August - 2014
OSU News Release Schellman to head physics department

Heidi Schellman, an expert on high energy physics, has been appointed to head the Department of Physics in the OSU College of Science.

OSU News Release Chemistry professors named ACS Fellows

Two OSU professors have been named as fellows of the American Chemical Society. Honored were Kevin Gable and Robert McGorrin.

July - 2014
OSU News Release Scientists caution against exploitation of deep ocean

The world’s oceans are vast and deep, yet technology and the quest for extracting resources from previously unreachable depths is beginning to put the deep seas on the cusp of peril.

OSU News Release Strategies identified to improve oral contraceptive success with obese women

Oral birth control may not work as well in obese women, but Oregon researchers have found new strategies to help address that concern.

OSU News Release Advantage Accelerator "graduates" moving toward successful new businesses, jobs

The first four companies working with the OSU Advantage Accelerator have completed the program and are moving toward commercial success.

OSU News Release Synchronization of North Atlantic, North Pacific preceded abrupt warming, end of ice age

A study by OSU researchers suggests that synchronization of climate patterns in the North Pacific and North Atlantic oceans may be the early warning sign for a climate change "tipping point."

OSU News Release 15-year analysis of blue whale range off California finds conflict with shipping lanes

A 15-year analysis of satellite-tagged blue whales off the West Coast found that their favored feeding areas are bisected by heavily used shipping lanes, increasing the threat of injury and mortality.

OSU News Release Portland fundraiser to lead OSU Foundation's Metro office

Kristin Watkins, associate vice president for advancement at Portland Community College and executive officer of the PCC Foundation, has been named the head of the OSU Foundation's office in Portland.

OSU News Release OSU Board of Trustees OKs budget, approves new degree programs

The OSU Board of Trustees on Friday approved the university’s operating budget for the 2014-15 fiscal year, and also approved new degree programs in robotics and religious studies.

OSU News Release Ninth season of Bard in the Quad at OSU to feature 'Julius Caesar'

Oregon State University’s ninth season of Bard in the Quad runs Aug. 7-10 and Aug. 14-17 in the Memorial Union Quad on the OSU campus in Corvallis.

OSU joins NASA mission to measure carbon in ocean plants and ecosystems
OSU News Release Lipoic acid helps restore, synchronize the "biological clock"

Lipoic acid may have such a wide range of biological effects because it helps to restore more normal circadian rhythms, which often decline with age.

OSU News Release New assay to spot fake malaria drugs could save thousands of lives

OSU chemists have developed a new technology to tell whether a common malaria medication is genuine, and it could save thousands of lives.

OSU News Release Study: Young women with sexy social media photos seen as less competent

Girls and young women who post sexy or revealing photos are viewed by their female peers as less attractive and less competent, research shows.

OSU News Release Antibiotic use prevalent in hospice patients despite limited evidence of its value

Research suggests that antibiotics are probably being used more than is appropriate in hospice patients, sometimes making life for the terminally ill worse instead of better.

OSU News Release OSU's 13th president leaves legacy of university expansion and success

OSU's 13th president Paul Risser left a legacy of university expansion, academic and athletic success. He died July 10 at the age of 74.

OSU News Release Precipitation, not warming temperatures, may be key in bird adaptation to climate change

Precipitation changes are more likely than regional warming to influence bird population trends in the future, a new study suggests.

OSU News Release Sophisticated radiation detector designed for broad public use

A small, inexpensive radiation detector developed at OSU may help people around the world better understand radiation, and help detect risks if any are present.

OSU News Release Review: Lead ammunition can be deadly, though mitigation may help

A review of scientific studies on lead ammunition found that lead ingestion accounts for illness and mortality in more than 120 bird species in North America, but mitigation will be challenging.

SAR11, oceans' most abundant organism, has ability to create methane

A new study by researchers at Oregon State University demonstrates the ability of some strains of the oceans’ most abundant organism – SAR11 – to generate methane.

Questions and answers on pest management from OSU experts
Oregon State University hires new director for School of Arts and Communication

Lee Ann Garrison, an administrator at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, has been named the director of the School of Arts and Communication.

OSU News Release OSU students to run across Oregon this summer promoting health and physical activity

The Health Extension Run 2014 was designed to inspire Oregonians to improve their health through better eating and exercise.

OSU to observe Veterans Day as official holiday beginning in 2015

Oregon State University will begin observing Veterans Day as an official holiday beginning in 2015.

OSU receives federal grant to study academic outcomes of Oregon's English learners

Oregon State University will receive a grant of nearly $400,000 from the U.S. Department of Education to investigate what happens to Oregon students who begin school as English language learners.

OSU News Release Video games could provide venue for exploring sustainability concepts

Video games have the potential to educate the public and encourage development of creative solutions to social, economic and environmental problems, said OSU’s Shawna Kelly.

June - 2014
OSU News Release Oregon honeybee losses continue at economically unsustainable rate, OSU survey finds

More than one in five commercial honeybee hives in Oregon did not survive last winter, continuing a financially challenging trend for professional beekeepers.

OSU News Release "Molecular movie" technology may enable big gains in bioimaging, health research

OSU researchers have created a new type of imaging technology fast enough to capture life processes as they occur at the molecular level.

OSU News Release Research may yield new ways to treat antibiotic-resistant TB

OSU researchers are making progress toward new drugs to treat tuberculosis, which are badly needed as problems increase with antibiotic resistance.

Storksdieck to head OSU STEM Learning Research Center

Martin Storksdieck has been named head of the Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning.

OSU News Release NSF awards $200,000 to develop technology to treat sepsis, a global killer

Technology created at OSU may one day help prevent sepsis and save thousands of lives around the world.

OSU News Release Study links Greenland ice sheet collapse, sea level rise 400,000 years ago

A new study suggests that a warming period more than 400,000 years ago pushed the Greenland ice sheet past its stability threshold, raising global sea levels some 4-6 meters.

OSU News Release OSU gains state's first accredited school of public health

Oregon State University's College of Public Health and Human Sciences is the first school of public health in Oregon to earn accreditation from the Council on Education for Public Health.

Artisan cheese startups face six-digit costs, finds OSU study
OSU News Release Ron Adams named interim research VP at OSU

Oregon State University has named Ron Adams as interim vice president for Research, effective July 1.

New 'Philosophy of Phish' course at OSU aims to engage students in curriculum

Stephanie Jenkins plans to explore the relationship between philosophy, music and social change with her students in a new course on the band Phish. 

OSU seeks participants for new health promotion program

The program is aimed at people ages 18 and older who have limited mobility and is part of a research project on how physical activity of people with a mobility disability.

OSU News Release OSU to offer first free, massive course online

OSU is planning its first MOOC, or massive, open online course, which may attract thousands of K-12 educators when it begins this fall.

OSU News Release OSU names Jonathan Stoll director of Corvallis community outreach

Jonathan Stoll has been named the director of Corvallis Community Outreach at Oregon State University.

OSU faculty art exhibit on display at Fairbanks Gallery

twork by members of the art faculty at Oregon State University will be on display in the Fairbanks Gallery on campus, June 19 through Oct. 8.

OSU's Food Innovation Center to showcase local food entrepreneurs
OSU News Release Discovery of a bud-break gene could lead to trees adapted for a changing climate

Researchers have identified the function of a gene that controls when trees awaken from winter dormancy, a critical factor in their ability to adapt to climate change.

OSU News Release OSU Open Campus growth, innovations recognized with national award

It's only five years old but OSU Open Campus is already serving a broad cross section of educational needs in Oregon.

Record number of OSU students graduate via degree programs online

Oregon Ecampus will have a record number of graduates this year as its programs continue to grow in popularity.

OSU's food preservation and safety hotline opens July 14
OSU News Release Findings point toward one of first therapies for Lou Gehrig's disease

Researchers are getting close to one of the first significant therapies ever known for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease.

OSU News Release Animal trapping records reveal strong wolf effect across North America

Scientists have used coyote and red fox fur trapping records across North America to document how the presence of wolves influences the balance of smaller predators further down the food chain.

Genome could unlock eucalyptus potential for paper, fuel and fiber
OSU News Release ODFW, OSU to survey hunters about use of lead ammunition

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Oregon State University are collaborating on an effort to survey Oregon hunters about their use and knowledge of lead ammunition.

OSU to hold 145th commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 14

Oregon State University will hold its 145th commencement on Saturday, June 14, beginning at 10:30 a.m. in Reser Stadium, graduating a record class of nearly 5,900 students.

OSU News Release Technology using microwave heating may impact electronics manufacture

OSU engineers have merged a microwave heating system with a continuous flow reactor to produce technology that may dramatically affect the electronics industry.

OSU News Release Statin use associated with less physical activity

New research has associated statin use with less physical activity among older men, which could be a significant concern.

OSU News Release Computer science student beats odds, hopes to expand computer usability

Charles Hill struggled through 17 years of foster care, health problems and other challenges to earn a degree this year in computer science.

OSU News Release Research could lead to new cancer assay, aid both dogs and humans

Research at OSU should lead to a new assay for bladder cancer, in both dogs and humans, and improve treatment success.

OSU calculator helps organic farmers use fertilizer more efficiently
OSU News Release Sea star disease epidemic surges in Oregon, local extinctions expected

In the past two weeks an epidemic of sea star wasting syndrome has exploded in Oregon, creating a significant threat to marine intertidal ecosystems.

OSU News Release Iron, steel in hatcheries may distort magnetic "map sense" of steelhead

Exposure to iron pipes and steel rebar, such as the materials found in most hatcheries, affects the navigation ability of young steelhead trout, according to new research from Oregon State University.

OSU News Release New York Yankee Jacoby Ellsbury commits $1 million to alma mater

Jacoby Ellsbury of the New York Yankees has contributed $1 million to help expand the locker room facilities at OSU, his alma mater.

Reflections on wilderness featured at Corvallis Science Pub

At the June 9 Corvallis Science Pub, Cristina Eisenberg, an Oregon State University conservation biologist, will discuss why intact wilderness areas matter more today than they did in 1964.

Blueberries coated in leaf extracts have longer shelf life
OSU News Release Tracking potato famine pathogen to its home may aid $6 billion global fight

OSU researchers have identified the Toluca Valley of central Mexico as the ancestral home of one of the world's most costly and deadly plant pathogens.

May - 2014
Exhibit featuring graduating seniors' artwork on display at OSU

The exhibit featuring the artwork of graduating seniors will be on display in the Fairbanks Gallery from June 2 through June 13.

Student-directed one-act play festival opens June 4

Oregon State University Theatre’s annual Spring One-Act Festival will run June 4 through June 8 in the Lab Theatre in Withycombe Hall.

OSU News Release Amber discovery indicates Lyme disease is older than human race

Researchers have discovered that lyme disease, once considered a fairly "new" disease only identified 40 years ago, has actually been around since long before humans existed.

OSU News Release Keszler named associate dean in OSU College of Science

Douglas Keszler, a distinguished professor in the OSU Department of Chemistry, has been named associate dean for research and graduate studies in the College of Science.

OSU News Release Antarctic Ice Sheet unstable at end of last ice age

The Antarctic Ice Sheet began melting about 5,000 years earlier than previously thought coming out of the last ice age – and that shrinkage of the vast ice sheet accelerated during eight episodes, causing rapid sea level rise.

Salmon being tested Study finds wild coho may seek genetic diversity in mate choice

New research suggests that wild coho salmon that choose mates with disease-resistant genes different from their own are more likely to produce greater numbers of adult offspring returning to the river.

OSU News Release Butterfly "eyespots" add detail to the story of evolution

Researchers at OSU are using the "eyespots" on butterfly wings to answer some fundamental questions about evolution.

Battle of the Bands, Dam Jam held May 30-31

The Memorial Union Program Council, a student-led organization of Oregon State University, will hold its annual spring concerts, Battle of the Bands and Dam Jam (formerly known as Flat Tail Music Festival) on Friday, May 30, and Saturday, May 31, respectively.

OSU's 4-H awards nearly $22,000 in scholarships
OSU News Release New method discovered to protect against chemical weapons

OSU chemist have discovered compounds that detoxify some types of nerve gas and might form the basis for new types of protection against them, in clothing or gas masks.

OSU News Release OSU to name new residence hall after pioneering student

A new residence hall at OSU is being named after the first African American male to earn a degree at the university - after being denied access to university housing.

OSU News Release OSU Ballroom Dance Company to perform showcase in Corvallis

The May 30 and 31 performances at Corvallis High School will feature two pieces with country western flair.

OSU News Release OSU College of Liberal Arts hosts scholarship and creativity fair

The Scholarship and Creativity Fair at Oregon State University will showcase the research and creative accomplishments of College of Liberal Arts faculty.

Businesses need to plan for, address impacts on biodiversity, new report indicates

Businesses large and small need to begin the difficult work of assessing and addressing their impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services in order to reduce risk to natural resources, OSU researchers found.

OSU News Release Public urged to refrain from approaching seal pups

Oregon State University researchers are encouraging the public to refrain from approaching or "rescuing" seal pups on Northwest beaches this spring.

OSU News Release Humpback whale populations more distinct than previously thought

A new study concludes that humpback whales in three different ocean basins are distinct from one another, evolved independently and should be considered separate subspecies.

OSU News Release Research explains action of drug that may slow aging and related disease

Researchers in the Linus Pauling Institute have outlined the biochemical action of rapamycin, a drug that appears to mimic the effect of dietary restriction in slowing the aging process.

OSU News Release Study finds Oregon's most common fish at least three distinct species

A new study has found that the most common fish species in Oregon – the speckled dace – is actually at least three separate and distinct species.

Smithsonian mobile exhibit on May 19 explores the human-animal bond

A mobil museum exhibit featuring the human/animal bond will be in Corvallis on Monday, May 19.

OSU News Release Linda Bacon to speak about obesity myths and body acceptance at OSU

The author of 'Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About your Weight,' will speak about weight prejudice and body acceptance in Corvallis on Thursday, May 22.

OSU News Release Library receives endowment to fund student research scholarships

Oregon State University Libraries and Press has received a $100,000 estate gift to endow the Library Undergraduate Research Award. 

OSU News Release Study: Targeted funding can help address inequities in early child care programs

The quality of early child care and education programs is influenced both by funding and by the characteristics of the communities in which the programs operate.

OSU News Release Extended-release medication offers promise for alcohol, opioid dependence

A once-a-month injection of a particular drug appears more effective than other medications in treating alcohol and opioid dependence.

National Pesticide Information Center beefs up mobile presence with $5 million award
OSU News Release Study of marine life near Newport finds no red flags for toxicity

OSU scientists examined coastal marine species near Newport for concentrations of heavy metals and organic pollutants and found no bioaccumulation of significant concern.

OSU News Release Annual Klatowa Eena Powwow set at OSU

Oregon State University’s 38th annual Klatowa Eena Powwow will take place on Saturday, May 17, in Gill Coliseum on campus. 

OSU News Release Engineering Expo to showcase student projects

The 15th annual Engineering Expo on Friday, May 16, will feature a wide range of student projects from all engineering disciplines.

OSU News Release White House appoints OSU's Spinrad as NOAA's chief scientist

The White House announced today the appointment of Rick Spinrad, vice president for research at OSU, as chief scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

OSU News Release Exact outline of melanoma could lead to new diagnostic tools, therapies

OSU pharmacy researchers have discovered a biochemical process that can cause normal skin cells to turn into cancerous melanoma cells.

OSU's Mote part of national climate report

OSU's Philip Mote co-authored the National Climate Assessment report’s Northwest chapter and served on the advisory committee for the overall report.

OSU News Release OSU solar projects provide cost savings, reduce carbon emissions

Oregon State University this spring has brought the largest of its ground-mounted solar arrays online as part of the Oregon University System’s “Solar by Degrees” program.

OSU News Release Former director of Hatfield Center Lavern Weber dies Monday

Lavern Weber, director of Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center for a quarter-century died Monday. He was 80.

OSU News Release Writer Tobias Wolff to receive Stone Award from OSU

Award-winning American writer Tobias Wolff will receive Oregon State University’s Stone Award for Lifetime Literary Achievement at a special event in Portland May 21.

Corvallis Science Pub focuses on the future of the oceans

Warming ocean temperatures, rising acidity and reduced biological productivity threaten the livelihoods of about 2 billion people who depend on marine ecosystems, according to a report by an international team of 29 scientists last fall.

Artist DJ Spooky to perform free concert at Oregon State

Composer, multimedia artist and author Paul D. Miller, also known as DJ Spooky, will perform a free concert on Friday, May 9, at Oregon State University. 

Marijuana policy expert to give McCall Lecture

Mason Tvert, a leader of the campaign to legalize marijuana in Colorado, will speak at Oregon State University on Tuesday, May 13.

Asian & Pacific Cultural Center groundbreaking set May 5

A ceremonial groundbreaking for the Oregon State University Asian & Pacific Cultural Center will take place at 3 p.m., Monday, May 5.

OSU News Release Fairbanks Gallery at OSU to exhibit work of artist Royal Nebeker

'Dreams & Memories,' an exhibit of prints and monoprints opens May 5 in the Fairbanks Gallery at Oregon State University.

OSU News Release Business ethics focus of May 7 lecture at Oregon State University

John Hall, owner and CEO of 16 Degree Advisory, will discuss the importance of business ethics at a free public lecture at OSU.