Researchers discover genetic basis for eczema, new avenue to therapies

OSU pharmacists have discovered the genetic basis for eczema, a skin disease that affects millions of people around the world. The findings may open the door to new therapies.

Researchers identify genetic basis of cardiac, craniofacial birth defects

Researchers have identified some of the genetic steps it takes to create heart and facial muscles, in fundamental work that could one day lead to new therapies for these disabling conditions.

Higher-dose use of certain statins often best for cholesterol issues

Higher dosages of selected statin drugs generally works best for cholesterol problems, researchers have found, rather than combinations of statins and other drugs.

Antibiotic resistance a growing concern with urinary tract infection

As a result of concerns about antibiotic resistance, doctors in the U.S. are increasingly - and perhaps unnecessarily - prescribing more powerful antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections, a common illness in women.