January - 2016
OSU News Release OSU holds 34th annual celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Oregon State University’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr., celebration will be held Jan. 11-22 with the theme “Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere.”

OSU News Release OSU to co-host Willamette Valley Bird Symposium this Jan. 30

OSU and the American Ornithologists’ Union will co-host a symposium to share information about birds to professionals, students and amateurs.

OSU News Release Journalist and novelist H'ector Tobar to read Jan. 15 at Oregon State

Novelist and journalist Héctor Tobar will read at Oregon State University on Friday, Jan. 15.

OSU News Release New chemical could yield therapy to prevent Type 1 diabetes

Oregon State University researchers have discovered a chemical that blocks Type 1 diabetes in laboratory mice and may work the same way in humans.

OSU News Release Exercise DVDs could be psychologically harmful for users

Using fitness DVDs to work out at home may seem like a good way to get started on new exercise goals this year, but those DVDs may also include negative imagery and demotivating language.

OSU News Release 2015 goes down as the warmest in Oregon history

2015 will go down on record as the warmest in Oregon history, beating the old record average temperature set in 1934 at the peak of The Dust Bowl.

OSU News Release OSU participation in SNAP to help improve student food access

Oregon State University has become one of the few college campuses in the nation to participate in the federalSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.

OSUsed Store changing, expanding schedules in 2016

The OSUsed Store, OSU's on-campus reuse store, is changing its public and departmental sales schedules in 2016.

Public invited to see shark necropsies at OSU's Hatfield Center on Saturday

OSU marine educator Bill Hanshumaker will conduct side-by-side necropsies of two sharks this Saturday, Jan. 9, at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.

McComb named senior vice provost for Academic Affairs at OSU

Brenda McComb, a longtime Oregon State University faculty member and dean of the Graduate School since 2011, has been named senior vice provost for Academic Affairs at OSU.

OSU News Release OSU opens research unit for online teaching, learning

OSU Ecampus is opening a new research unit to explore online teaching and learning concepts and improve services to students.

OSU Music `a la Carte concert series kicks off winter season with solo cellist Noah Seitz

Noah Seitz, a cellist and Corvallis native, will open the winter 2016 season of Oregon State University’s Music à la Carte concert series on Friday, Jan. 15.

OSU News Release Injuries among Dungeness crab fishermen examined

Commercial Dungeness crab fishing on the West Coast is one of the highest risk occupations in the United States, but non-fatal injuries appear to go largely unreported.

OSU News Release New approach to medication counseling shown to be highly effective

A more interactive form of pharmacist counseling has the potential to help patients better understand their use of prescription drugs.

December - 2015
OSU News Release OSU's Fairbanks Gallery to exhibit 'VCELA: Blood & Honey'

“VČELA: Blood & Honey,” an exhibit of sculpture, installation and language by artist Craig Goodworth, opens on Monday, Jan. 11, in the Fairbanks Gallery.

CALYX, OSU Libraries and Press receive grant to support feminist literature

CALYX Press and Oregon State University Libraries and Press have been awarded a grant of $96,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities to digitize at-risk literature published through CALYX Press.

OSU News Release Research identifies key genetic link in the biology of aging

OSU research is tracing aging to its biochemical roots, and scientists believe they may identify ways to slow the process down.

OSU News Release Tooth fillings of the future may incorporate bioactive glass

OSU engineers are working toward a new type of tooth filling using "bioactive glass" that may help them last longer and resist decay.

Selina Heppell named head of OSU Fisheries and Wildlife Department

Selina Heppell, an OSU conservation biologist, has been named the first woman to head the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife in its 80-year history.

OSU News Release Ford to leave Oregon State University for CFO position at Bastyr University

Glenn Ford, the vice president for finance and administration/CFO at OSU since July, 2013, is leaving to assume a similar position at Bastyr University

OSU News Release Study to examine smoldering combustion in wildfires

Engineers at OSU will use a new $2 million grant from the Department of Defense to study the impacts of smoldering combustion and the problems it can cause.

OSU News Release Harbor seal deaths show presence of bacterial infection

An analysis of the death of seven harbor seals raises new evidence of emerging marine pathogens and the need to track them better.

OSU News Release OSU/NOAA study: Warm-water years are tough on juvenile salmon

Juvenile chinook salmon have to eat more when the Pacific Ocean is warm, but they are smaller and thinner than salmon the same age during cold-water years.

OSU News Release Oregon Sea Grant announces 2016-18 research grant recipients

The OSU-based Oregon Sea Grant program is awarding $1.7 million in competitive, federally funded research grants for 2016-18.

OSU to host one of first showings of original Thomas Kinkade paintings since his death

The Guistina Gallery in The LaSells Stewart Center at Oregon State University will be one of the first venues to host a full showing of original works by artist Thomas Kinkade since his death in 2012.

OSU Board of Trustees committee meeting rescheduled

The Dec. 15 meeting of the Executive & Audit Committee of the Oregon State University Board of Trustees has been cancelled and rescheduled.

72 scientists ink letter to U.S. presidential candidates urging leadership on clean energy

A group of 72 leading climate change scientists have written a letter to major United States presidential candidates urging strong American leadership on clean energy.

OSU News Release Nanotech drug delivery shows promise for improved melanoma treatment

A new type of drug delivery system aimed at the lymphatic system may improve the treatment of metastatic melanoma and other cancers.

OSU News Release OSU will name chief diversity officer, expand equal opportunity initiatives

OSU is implementing a series of steps to address racial concerns and to strengthen equity, social justice and inclusivity.

OSU News Release Climate change may bring global food insecurity, impacts on U.S.

The warming of Earth’s climate threatens to increase global food insecurity and halt more than two decades of progress toward curbing global hunger, a new assessment suggests.

Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator plans Demo Day
OSU News Release Report: Willamette Valley water future mostly bright, though gaps may need to be addressed

The Willamette River basin should have enough water for people in the year 2100, but conditions may not be so good for cold-water native fish.

OSU 4-H to induct four honorees into Hall of Fame

The Oregon State University Extension Service's 4-H youth development program will induct four longtime volunteer leaders or retired staff into its Hall of Fame on Wednesday, Dec. 9.

OSU News Release Water deficits and rising temperatures increase stress on Pacific Northwest forests

Rising temperatures and late summer dryness are teaming up to push some types of Pacific Northwest forests beyond their ability to cope with stress.

OSU News Release Photonic "sintering" may create new solar, electronics manufacturing technologies

A fundamental advance in understanding the physics of photonic “sintering” could lead to many new approaches to solar cells and flexible electronics.

November - 2015
OSU Board of Trustees Committees to meet in December

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees’ standing committees will hold meetings in December.

OSU News Release OSU study: Packaging insecticides in tiny capsules may make them more toxic

Encasing insecticides in microscopic plastic capsules—a common formulation for many pest sprays on the market—may make them more toxic than the active ingredient alone, according to a new study from Oregon State University.

OSU News Release OSU adopts stricter student transfer admissions policy to address sexual violence, campus safety

OSU will require students seeking to transfer to OSU to disclose whether they are ineligible to re-enroll at an institution they attended in the past seven years due to student conduct reasons.

OSU News Release Discovery could open door to frozen preservation of tissues, whole organs

Researchers have discovered a new approach to ice-free cryopreservation that could ultimately allow a much wider use of extreme cold to preserve tissues and even organs.

OSU News Release Joan Didion biographer Tracy Daugherty to discuss his work Dec. 2 at Oregon State

Oregon State University will host a conversation with Joan Didion biographer and OSU Professor emeritus Tracy Daugherty at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2, at the CH2M HILL Alumni Center.

OSU News Release Climate can grind mountains faster than they can be rebuilt, study indicates

Researchers for the first time have attempted to measure all the material leaving and entering a mountain range over millions of years and discovered that glacial erosion can, under the right circumstances, wear down mountains faster than plate tectonics can build them.

OSU awards $68,000 in agricultural scholarships

Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences has awarded 34 undergraduates $68,000 in scholarships for the 2015-2016 school year.

OSU students to hold vigil for victims of violence around world

The Ettihad Cultural Center is holding a candle light vigil to stand in solidarity with victims of mindless terror 

Low-oxygen 'dead zones' in North Pacific linked to past ocean-warming events

A new study has found a link between abrupt ocean warming at the end of the last ice age and the sudden onset of low-oxygen, or hypoxic conditions that led to vast marine dead zones.

Safe spaces play important role in community-based HIV prevention, research finds

The creation and sustainment of “safe spaces” may play a critical role in community-based HIV prevention efforts by providing social support and reducing environmental barriers for vulnerable populations, a new study from an Oregon State University researcher has found.

OSU students in France reported safe; campus services offered to French students

Oregon State University officials have determined that all 24 students participating in education programs offered in France are safe following terrorist attacks Friday night in Paris.

Oregon State University Opera Workshop presents scenes from 'The Marriage of Figaro'

The Oregon State University Opera Workshop will present “An Evening of Opera,” Tuesday, Nov. 24, in OSU’s new Learning Innovation Center.

Noises at Radiation Center part of technology testing

Some unusual noises, hissing and steam releases may emerge periodically over the next year from the Radiation Center, and are not a cause for public concern.

OSU News Release Barriers to health care increase disease, death risk for rural elderly

Research on adults ages 85 or older has found that rural residents have significantly higher levels of chronic disease, take more medications, and die earlier than their urban counterparts.

Changing habits to improve health: New study indicates behavior changes work

Improving your heart health may be as simple as making small behavioral changes – a new study of behavioral health interventions suggests that they are effective at helping people alter their lifestyles and lead to physical changes that could improve overall health.

OSU News Release Oregon Flora Project takes first comprehensive look at state's plants in a half century

While some plant species may have disappeared from Oregon in the last half century, other species are moving north, adding to the state’s floral diversity.

OSU News Release Advent of recreational marijuana raises wealth of questions - and some answers

OSU pharmacy experts are working around the state to raise the level of knowledge about the biological impacts of marijuana as a recreational drug.

OSU News Release OSU enrollment up 2.4 percent; Corvallis campus about same size

OSU’s overall 2015 fall term enrollment grew 2.4 percent over last year, with stable enrollment on the Corvallis campus and continued growth in Ecampus.

OSU News Release OSU to honor Veterans Day by closing, beginning this year

Oregon State University will observe Veterans Day (Nov. 11) as an official holiday beginning this year.

Dad's and Family Weekend at OSU Friday-Sunday

Dad’s & Family Weekend celebration will feature a comedy show, open houses

OSU News Release Open house set for OSU's Port Orford field station

An open house will be held at Oregon State University's Port Orford field station on Nov. 14.

OSU News Release OSU applying to feds for permission to conduct industrial hemp research

OSU faculty submitted an application to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration seeking permission to conduct research on industrial hemp.

League of American Bicyclists names OSU a Gold-level Bicycle Friendly University

The League of American Bicyclists has recognized OSU as a Gold-level Bicycle Friendly University

OSU News Release Violinist Frank Almond to perform with Lipinski Stradivarius Nov. 17 at OSU

Concert violinist, recording artist and Milwaukee Symphony Concertmaster Frank Almond will perform at Oregon State University on Tuesday, Nov.17.

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss gives Provost's Lecture at OSU

Historian Michael Beschloss will deliver the 2015 Provost’s Lecture at Oregon State University in the Austin Auditorium of The LaSells Stewart Center on Tuesday, Nov. 10, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

OSU Theatre opens 2015-16 season with 'Romeo and Juliet' in November

Oregon State University Theatre’s 2015-16 season will begin this month with a production of William Shakespeare’s enduring tale of young love, “Romeo and Juliet.”

Art and science in the life of a dead tree

At the Nov. 9 Corvallis Science Pub, an Oregon State University forest researcher and four visual artists will discuss their efforts to understand the “life” of dead trees through science and the arts.

British chemist and whiskey expert to head OSU's new distilled-spirits program

Oregon State University has hired a whiskey expert from Great Britain to lead its new research and teaching program in distilled spirits.

OSU News Release Storage advance may boost solar thermal energy potential

Engineers have identified a new approach for the storage of concentrated solar thermal energy, to reduce its cost and make it more practical for wider use.

OSU News Release Obese people need more vitamin E, but actually get less

Research suggests that people with metabolic syndrome need more vitamin E, but are actually getting less of this nutrient to the tissues that need it.

October - 2015
OSU News Release OSU researchers join WSU, UI on $2.7 million grant to combat potato disease

Researchers at Oregon State University are teaming with colleagues in Washington and Idaho to help farmers combat an insect-transmitted disease that could devastate the Pacific Northwest’s $9 billion potato crop.

Panelists to discuss Iran nuclear deal Nov. 5 at Oregon State

Oregon State University faculty and other experts will discuss the latest news and information about the nuclear deal with Iran beginning at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 5.

OSU News Release Single-agent phototherapy system offers significant new tool to fight cancer

A significant new advance in the field of phototherapy may ultimately change the efficacy of cancer surgery and treatment.

OSU News Release 'Contemporary Japanese Prints' exhibit opens Nov. 9 at Fairbanks Gallery

'Contemporary Japanese Prints,' an exhibit exploring the Japanese aesthetic, will be on display Nov. 9 through Dec. 1 in the Fairbanks Gallery at OSU.

OSU's Giustina Gallery to present "Life & Death" exhibit

A new art exhibit at the Giustina Gallery will celebrate the eighth biennial photography show, “Life & Death,” Nov. 3 through Dec. 11.

OSU News Release Novelist T. Geronimo Johnson to read at Oregon State Nov. 5

Author T. Geronimo Johnson will give a free public reading beginning at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 5, in the Valley Library rotunda on the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis.

OSU News Release "Spring-mass" technology heralds the future of walking robots

Robotic technology created at OSU has achieved the most realistic implementation of human walking dynamics that has ever been done, and may become the pattern others will follow.

OSU News Release Prehistoric predators kept large animals in check, shaped ecosystems

Our prehistoric ancestors may have had large carnivores – giant lions, sabertooth cats, bears and hyenas up to twice the size of their modern relatives – to thank for an abundance and diversity of plants and wildlife.

Strand Agriculture Hall re-opens after seismic, accessibility remodel

Strand Agriculture Hall is celebrating its re-opening after a two-year, extensive remodeling project.

Language literacy in kindergarten important for success in learning English

English learners are more likely to become proficient English speakers if they enter kindergarten with a strong initial grasp of academic language literacy, either in their primary language or in English.

New OSU parking lots replace spaces displaced by construction

Two new parking lots are being added to the Corvallis campus at Oregon State University

OSU News Release Vitamin D, xanthohumol may offer new approach to obesity epidemic

Two natural compounds, vitamin D and xanthohumol, appear to have the ability to address imbalances in gut microbiota that may set the stage for obesity and metabolic syndrome. 

Gene therapy could aid weight loss without affecting bone loss, new research finds

Delivering the hormone leptin directly to the brain through gene therapy aids weight loss without the significant side effect of bone loss, according to new collaborative research from Oregon State University and University of Florida.

OSU News Release Veterinary hospital managing a case of equine influenza

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital will not accept horses for anything but emergency services until at least Monday, Oct. 26, due to a diagnosed case of equine influenza. virus

OSU News Release Scuba fill station opens in Port Orford, as diving increases in popularity

A scuba fill station for scientific and recreational divers is opening this month at Oregon State University’s Port Orford Field Station.

Top Oregon family businesses to be honored at Nov. 19 event

Several Oregon family businesses will be honored at the 2015 Excellence in Family Business Awards ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 19, at the Sentinel Hotel in Portland.

Sidebar: OSU board approves three new graduate programs

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees on Friday approved three new graduate academic programs for 2016.

OSU Trustees laud work, ethics of President Ray

The OSU Board of Trustees completed an assessment of OSU President Ed Ray, approved goals for him, and OKed three new graduate programs.

OSU News Release Discovery about protein structure opens window on basic life process

Researchers have discovered a new way, never before considered possible, to characterize the folding of proteins, which is one of the most basic processes of life.

Young Latinos experience discrimination when obtaining health care, research shows

Young Latinos living in rural areas say they face discrimination when they obtain health care services – a factor that could contribute to disparities in their rates for obtaining medical care and in their health outcomes.

OSU to honor alumni as part of Homecoming

As part of its Homecoming festivities, the Oregon State University Alumni Association will honor six alumni fellows and one distinguished young alumna 

Oregon State celebrates Beaver Country with Homecoming 2015

Oregon State University is inviting people to ‘Come Home to Beaver Country’ next week during Homecoming 2015. 

Oregon State University's School of Arts and Communication launches new arts event series

The School of Arts and Communication is starting a new performing and visual arts series to bring well-known headliners, rising stars and unique, lesser-known artists and ensembles to Corvallis.

OSU awarded prestigious honor society chapter

Oregon State University has been awarded a Phi Beta Kappa chapter after a rigorous three-year application process. 

OSU study: Silicone breast implants may absorb harmful pollutants from body tissues

Silicone breast implants may absorb environmental pollutants from surrounding tissues and possibly reduce their concentrations within the body, according to a new study by Oregon State University.

OSU to lead $1.2 million food safety center to help farmers, processors

Oregon State University will administer a new $1.2 million center that aims to help small and midsized farms and food processors in 13 western states prevent foodborne illnesses.

OSU News Release Ocean protection gaining momentum, but still lags progress made on land

Protection of ocean ecosystems is lagging far behind the efforts being made on land, even though significant progress has been made in the past decade.

OSU News Release OSU-led team lands $2.5 million grant to probe how diseases become epidemics

An Oregon State University scientist is heading a multinational team studying how to anticipate and curb the next disease outbreak before it blows up into a global epidemic.

OSU News Release Methodology could lead to more sustainable manufacturing systems

OSU engineers have created a "sustainable development methodology" to help make manufacturing processes more environmentally conscious, less wasteful and socially sustainable.

OSU News Release Hiroshima bombing survivor to speak at Oregon State University Oct. 22

Hideko Tamura Snider, who survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima at the end of World War II, will speak at Oregon State University on Thursday, Oct. 22.

OSU News Release "State of the Coast" conference set Oct. 24 in Coos Bay

The annual State of the Coast conference, sponsored by Oregon Sea Grant, will be held on Saturday, Oct. 24, at Southwestern Oregon Community College.

$500,000 matching gift benefits 4-H youth in Baker County

Baker County’s 4-H program for youth has received a major boost through a challenge gift establishing the county’s first endowed professorship.

OSU News Release Speech: OSU President Ed Ray lauds successes, points to areas needing improvement

In a speech to the OSU Faculty Senate Thursday, OSU President Ed Ray outlined several university successes - and pointed to some areas that need improvement.

OSU Board of Trustees to meet Oct. 14-16

The OSU Board of Trustees will be in Corvallis and Newport for a series of meetings Wednesday through Friday, Oct. 14-16.

Author Justin St. Germain to read at Oregon State University

Author Justin St. Germain, a new faculty member at Oregon State University, will read from his work at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 16.