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Saucy shrubs strut their stuff in fall

Colorful shrubs can compete with trees when it comes to fall color.

Gather nuts frequently as they fall from the tree

Harvesting, drying and storing nuts correctly will give you months of enjoyment.

Oregon woman inducted into National 4-H Hall of Fame

OSU professor emeritus Lillian Larwood is recognized for 35 years of service to 4-H youth and programs.

Go underground with bulbs for colorful spring bloom

Spring bulbs aren't just tulips and daffodils -- look for unusual bulbs to supplement the usual suspects.

Seize some seeds from the garden for planting next year

Saving vegetable and herb seeds is a rewarding project that will save you money next spring.

Create gardens accessible to all

Using universal garden design brings elements together to make a space that's beautiful and accessible to everyone.

Tips for keeping rats out of home and garden

When neighbors work together to discourage rats, the results are better than going it alone.

Know garden pests before deciding on a path to control

Beneficial insects will often show up to feed on pest insects so don't kill indiscriminately.