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New OSU study values annual economic impact of Willamette Valley agritourism at nearly $1 billion

Agritourism can take the form of farm-direct sales, education, entertainment, outdoor recreation and hospitality.

Watch chickens hatch on OSU Extension’s popular livestream

The livestream started today and will document the chicks as they hatch. The cameras will remain on until March 21. The expected hatch date is March 18.

Free Level Up series offered by OSU Extension Master Gardeners focuses on growing food

The series includes nine closed-captioned webinars will be broadcast at noon via Zoom and streamed via the Master Gardener Facebook page on the second Tuesday of the month through October.

OSU Extension statewide seed giveaway returns for fifth year

Individuals and households, schools and groups can sign up to receive an individual/household seed kit, group kit or seed-starting teacher classroom kit through the mail. 

Prune blueberries yearly for more fruit

Annual, moderate pruning of blueberry bushes results in bushes with the fewest canes, but with the greatest yields and largest berries.

Get a leg up on fruit tree problems with dormant oils

Applying dormant sprays – Superior oil, copper and sulfur – helps control nasty pests and diseases like codling moths and apple scab.

Colorful indoor plants make delightful gifts for the holidays

The choices go beyond traditional poinsettias and amaryllis. Colorful African violets, gloxinia, cyclamen, orchids, ornamental peppers and Christmas cactus are blooming and readily available.

The debate over native plants and their cultivars gathers steam

Research about native plans and their cultivars that has been done – primarily on the East Coast – hasn’t been conclusive.

Go underground with bulbs for colorful spring bloom

When purchasing bulbs, choose large ones. The bigger the bulb, the bigger the bloom.

Five steps for saving tuberous begonias as frost approaches

The tubers can be saved and planted again the next spring for another year of showy color.