CORVALLIS, Ore. - A new Spanish language version of a successful online training course is being offered to nursery growers to help them learn more about the harmful plant pathogen Phytophthora, the leading cause of nursery plant disease in Oregon and nationwide.

The English version of the management course debuted earlier this year. Both are offered by Oregon State University Extended Campus (Ecampus), in partnership with the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

This free, non-credit course includes three modules: biology, symptoms and diagnosis; disease management; and Phytophthora ramorum, the quarantine pathogen that causes Sudden Oak Death in forest trees as well as ramorum blight on nursery plants. For an optional $100 fee, nursery growers can earn a Certificate of Mastery after successfully completing an online exam. Those who pass the exam can also earn four pesticide recertification credits in Oregon.

Gary McAninch, the Oregon Department of Agriculture's nursery and Christmas tree program manager, says that numerous species of Phytophthora, including Phytophthora ramorum, have appeared in Oregon nurseries, causing nursery staff to comply with strict federal regulations that include costly nursery inspections, lab fees, crop destruction and quarantines.

Because other states are wary to purchase plants from infested states, Phytophthora ramorum outbreaks not only cause economic hardship for individual nurseries, but tarnish Oregon's reputation for producing high-quality nursery stock, he pointed out. Nursery crops continue to be Oregon's leading agricultural commodity, with annual sales of more than $1 billion.

"The ODA needed an effective and convenient education program that would help nurseries realize the impact of the various species of Phytophthora," McAninch said.

The agency received a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resource Conservation Service to put such a program in place, he said, and it used a portion of this grant to fund the development of the online course at OSU.

Jennifer Parke, an author of the course and OSU associate professor in both crop and soil science and botany and plant pathology, recognizes the importance of providing the training for Phytophthora online. Her team considered on-site workshops before deciding that the Internet was the best way to deliver the information.

"It is difficult for nursery workers to devote time to an all-day workshop, especially during the busy shipping season," Parke said. "This way, they can take the course at their convenience. We also thought that providing the information online would allow nursery growers to come back to the course again and again as a useful resource."

John Aguirre, executive director of the Oregon Association of Nurseries, said the course will provide essential knowledge for nursery staff to identify symptoms and protect themselves from Phytophthora outbreaks.

"OSU's Phytophthora online course is an outstanding training tool and reference source for the nursery professional who wants to understand, prevent and control Phytophthora in the nursery setting," Aguirre said. "Undoubtedly, nursery growers committed to producing quality plants will want to utilize OSU's Phytophthora online course and certification program."

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Jennifer Parke,

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