CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregonians who are finding it hard to make ends meet during these tough economic times have a new resource at their fingertips that quickly links them to key assistance programs with the click of a mouse.

In an effort to compile useful resources in one easy-to-access place, the Oregon State University Extension Service has created a Web site, “Finding Help in Tough Times,” containing links to agencies like the Federal Trade Commission and Oregon's Employment, Education and Human Services departments. These sites help people find information about filing for unemployment, finding a job, avoiding foreclosure, staying mentally and physically healthy, and applying for food stamps, nutrition programs and free or lower-priced school meals.

"The Web site highlights health and social service resources available to people in need," said Sally Bowman, a specialist with OSU Extension who was involved with creating the Web site. “It's aimed at individuals and families who need help, such as people who've had the rug pulled out from under them in bankruptcy, foreclosure or layoffs.”

The site is at:

This new Web site also links to a site provided by the Cooperative Extension System, a nationwide, noncredit educational network, that contains advice on how to weather the economic storm financially and psychologically. Articles on that site offer tips on topics that include how to manage debt, avoid eviction and foreclosure, determine one's net worth, engage in family activities on a budget, and cope with the stress and anger that may follow a job loss.

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Sally Bowman,