Pedestrians at serious risk when drivers are "permitted" to turn left

A "permitted" left turn in heavy traffic poses a serious risk to pedestrian safety, a new study shows, because drivers may not look to see if pedestrians are present.

Humanitarian engineering documentary to be screened

The film documentary Kel Wer tells the story of a group of Oregon State University students who traveled to the small village of Lela, Kenya, to help the community gain access to safe water.

New system to restore wetlands could reduce massive floods, aid crops

OSU engineers designed a new system to create wetlands that could help farmers in the Midwest avoid catastrophic floods and retain water for when it's needed by crops.

National security leader to deliver OSU commencement address in June

Brigadier Gen. Julie A. Bentz, who advises President Obama on national security issues, will return to her alma mater later this spring when she delivers the commencement address at Oregon State University on June 15.

Mobile LIDAR technology expanding rapidly

The rapidly expanding technology of mobile LIDAR could change the way we see, study and record the land forms around us, with multiple applications in science and industry.

Fukushima cleanup continues, many areas restored

After two years of cleanup, some areas near the damaged nuclear power plants at Fukushima, Japan, have made signficant progress, and OSU researchers say decisions will need to be made about how much more work needs done.

"Red Chair" campus event to recognize women in technology

Students and administrators at OSU will take turns sitting in the red chair on March 5 to discuss their personal stories, part of a national initiative to encourage more women to pursue careers in engineering.

College of Engineering honors alumni

The College of Engineering recently presented its 15th annual Oregon Stater Awards to some of its most accomplished alumni and friends for their contributions to the engineering profession.

Researchers invent "acoustic-assisted" magnetic information storage

OSU engineers have invented a new technology that could improve the magnetic storage of data, with many possible applications in a field that is nearing the limits of data storage with existing approaches.

OSU alum, NASA astronaut to discuss space experiences

OSU engineering alumnus and NASA astronaut Donald Pettit will speak on "Techno-Stories from Space" in a presentation on Friday, Feb. 22, at the LaSells Stewart Center.