Low vitamin D levels and depression linked in young women, new OSU study shows

A new study from Oregon State University suggests there is a relationship between low levels of vitamin D and depression in otherwise healthy young women.

Cascades study may rewrite the textbook on forest growth and death

A century-long study in the Oregon Cascades may cause scientists to revise the textbook on how forests grow and die, accumulate biomass and store carbon.

Some tropical plants pick the best hummingbirds to pollinate flowers

Rather than just waiting patiently for any pollinator that comes their way to start the next generation of seeds, some plants appear to recognize the best suitors and “turn on” to increase the chance of success, according to a new study published this week.

Satellites give scientists unprecedented views of insect outbreaks in forests

Scientists for the first time have simultaneously compared widespread impacts from two of the most common forest insects in the West – mountain pine beetle and western spruce budworm – an advance that could lead to more effective management policies.

People with disabilities experience unrecognized health disparities

People with disabilities have unmet medical needs and poorer overall health throughout their lives, and as a result should be recognized as a health disparity group, a new analysis shows.

Smoke-free campus policy enjoys wide support, new OSU research shows

Students, faculty and staff at Oregon State University have largely embraced a new policy that prohibits smoking on the Corvallis campus, new research shows.

Study: Identifying population of mentally ill 'frequent fliers' first step to reducing police contact

Identifying the population of people with mental illness who have frequent contact with police could help with resource allocation, new research from Oregon State University indicates.

Treadmill desks offer limited benefits, pose challenges in the workplace, study shows

The increase in physical activity by office workers using treadmill desks was small and did not help workers meet public health guidelines for daily exercise, an OSU researcher found.

OSU class addresses need for cybersecurity professionals

OSU and Intel are collaborating to produce a new course on cybersecurity, taught by field experts from around the world.

Education aids understanding, reduces stigma of facial paralysis, OSU study shows

A little bit of sensitivity training can help people form better first impressions of those with facial paralysis, new OSU research indicates.