October - 2012
Environmental historian to speak on wildland fires on Nov. 1
OSU Forensics takes individual wins at first debate of the year
OSU demystifies how oat fungus kills plants
OSU News Release Free symposium set Nov. 1-2 on women's roles and political impact
OSU's Stacey Edwards awarded $15,000 for anti-smoking campaign research

Stacey Edwards, health educator at the Oregon State University Department of Student Health Services, has received a $15,000 grant from the American Thoracic Society Foundation/American Lung Association in Oregon.

Daily multivitamin reduces cancer risk, offering enormous medical potential
OSU to dedicate new campus entrance
Public conference on religion and politics of China held Oct. 26-27
Broadway singer among six OSU alumni to be honored at gala dinner

Six distinguished graduates, including a Broadway performer who will give a free afternoon performance on campus, will gather at Oregon State University Oct. 19-20 to be honored by the OSU Alumni Association.

Higher-dose use of certain statins often best for cholesterol issues

Higher dosages of selected statin drugs generally works best for cholesterol problems, researchers have found, rather than combinations of statins and other drugs.

OSU News Release Oregon State University celebrates Homecoming 2012 with theme 'Fire It Up'

Homecoming has always been a special time of year on the Oregon State University campus, and the coming week will prove that the tradition is very much alive, with events such as a parade and bonfire, an influx of alumni visitors, a major awards celebration, a free concert by a Broadway singer and, of course, a football game.

Antibiotic resistance a growing concern with urinary tract infection

As a result of concerns about antibiotic resistance, doctors in the U.S. are increasingly - and perhaps unnecessarily - prescribing more powerful antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections, a common illness in women.

OSU to co-host meeting in Tillamook on ocean acidification, low oxygen
Oregon Hatchery Research Center to hold annual Fall Creek Festival Nov. 3
OSU researcher receives top fisheries prize
OSU-Cascades takes first step in creating sports programs
OSU News Release Oregon Latinos retaining Spanish language more than previous generations

Mexican-Americans in Independence, Ore., are retaining Spanish at a rate much higher than previous immigration waves, according to in-depth interviews of 120 Latino families.

"Moon Tree" to be recognized at OSU
OSU News Release Newport to hold tsunami evacuation drill on Oct. 11
OSU News Release OSU creative writing professor reads from new short story collection on Oct. 12
Spider attack Fossil of ancient spider attack only one of its type ever discovered

Scientists have discovered what they believe is the only fossil ever known to show a spider in the process of attacking its prey, in a 100-million-year-old piece of amber.

OSU News Release Improving confidence keeps breast cancer survivors exercising

More than 40 percent of older breast cancer survivors are insufficiently active after leaving a supervised program. But new OSU research shows that those women who developed behavioral skills such as self-confidence were far more likely to continue exercising.

New facility expands research and teaching of animal sciences at OSU
Pet dog Can you really give your dog or cat the flu?

Research suggests that humans not only can pass the flu to other people, but also to their pet cats and dogs - a risk that is poorly understood and needs more analysis.

OSU News Release That's no primate: It's a fish!

An OSU scientist and his colleagues have found that the lone specimen of Arrhinolemur scalabrinii – which translates literally to “Scalabrini’s lemur without a nose” - is actually a fish.

Robot Engineers win national award for running robots, see vast potential

Jonathan Hurst, an OSU assistant professor of mechanical engineering, has been honored by Popular Mechanics with one of their "Breakthrough Innovator" awards of 2012 for his work in robotics.

OSU News Release Fifty years later: Legacy of Columbus Day storm still stands

Some 50 years ago, the Columbus Day storm ravaged western Oregon with winds up to 145 miles per hour, hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, and a death toll of 46.

Corvallis Science Pub revisits the Columbus Day storm of 1962
Corvallis, OSU named a top college destination

Corvallis has been named one of the best college towns in the country, based on its high quality of life, the academic environment of Oregon State University, and the professional opportunities available locally to graduates.

OSU News Release New "Center for Latin@ Studies and Engagement" at OSU kicks off inaugural week
Oysters high in zinc Zinc deficiency mechanism linked to aging, multiple diseases

Researchers have discovered why zinc deficiency can develop with age, creating problems for the immune system and possibly leading to other degenerative diseases associated with inflammation.

September - 2012
Grad students to begin chemistry collaboration with Hermiston High School
Short trees "Semi-dwarf" trees may enable a green revolution for some forest crops

The "green revolution" may be about ready to come to forestry, using semi-dwarf trees for various advantages such as biomass production, drought stress resistance or greenhouse gas mitigation.

OSU creative writing program named one of top 25 in country
OSU News Release OSU to lead project exploring ocean's response to increasing acidification

A West Coast research team led by Oregon State University will explore the impacts of ocean acidification in the California Current System in a project funded by the National Science Foundation.

OSU to host Queer History Month; Iraq War veteran to speak

A gay activist who was discharged from the U.S. Army under its “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is delivering the keynote address at next month’s Queer History Month celebration at Oregon State University.

Study finds improved communication could reduce STDs among black teens

Improved communication about sex from a wide range of sources, working in collaboration, might help reduce an epidemic of STDs in black urban teenagers from low-income families.

OSU vet med students to host benefit fun run, walk for Uzhgorod
Auditions for 'Oedipus Rex" held Sept. 30 and Oct. 1
OSU News Release Statewide public health conference set for Oct. 8-9

Topics ranging from water fluoridation to prenatal care issues to the Oregon Health Plan will be discussed at the Oregon Public Health Association Conference Oct. 8-9 at Oregon State University’s LaSells Stewart Center.

OSU News Release Film festival brings German cinema to Corvallis Oct. 8-12

A free film festival of German language movies will show in Corvallis Oct. 8-12.

Healthy corals The "slippery slope to slime": Overgrown algae causing coral reef declines

New experiments have shown that coral reef declines can be caused in part by an overgrowth of algae, made possible by overfishing and nitrate pollution.

OSU News Release Newport, Reedsport chosen as finalists for $8 million wave energy facility

The Oregon coastal communities of Newport and Reedsport are finalists for the possible location of the Pacific Marine Energy Center, a planned $8 million, grid-connected wave energy testing facility in the Northwest.

OSU News Release Free screenings of American indie romantic comedy shown Sept. 28 in Corvallis
Diatoms Ancient diatoms could make biofuels, electronics and health food

Technology being developed at OSU based on diatoms could help make biofuels from algae more cost effective, while producing other products at the same time.

"Memristors" based on transparent electronics offer technology of the future

Transparent electronics developed at OSU may find another application in replacing some uses of flash memory, a multi-billion dollar industry nearing the limits of what it can do with existing technology.

OSU helps Oregon's tribal nations archive their history

Oregon State University Libraries is helping Oregon’s nine federally recognized tribes to preserve some of their most important historical records.

OSU researchers create model for analyzing invasive species threat
OSU to open $14 million Student Success Center on Sept. 18
"The Sopranos" actor speaks at OSU about mental illness

Joe Pantoliano, an actor from the hit television series “The Sopranos,” will visit Oregon State University on Oct. 11 to speak about his experiences with depression, and his creation of the nonprofit organization “No Kidding, Me Too!!,” which aims to remove the stigma associated with mental illness.

OSU News Release OSU, City of Newport plan for exhibit featuring piece of tsunami dock

OSU and the City of Newport are collaborating on a project to create an educational exhibit using a section of the Japanese dock that washed ashore on the Oregon coast earlier this summer.

OSU News Release Family harvest party and garden tour held Sept. 30
Three OSU panelists to discuss 'The Personhood of Corporations" on Sept. 17
Private support, technology licenses led increase in Oregon State research revenues
OSU to study what goes on inside the cells of corn and rice
Salmon research will take the stage at Corvallis Science Pub
OSU finds Oregon's first honeybee infected by 'zombie' fly
August - 2012
OSU News Release OSU scientist part of team planning Mars rover exploration

Oregon State University marine geologist Martin Fisk is commuting to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory these days, helping a team of scientists plan research for the Curiosity rover on Mars.

OSU, LBCC create partnership with Lebanon High School to create pathway to college

Oregon State University, Linn-Benton Community College and Lebanon High School will sign a memorandum of understanding at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 30, at the LBCC Lebanon Center Annex. The agreement will enable Lebanon High School students to enroll early at LBCC and have a pathway cleared for their eventual entrance to OSU.

West Nile virus activity on the increase in Oregon

Two human cases of West Nile virus were reported this week and the highest levels of WNV is confirmed in mosquitoes since 2009, according to OSU's Veterinary Diagnostic Lab.

Vitamin B3 may help in fight against staph infections, "superbugs"

Vitamin B-3 may provide an alternative approach to combat antibiotic-resistant staph infections that have killed thousands of people around the world, according to researchers at OSU's Linus Pauling Insitute.

OSU's Spinrad to chair federal advisory committee

Richard Spinrad, vice president for research at Oregon State University, has been selected to chair a new Congressionally mandated advisory committee established by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to oversee United States ocean observation activities.

Nanotech coatings Microwave ovens may help produce lower cost solar energy technology

Microwave ovens may be used to improve a process that produces solar cells with less energy, expense and environmental concerns, according to researchers at Oregon State University.

Ocean Sentinel Public wave energy test facility begins operation in Oregon

A public wave energy testing facility, the Ocean Sentinel, has begun operation off the Oregon coast, an important step forward in the development of wave energy.

OSU News Release OSU seeks to boost retention through First Year Experience program

Oregon State University will revise its First Year Experience program for new students over the next several years in an effort to help students succeed academically and improve retention.

Community forums planned to discuss site for wave energy test facility
OSU News Release Rating of ocean health shows "room for improvement"

A group of researchers has scored nations around the world for their contributions to ocean health, and found considerable room for improvement. The U.S. rated slightly above average.

Hong Liu Major advance made in generating electricity from wastewater

Engineers have made a significant advance in the use of microbial fuel cells to produce electricity directly from wastewater, improving their performance 10-50 times over other similar technology.

Don't let fungi sour your grapes
Swainson's thrush For young birds, getting stressed out can be a good thing

Researchers have found that for some young birds, getting a little stressed out is good - it can mean the difference between life and death.

Roundworm "Selfish" DNA in animal mitochondria offers possible tool to study aging

OSU scientists discovered "selfish DNA" in the mitochondria of animals for the first time, in findings that could provide an important new model to study human aging.

OSU alum donates rare book collection to university

A new collection of rare books with an appraised value of more than $320,000 has been added to the Oregon State University Special Collections & Archives Research Center.

OSU News Release OSU partners with Woodburn School District to increase diversity in medical field

Oregon State University is hoping to inspire a new generation of students to consider pursuing medical careers by giving high school students from the Woodburn area the chance to spend a week exploring the world of veterinary medicine.

Study finds a new pathway for invasive species - science teachers

A survey found a surprising number of North American teachers using organisms in classroom curricula released non-native animals into the wild, potentially exacerbating invasive species problems.

OSU News Release OSU, LBCC agreement helps transfers receive associate's degrees

Oregon State University and Linn-Benton Community College today signed a new agreement to help students attain a “reverse transfer” associate’s degree.

OSU named "Best Buy School" by Fiske guide

Oregon State University is among 41 "Best Buy Schools" named in the 2013 edition of "The Fiske Guide to Colleges," and one of only two in the Pacific Northwest named to the list.

OSU honors 28 Master Gardeners for their volunteer work
Christmas cactus care doesn't take a holiday
OSU News Release Preschool children who can pay attention more likely to finish college

Young children who are able to pay attention and persist on a task have a 50 percent greater chance of completing college, according to a new study at Oregon State University.

Large oak tree falls on Memorial Union Quad
OSU will be smoke free starting Sept. 1

Beginning Sept. 1, Oregon State University will prohibit smoking on campus, in the health interests of the campus community.

July - 2012
Mars Science Laboratory OSU scientists part of intensive planning for tricky Mars landing

OSU researchers played an instrumental role in the mission to land the Mars Science Laboratory on the Red Planet this weekend, a $2.5 billion project.

OSU News Release Community garden open house held Aug. 9 in Sweet Home
Michael and Judith Gaulke Alumni pledge $3.5 million to OSU engineering faculty

Oregon State University alumni Mike and Judy Gaulke have committed $3.5 million to create the Michael and Judith Gaulke Chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at OSU.

Coos Bay bridge 13-year Cascadia study complete - and earthquake risk looms large

The most comprehensive study ever done on the earthquake risks facing the Cascadia Subduction Zone has been completed, and it indicates the southern section is at highest risk.

Oil in pores Research could improve oil recovery, aid environmental cleanup

OSU researchers have made some new findings on an old technique used in oil drilling, which may help produce more oil and also find use in environmental cleanup.

Childhood obesity may affect puberty, create problems with reproduction

Childhood obesity may cause a range of problems other than the usual health effects, including accelerating the onset of puberty and causing reproductive concerns later in life.

OSU-Cascades grant to study natural gas for vehicle fuel

A researcher at Oregon State University – Cascades will lead a major new research initiative on a vehicle-based natural gas refueling system, a $700,000 project to create technology that would use the vehicle engine itself to compress natural gas.

Dying forests Chronic 2000-04 drought, worst in 800 years, may be the "new normal"

The coming century may bring a succession of droughts as bad or worse than a 2000-04 drought that devastated much of the West, an ecological problem that researchers say is due to global warming.

OSU News Release Lower vitamin D could increase risk of dying, especially for frail, older adults

A new study concludes that among older adults – especially those who are frail – low levels of vitamin D can mean a much greater risk of death.

Relocated tansy-eating moth evolves to survive in mountains, says study
OSU notifying individuals of data security breach
Surviving trees Active forest management to reduce fire could aid northern spotted owl

Active management to reduce fire risks to vulnerable Pacific Northwest forests could, in the long run, help improve survival chances for the northern spotted owl.

Mechanism discovered for regulation of cell division
Fight fire with plants? You bet.
Shakespeare's 'The Taming of the Shrew' opens Aug. 8 at OSU
Deformed frog Environmental concerns increasing infectious disease in amphibians

Infectious disease is causing much of the mortality among amphibians around the world, triggered by multiple causes such as climate change and pollution.

Program to monitor harmful algal blooms to end next month
OSU News Release Physical health problems increase use of mental health services

People who experience a physical health problem, from diabetes and back pain to cancer or heart disease, are three times more likely to seek mental health care than patients who report having no physical ailment.

West Linn volunteer creates $1.2 million gift for OSU Master Gardener program