CORVALLIS - The Oregon State University Press has published two new books on plants: "Flora of Mount Rainier National Park" and "Flora of Steens Mountain." Both are intended for lovers of Pacific Northwest natural history and amateur and professional botanists.

"The Flora of Mount Rainier National Park," a 520-page book by David Biek, offers a complete reference and field guide with keys and descriptions for the 871 plant species found in the park. Line drawings illustrate most of the plants, along with a section of color photos. The book also includes a guide to plant locations with an emphasis on those places within easy reach from a road. The park's natural history and sections on botanical exploration, rare plants and the ecological impact of the park's two million annual visitors are also included.

"The Flora of Steens Mountain," a 424-page book written by Don H. Mansfield, focuses on plants of the large fault-block mountain in southeastern Oregon. In recent years, Steens has become a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and naturalists. Wildflower displays on the Steens are well-known by regional botanists, and include several species unique to the immediate area. The book features keys, line drawings and a section of color photographs and an overview of the geography, geology, climate and natural history of the area. Rare plants are also discussed.

Both guides are designed to be carried into the field and used to identify plants in their natural habitats.

Both books are available in book stores and libraries or by calling 1-800-426-3797.

Flora of Mount Rainier National Park
By David Biek
520 pages, ISBN 0-870710470-8
Paperback, $29.95

Flora of Steens Mountain
By Donald H. Mansfield
424 pages. ISBN 0-87071-471-6
Paperback, $29.95

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