March - 2016
Ancient bones point to shifting grassland species as climate changes

More rainfall during the growing season may have led to one of the most significant changes in the Earth’s vegetation in the distant past, and similar climate changes could affect the distribution of plants in the future as well, a new study suggests.

OSU lecture to explore the 'Lost City' and ocean research

A veteran of more than 50 dives to the ocean floor in the submersible Alvin will describe in a lecture at Oregon State University a remarkable new underwater warm spring system she discovered.

Image of Rich Roseberg OSU soil scientist Rich Roseberg will lead southern Oregon ag research station

Soil scientist Richard Roseberg of Oregon State University and the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station (OAES) has been named the new director of the OAES research station in southern Oregon.

OSU Board of Trustees to meet March 30-31

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees will meet on Thursday, March 31.

OSU Libraries to host the Western Waters Digital Library

A digital collection of key archives related to water policy and environmental history in the western U.S. is being made available

OSU News Release U.S. adults get failing grade in healthy lifestyle behavior

Only 2.7 percent of the U.S. adult population achieves all four of some basic behavioral characteristics that researchers say would constitute a “healthy lifestyle.”

The Printmakers Hand - a journey of visual art

Giustina Gallery in The LaSells Stewart Center welcomes its first “printmaking only” exhibit this month

OSU News Release Wetland enhancement in Midwest could help reduce catastrophic floods of the future

Restoration of wetlands in the Midwest could significantly reduce peak river flows, especially as heavy rains and floods increase in the future.

OSU News Release Southern right whales slowly rebounding, but still decades away from full recovery

A new study has determined that right whales in the Southern Hemisphere were once more abundant than previously thought, making their full recovery from near-extinction another 50 to 100 years away.

OSU Press to publish book by Floyd McKay on Oregon activists, visionaries

A new book by former journalist Floyd J. McKay, which will be published this April by the Oregon State University Press, helps illuminate how Oregon gained its maverick political reputation.

Oregon State University enrolling youth for summer arts programs

The Oregon State University School of Arts and Communication’s new SAC Academy is now enrolling youth for pre-college summer workshops in art and music.

Photo of Rita Dove OSU to host events in advance of visit by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Rita Dove

Oregon State University will host several events celebrating the work of Pulitzer-Prize winning poet Rita Dove in advance of, and during her visit to Oregon in April.

OSU News Release PNAS Study: Carbon from land played a role during last deglaciation

A new study being published this week in PNAS confirms the ocean's role in the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide during deglaciation, but also documents land-based carbon sources.

OSU News Release Lubchenco receives Linus Pauling Legacy Award

Jane Lubchenco has received the 2016 Linus Pauling Legacy Award sponsored by the Oregon State University Libraries and Press.

Antitrust laws may hinder socially-responsible business collaboration

A new study suggests that U.S. antitrust laws could hamper the efforts of companies to collaborate on sustainable and socially-responsible business practices, even as consumers and businesses increasingly value them.

OSU News Release Extreme events show signal of climate change

The rapid warming of Earth may not have directly caused all of the extreme weather events of the past two decades, but climate change has in some way had an impact on them.

OSU News Release Pioneering OSU whale researcher invests in graduate students
OSU News Release Five years after tsunami, scientists cross fingers on invasive species establishment

Five years after a massive earthquake struck Japan and triggered a tsunami, scientists are unsure whether any non-native species have gained a foothold in Northwest waters.

OSU adds new vaccination requirements to keep campus population healthy

OSU is launching a new immunization policy to decrease the likelihood that students will contract a serious illness while attending school.

Science Pub to focus on Pacific Ocean warming

Laurie Weitkamp, a fisheries biologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, will discuss the consequences of Pacific Ocean warming at the Corvallis Science Pub on Monday, March 14.

OSU News Release OSU joins center to enhance teaching skills of STEM graduate students

Oregon State University has become one of 46 members of the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning

OSU News Release Oregon Academy of Science announces award winners
OSU News Release Funding increases for innovative program to improve college success, retention

OSU and other members of the University Innovation Alliance have received another $3.85 million to increase college graduation numbers, especially among low-income and first-generation families.

Oregon State University to host maker fair and symposium April 8-9

Oregon State University will host a maker fair and symposium April 8 and 9 on the OSU campus in Corvallis.

OSU News Release Mariana Trench: Seven miles deep, the ocean is still a noisy place

Scientists have eavesdropped on the deepest part of the world’s oceans and instead of finding a sea of silence, they discovered a cacophony of sounds both natural and caused by humans.

February - 2016
OSU holds town hall on issues of equity and inclusion on campus

President Ed Ray will host a town hall discussion on equity, inclusion and civil and social justice at Oregon State University on Monday, Feb. 29.

OSU News Release OSU joins tech leaders in developing standard for the "Internet of Things"

OSU has joined the world’s technology leaders — including LG, Microsoft, and Qualcomm — to advance the collaborative development of the “Internet of Things.”

OSU News Release College psychology classes lack curriculum about disabilities

Psychology classes are among the most popular courses on college campuses today, but new research shows that many of them lack important information about the largest single minority group in the U.S. – people with disabilities.

OSU News Release OSU and Majestic Theatre present musical drama 'Boldly Launched Upon the Deep'

“Boldly Launched Upon the Deep,” a unique, radio-style live performance by the AnyWhen Ensemble and featuring the Oregon State University Jazz Ensemble, will be presented Wednesday, March 2, at the Majestic Theatre.

OSU News Release OSU receives grant to expand research in computational sustainability

With a $10 million grant from the NSF, OSU is partnering with 11 other universities and organizations to expand computer science research on projects that impact sustainability.

Auditions for OSU production of 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern' to be held March 6-7

Open auditions will be held March 6-7 for OSU Theatre’s upcoming production of “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.” 

Writers Cindy Williams Guti'errez and Justin Taylor to read at OSU March 4

Oregon poet Cindy Williams Gutiérrez and fiction writer Justin Taylor will read at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, March 4, in the Valley Library Rotunda.

Resonance Jazz Ensemble to perform March 4 at OSU

San Francisco-based Resonance Jazz Ensemble will visit the OSU campus for a free performance at noon on Friday, March 4.

OSU News Release Committee of OSU Board of Trustees to meet

The Finance & Administration Committee of the OSU Board of Trustees will meet on Feb. 23 to consider quarterly management and investment reports.

OSU News Release United States Poet Laureate to speak at OSU commencement

Juan Felipe Herrera, a social activist and the first Mexican American to hold the position of United States Poet Laureate, will speak at OSU's 147th commencement ceremony in June.

Bilingual play 'Broken Promises' performed at OSU Feb. 29

Oregon State University Theatre will host the Milagro Theatre’s bilingual play, 'Broken Promises' by Olga Sanchez, on Monday, Feb. 29.

Advanced wood products center receives economic development grant

The federal Economic Development Administration has approved a grant of nearly $450,000 to Oregon State University to jump-start the use of new engineered wood products in the building industry.

OSU News Release OSU recognizes climate scientist, computer expert with Distinguished Professor awards

OSU has named Peter Clark and Margaret Burnett as its 2016 Distinguished Professor recipients, the highest academic honor the university can bestow on a faculty member.

Volunteers to be honored by Oregon State University

An awards gala on March 4 in California will honor four OSU volunteer leaders for outstanding service to the university, as part of the annual Destination OSU event.

OSU News Release SAC Presents series brings the Ivy Street Ensemble to Corvallis

The Oregon State University School of Arts and Communication is hosting the Ivy Street Ensemble of Colorado at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 25 in First Presbyterian Church.

OSU News Release Geologist to present Condon Lecture

Ellen Morris Bishop, an Oregon geologist, educator, author, and photographer will present the 2015-16 Thomas Condon Lecture on Feb. 24, at OSU.

OSU News Release DNA evidence shows that salmon hatcheries cause substantial, rapid genetic changes

A new study offers genetic evidence that wild and hatchery fish are different at the DNA level, and that they can become different with surprising speed.

OSU News Release Ancient flowering plant was beautiful - but probably poisonous

Two perfectly preserved amber fossils have been discovered that are the first-ever fossil of the "asterids," an important group of flowering plants. This plant, however, was probably poisonous.

OSU News Release New "Student Success Initiative" to lower costs, increase graduation rates

President Edward J. Ray has announced a new “Student Success Initiative,” calling on the university within four years to make an OSU degree an affordable reality for every qualified Oregonian.

Project focuses on oral histories of African-American porters

OSU Libraries and Press has been awarded a grant to transfer the oral histories of African-American railroad porters to digital form

Fungal pigments provide commercial opportunity for paint and dye manufacturers

Oregon State University researchers have developed a new method for producing stable pigments from fungi, a process they say can be scaled up to match the needs of manufacturers of paints, wood finishes and textile dyes.

OSU News Release Herpes outbreak, other marine viruses linked to coral bleaching event

Significant outbreaks of herpes and other viruses may be associated with coral bleaching events, especially as a result of multiple environmental stresses.

OSU to perform Cole Porter musical comedy 'Kiss Me, Kate'

The Oregon State University School of Arts and Communication will present Cole Porter’s jazzy musical comedy, "Kiss Me, Kate," Feb. 26-28 and March 3-5.

OSU News Release Nutrient slowed cancer cell growth in early-stage breast cancer

A new study shows that sulforaphane, a compound found at high levels in broccoli, can slow the growth of cancer cells, especially at early stages.

OSU News Release Essayist and poet Maggie Nelson to read at Oregon State University

Essayist, poet and critic Maggie Nelson will read on Friday, Feb. 19, in the Valley Library Rotunda on the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis.

New grant will support OSU study of English learners with disabilities

Oregon State University has won a $400,000 grant to study how best to assist students who are English learners and also have disabilities.

Oregon State scientist offers perspective on GMOs at AAAS annual meeting

Campaigns that seek to stigmatize all genetically modified crops and foods through “GMO-free” labeling distort the scientific record on their safety and represent an abuse of science, a leading biotechnology researcher said today.

OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center to hold Fossil Fest on Feb. 13

Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center will hold its annual Fossil Fest event on Saturday, Feb. 13, in Newport from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

OSU News Release Scientists say window to reduce carbon emissions is small

At the rate humans are emitting carbon into the atmosphere, the Earth may suffer irreparable damage that could last tens of thousands of years, according to a new analysis.

Thomas Kinkade exhibit at OSU explores artistic process, humanitarian work

Late artist Thomas Kinkade had a strong connection with Corvallis through longtime friend, fellow artist Charles Kelley.

Recycling gets competitive during RecycleMania

Oregon State University will be participating in a national recycling competition from Feb. 7 through April 2.


OSU News Release OSU joins national cybersecurity consortium

A $1.5 million grant to OSU, as part of a broader consortium, will help protect the nation's electric grid from cyber threats.

OSU News Release Study: Fish assemblages can change rapidly along coast as water warms

A modest warming of coastal waters can have a significant impact on juvenile fish assemblages in just a few years, raising concern about the effects of climate change.

Science Pub to explore the future of water in the West

Over the next 50 years, the availability and distribution of water in the West are likely to look very different than they do today – a topic that will be explored by a hydrologist at the Corvallis Science Pub on Monday, Feb. 8.

OSU News Release Award-winning food writer and critic Ruth Reichl to speak at OSU Feb. 17

Noted national food writer, critic and television personality Ruth Reichl will speak at Oregon State University on Feb. 17 as part of the Provost’s Lecture Series. 

January - 2016
OSU News Release OSU trustees address compensation, equity and campus safety issues

The OSU Board of Trustees has re-elected officers, reviewed future business strategies, and explored ways to advance equity, social justice, campus safety and emergency response.

OSU News Release Study: Future for charismatic pika not as daunting as once feared

A new study paints a complex future for the pika; researchers believe it  may survive, even thrive, in some areas, while facing extirpation in others.

Crossroads International Film Festival celebrates 10 years

The Crossroads International Film Festival is celebrating its 10th year in February with a slate of five films from across the globe. 

OSU News Release New therapy halts progression of Lou Gehrig's disease in mice

Researchers have essentially stopped the progression of Lou Gehrig’s disease for nearly two years in an animal model, allowing mice to approach their normal lifespan.

OSU News Release Diversity Career Symposium for OSU, UO students to be held Jan. 29 in Salem

The 2016 Diversity Career Symposium, a career development event for college students and alumni who identify with communities that are traditionally underrepresented in professional settings, will be Friday, Jan. 29 in Salem.

OSU News Release TEDxOregonStateU event to be held Feb. 11 in Corvallis

Oregon State University will host TEDxOregonStateU, a conference featuring a series of short talks on the theme “Ignite,” on Feb. 11on the Corvallis campus.

OSU acquires archives of 'the founding father of American craft beer'

The papers of beer journalist and historian Fred Eckhardt have been acquired by the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives 

Forest corridors prove critical to biodiversity and pollination success in the tropics

As tropical forests become broken up by roads, farms and other developments, corridors of trees provide vital pathways for pollinators and contribute to a diversity of plant species.

OSU News Release Mammoth makes final touchdown in Reser Stadium end zone, construction reveals

Construction crews digging in the end zone in Reser Stadium on Monday uncovered a large femur bone, likely from a mammoth, along with more bones from several extinct mammals.

OSU News Release Nigel Poor to speak, exhibit work at OSU

Renowned artist and photographer Nigel Poor will speak and exhibit work at Oregon State University as part of the School of Arts & Communication’s Visiting Artists and Scholars Lecture Series.

OSU News Release New policies, educational programs help - but don't solve - problems with opioid abuse

New approaches to help limit and "taper" opioid use has been shown to be useful in addressing a major national problem of opioid use, abuse and overdose deaths.

OSU News Release Over-hunting in Amazon threatens global carbon budget

The vast Amazon forests store enormous amounts of carbon that help moderate temperature, but a new study shows that this carbon-storing capacity is being threatened by over-hunting.

OSU News Release Study: Endangered western gray whales have food, yet aren't recovering

Endangered western gray whales appear to have plenty of food in a rich feeding area, but the food is most abundant in winter - under ice and not readily accessible in most years.

OSU News Release OSU Board of Trustees to meet Jan. 28-29

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees will meet on Friday, Jan. 29. Each of the board’s three standing committees will meet on Thursday, Jan. 28.

OSU News Release No evidence that water birth poses harm to newborns, new OSU study finds

There is no evidence that water births, where a baby is intentionally born under water in a tub or pool, poses any increased harm to the child, Oregon State University researchers have found.

OSU names chief diversity officer, other campus leaders for equity and safety

President Edward J. Ray announced this week the appointment of campus leaders to direct OSU initiatives to combat racial injustice; better ensure inclusivity and safety for all OSU students; and engage the university with diverse communities throughout Oregon.


Giustina Gallery at The LaSells Stewart Center is hosting the Albany Artists 10 x 10 art exhibit again this year. 

OSU News Release OSU College of Business establishes Portland headquarters, launches innovation MBA

The Oregon State University College of Business is launching a new MBA in innovation and establishing a Portland headquarters in the Pearl District.

OSU Theatre to present the haunting tale 'Desdemona' Feb. 4-7

Oregon State University Theatre will present Paula Vogel’s haunting tale, 'Desdemona: A Play About a Handkerchief,' on Feb. 4-7.

OSU News Release Oregon State launches humanitarian engineering program

OSU has added one of the few academic programs in the nation in humanitarian engineering, helping students to build skills that could have an impact both locally and globally.

OSU News Release OSU to host internationally-recognized printmaker Jan. 26-29

Artemio Rodriguez, an award-winning artist, author and printmaker, is visiting Oregon State University as an artist in residence Jan. 26-29. 

OSU News Release Liver recovery difficult even with improved diet, but faster if sugar intake is low

Liver damage caused by the typical “Western diet” – one high in fat, sugar and cholesterol – may be difficult to reverse even if diet is generally improved.

Increasing urban and rural wildfire risks featured in Starker Lecture Series

With wildfires increasing in frequency and threatening urban as well as rural communities, Oregon State University’s annual Starker Lecture Series will tackle trends in living with fire in the Pacific Northwest.

OSU News Release OSU online bachelor's programs ranked top 10 nationally by U.S. News

For the second straight year OSU has been ranked in the top 10 nationally for online education by U.S. News & World Report.

Historic Corvallis newspapers now available online

Corvallis newspapers from a 46-year period more than a century ago can now be accessed online, for free.

OSU News Release Thousands of landslides in Nepal earthquake raise parallels for Pacific Northwest

The major earthquake last year in Nepal, similar to the one that lies in the future of the Pacific Northwest, also caused tens of thousands of landslides.

OSU News Release OSU holds 34th annual celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Oregon State University’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr., celebration will be held Jan. 11-22 with the theme “Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere.”

OSU News Release OSU to co-host Willamette Valley Bird Symposium this Jan. 30

OSU and the American Ornithologists’ Union will co-host a symposium to share information about birds to professionals, students and amateurs.

OSU News Release Journalist and novelist H'ector Tobar to read Jan. 15 at Oregon State

Novelist and journalist Héctor Tobar will read at Oregon State University on Friday, Jan. 15.

OSU News Release New chemical could yield therapy to prevent Type 1 diabetes

Oregon State University researchers have discovered a chemical that blocks Type 1 diabetes in laboratory mice and may work the same way in humans.

OSU News Release Exercise DVDs could be psychologically harmful for users

Using fitness DVDs to work out at home may seem like a good way to get started on new exercise goals this year, but those DVDs may also include negative imagery and demotivating language.

OSU News Release 2015 goes down as the warmest in Oregon history

2015 will go down on record as the warmest in Oregon history, beating the old record average temperature set in 1934 at the peak of The Dust Bowl.

OSU News Release OSU participation in SNAP to help improve student food access

Oregon State University has become one of the few college campuses in the nation to participate in the federalSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.

OSUsed Store changing, expanding schedules in 2016

The OSUsed Store, OSU's on-campus reuse store, is changing its public and departmental sales schedules in 2016.

Public invited to see shark necropsies at OSU's Hatfield Center on Saturday

OSU marine educator Bill Hanshumaker will conduct side-by-side necropsies of two sharks this Saturday, Jan. 9, at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.

McComb named senior vice provost for Academic Affairs at OSU

Brenda McComb, a longtime Oregon State University faculty member and dean of the Graduate School since 2011, has been named senior vice provost for Academic Affairs at OSU.

OSU News Release OSU opens research unit for online teaching, learning

OSU Ecampus is opening a new research unit to explore online teaching and learning concepts and improve services to students.

OSU Music `a la Carte concert series kicks off winter season with solo cellist Noah Seitz

Noah Seitz, a cellist and Corvallis native, will open the winter 2016 season of Oregon State University’s Music à la Carte concert series on Friday, Jan. 15.

OSU News Release Injuries among Dungeness crab fishermen examined

Commercial Dungeness crab fishing on the West Coast is one of the highest risk occupations in the United States, but non-fatal injuries appear to go largely unreported.

OSU News Release New approach to medication counseling shown to be highly effective

A more interactive form of pharmacist counseling has the potential to help patients better understand their use of prescription drugs.