Aftershocks of Japan disaster being felt in U.S. earthquake planning

The earthquake and tsunami a year ago in Japan have helped U.S. researchers better understand the magnitude of challenges facing the U.S. on the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Researchers eye monitoring system for offshore wind energy impacts

An OSU-led research team is looking at potential environmental impacts of offshore wind energy turbines and platforms - the first step in a new effort to tap wind for energy.

Oregon preparing for debris from Japanese tsunami

Debris from the Japanese tsunami is still on target to arrive at the end of 2012 and an Oregon State University expert says there should be little danger of radiation.

"Life and activity monitor" provides portable recording of vital signs

A wearable device developed at OSU will be able to monitor vital signs such as heart rate and respiration, and when further miniaturized could have important applications in research, diagnostics and patient care.

"Fool's gold" leads to new options for cheap solar energy

Pyrite, or "fools gold," has helped researchers discover some new and inexpensive materials for use in producing solar energy.

Unseen devastation from tsunamis can destroy coral reefs

Tsunamis can cause devastation on land, but in some areas also wreak havoc on offshore coral reefs.

Demand surges for free "candle" image for iPhones

A "candle" image developed as an iPhone app by an OSU computer science student surged in popularity after the death of Steve Jobs, and is being seen around the world.