CORVALLIS, Ore. - A draft report on ocean and coastal research and information needs on the West Coast is available for public review and comment from the Oregon Sea Grant Web site.

The report, developed by Sea Grant programs in Oregon, Washington and California after extensive public involvement, can be downloaded in from: The deadline for comments is Jan. 16.

The Sea Grant project is part of a national effort to identify and set priorities on marine science needs and to encourage collaboration within and among geographic regions to address those needs. Partners in the effort include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Western Governors' Association.

The four West Coast Sea Grant programs - Oregon Sea Grant, Washington Sea Grant, California Sea Grant and the University of Southern California Sea Grant - held a series of workshops in 2007-08 to solicit suggestions for research and information priorities from stakeholders, including marine scientists, resource managers, government and nongovernmental groups, and coastal residents and business interests. Those suggestions, along with results of online surveys in all three states, form the backbone of the draft report now under review.

Once the public comments are in, the draft will be used to develop a research and information plan. That plan will include regional priorities for investments in research that will provide a sound scientific background for resource policy and management decisions throughout the region.

Oregon Sea Grant, founded in 1968 and based at Oregon State University, is one of 30 Sea Grant programs nationwide supporting research, education, and public outreach to help people understand, responsibly use, and conserve ocean and coastal resources.

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Jay Rasmussen,

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