 'Go Baby Go,' which provides modified, ride-on cars to young children with disabilities so they can move around independently.

PNAS Commentary: Study sheds new light on sea level rise at last ice age

A new study suggesting that the contribution of the Antarctic ice sheets to sea level rise is less than once thought has significant implications for future sea level change, according to a commentary by OSU's Peter Clark.

Children with autism focus of Corvallis Science Pub talk

For school-age children, the rise in autism and the decrease in physical activity spell trouble.

OSU News Release "Mild" control of systolic blood pressure in older adults is adequate: 150 is good enough

An analysis has found that "mild" control of systolic blood pressure to 150 or below is adequate for older adults - medications to achieve lower levels is unnecessary.

October - 2014
Susan Keys OSU-Cascades one of 15 universities nationwide to receive federal suicide prevention grant

OSU–Cascades will use a new $305,000 suicide prevention grant to develop programs to support student mental health and aid students who are at risk for suicide.

OSU News Release Hygienic funerals, better protection for health workers offer best chance to stop Ebola

Researchers from OSU and Yale University have outlined in the journal Science the steps they feel are most effectively going to contain the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

OSU Theatre to present 'Mother Courage' in November

Tickets are now on sale for performances of Bertolt Brecht’s classic anti-war fable, “Mother Courage and Her Children."

OSU News Release Running robots of future may learn from world's best two-legged runners: birds

The best bipedal runners in the world may be birds, and OSU researchers are studying them to make better robots.

Top Oregon family businesses to be honored at Nov. 20 event

Several Oregon family businesses will be honored at the 2014 Excellence in Family Business Awards ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 20, at the Sentinel Hotel in Portland.

OSU News Release New study shows three abrupt pulse of CO2 during last deglaciation

A new study shows that the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide that contributed to the end of the last ice age was characterized by three “pulses” of rapid C02 increase.

OSU News Release Oral contraception may become renewed option for HIV-positive women

New research has found that HIV-positive women receiving one of the most common forms of drug therapy should be able to use at least some forms of oral contraceptives for birth control.

OSU News Release Lubchenco receives World Academy of Sciences Medal

Jane Lubchenco, the University Distinguished Professor and Advisor in Marine Studies at Oregon State University and former NOAA administrator, has received The World Academy of Sciences Medal.

OSU News Release H.J. Andrews research forest federal funding renewed

Research and education at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, one of the nation’s premier ecological science sites, has received a six-year, $6.7 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

Fall OSU celebrates newest student resource, Ettihad Cultural Center

Oregon State University’s newest cultural center is having a grand opening celebration on Tuesday, Oct. 28, from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Memorial Union Horizon Room (49). 

Intel 'futurist' to speak Oct. 28 at Oregon State University

Brian David Johnson, the futurist at Intel Corp., will speak at Oregon State University Oct. 28.

OSU News Release Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator accepting applications

The Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator program will begin its next cohort in January, and is now seeking participants.

OSU News Release Widely recognized OSU toxicologist dies, will receive Discovery Award

George Bailey, a toxicologist and international expert on carcinogenesis and cancer prevention, died at age 73.

Oregon State University to offer religious studies degree program

The religious studies degree at Oregon State will emphasize religious literacy, helping students understand how religion shapes the world and affects society.

OSU News Release Board hears report on student policies, sexual misconduct, OSU programs

The OSU Board of Trustees on Friday heard a report outlining extensive efforts by the university to improve success for students while in school and following graduation.

OSU News Release A child's poor decision-making skills can predict later behavior problems, research shows

Children who show poor decision-making skills may be more likely to experience difficulties that have the potential to lead to high-risk health behavior in their teen years.

Former OSU forestry dean Hal Salwasser dies at 69

Former OSU forestry dean Hal Salwasser died at his home in Corvallis Wednesday night (Oct. 15) at the age of 69.

OSU News Release OSU campaign celebration to feature N.Y. Times columnist

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times will be the keynote speaker during a celebration of OSU's billion-dollar campaign.

OSU News Release OSU's Lubchenco honored for science communication efforts

Jane Lubchenco has received the Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication.

OSU Press publishes new book by Portland author Brian Doyle

The OSU Press has published a new book by Portland author Brian Doyle titled "Children and Other Wild Animals."

OSU News Release Study: Could sleeper sharks be preying on protected Steller sea lions?

Pacific sleeper sharks, a slow-moving species thought of as primarily a scavenger or predator of fish, may be preying on something larger – protected Steller sea lions in the Gulf of Alaska.

Oregon Hatchery Research Center to host open house, festival

The Oregon Hatchery Research Center will hold its annual Fall Creek Festival on Saturday, Nov. 1, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

OSU News Release Scientists discover carbonate rocks are unrecognized methane sink

Rocky assemblages known as authigenic carbonates in many oceans contain methane-eating microbes that constitute a previously unknown "sink" for this potent greenhouse gas.

OSU News Release Coast conference to explore marine issues

The State of the Coast conference on Oct. 25 in Florence will explore a range of issues related to Oregon's marine environment.

Photographer and conceptual artist John Hilliard to speak at OSU

British photographer and conceptual artist John Hilliard will speak about his work on Tuesday, Oct. 28, on the OSU campus in Corvallis.

OSU News Release OSU's first free, massive course attracts thousands worldwide

More than 3,187 students from around the world have enrolled in Oregon State University’s first massive open online course, or MOOC.

OSU News Release Lom'onaco to direct Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory

Pedro Lomónaco, an expert in coastal and maritime engineering, has been named the director of the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory.

OSU News Release Grant to enhance minority participation in STEM disciplines

A five-year, $3.44 million grant from the National Science Foundation will help improve STEM education at OSU and other collaborating universities.

OSU News Release Educated community no protection against a poor diet for children

Poor diets can affect even students from a highly educated community with easy access to quality food, a new OSU study suggests.

OSU News Release OSU president outlines a decade of accomplishments, new challenges for future

In an annual address to the Faculty Senate, President Edward Ray cited a decade of unprecedented growth and accomplishment, and new challenges facing OSU in the future.

Block Party celebrates new home of the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center

A “block party” celebration of the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center, which is currently under construction, will take place Oct. 17 at the center, located at 2320 S.W. Monroe Ave.

Be Well Run, Walk N' Roll celebrates fifth year

Runners, race walkers and anyone looking for a brisk fall stroll are invited to participate in a 5-kilometer run/1-mile walk on Oct. 17 at Oregon State University. It is free and open to the public.

OSU News Release Rivers recover natural conditions quickly following dam removal

Rivers can quickly return to their natural state, both physically and biologically, following removal of dams, a new study shows.

Valley Library celebrates 15 years

Oregon State University is celebrating the Valley Library’s 15th anniversary this month with guided tours led by student employees

Corvallis Science Pub focuses on Buddhism and science

At the Oct. 13 Corvallis Science Pub, Dee Denver, an associate professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at Oregon State University, will explore the intersection of these two traditions.

Fireworks display part of Beaver Nation celebration

Oregon State University is inviting students, faculty, staff and community members to Goss Stadium this Friday to celebrate being a part of “Beaver Nation” with free food, prizes and a fireworks show.

OSU News Release OSU researcher receives NIH award

Perry Hystad, an assistant professor of environmental and occupational health, is one of 17 winners of the NIH’s 2014 Early Independence Award.

Thursday night football game will impact OSU parking

Oregon State University students, staff and faculty should plan ahead as parking on campus will be a challenge on Thursday, Oct. 16, due to a 7 p.m. home football game against Utah.

OSU names Jay Noller new head of crop and soil science
OSU News Release OSU to present sixth International Film Festival Oct. 13-19

Oregon State University’s sixth International Film Festival, showcasing a diverse array of movies from international cultures, will be held Oct. 13-19 in Corvallis.

Oregon State to host hip-hop festival and concert Oct. 17

Oregon State University will host a Hip-Hop Festival, including an academic symposium and concert showcasing hip-hop music and culture, on Friday, Oct. 17.

OSU News Release Study finds air temperature models poor at predicting stream temps

Stream temperatures are expected to rise as a result of climate change, but a new study has found the correlation between air and stream temperatures surprisingly tenuous.

Visiting faculty members to read at Oregon State on Oct. 10

Authors Nick Dybek and Inara Verzemnieks will read from their work on Friday, Oct. 10, at the Valley Library.

OSU News Release OSU joins new education technology consortium

OSU has joined several leading research universities to create an education technology consortium called Unizin that will provide new ways to create and share digital educational content.

September - 2014
OSU News Release Task force outlines major initiatives to prepare for Pacific Northwest earthquake, tsunami

A Governor's Task Force led by Scott Ashford, dean of the College of Engineering, has outlined a significant, long-term effort to prepare for the major earthquake in Oregon's future.

OSU News Release Aspen recovering as wildlife populations shift in Yellowstone National Park

Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park is undergoing dramatic shifts with consequences that are beginning to return the landscape to conditions not seen in nearly a century, according to a series of new studies.