Study finds disincentives to energy efficiency can be fixed

A new study finds that utilities aren't rewarded for adopting energy efficiency programs, and that reforms are needed to make energy efficiency as attractive as renewables.

New navigation system for airplanes modernizes old technology

OSU engineering students developed an airplane navigation system that's based on old approaches but has been made smaller, simpler and more accurate with modern technology.

Researchers document acceleration of ocean denitrification during deglaciation

A new study by an international team of researchers documents how ocean "denitrification" accelerated during the last deglaciation, creating oxygen-poor zones.

Researchers help threatened wheat crops in Asia

Technology developed at OSU used in collaboration with international researchers will help save millions of acres of wheat in Asia and North Africa from a pest that destroys the value of the crop.

"Boys will be boys" in U.S., but not in Asia

A new study shows there is a gender gap when it comes to behavior and self-control in American young children – one that does not appear to exist in children in Asia.

Research offers promising new approach to treatment of lung cancer

A new drug delivery system could significantly improve the treatment of lung cancer, using nanotechnology as a carrier to inhale the chemotherapeutic drugs directly into the lungs.

Study traces origin of cirrus clouds primarily to mineral dust and metals

Researchers studying cirrus clouds have found the wispy trails of ice crystals form primarily on dust particles and unusual metal particles – which may be influenced by human activities.

Outpatients, hospital patients face different problems with antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is now as bad in some outpatient, community settings as it is in hospitals, and researchers say more needs to be done to study the issue.