Map outlines western Oregon landslide risks from a subduction zone earthquake

OSU and other state agencies have developed new maps that will help in transportation planning for the major subduction zone earthquake in Oregon's future.

Fish native to Japan found in Port Orford waters

A team of scientists from OSU and ODFW is studying an unusual fish captured alive in a crab pot near Port Orford this week called a striped knifejaw that is native to Japan.

OSU to outfit undersea gliders to "think like a fish"

OSU researchers have received a $1 million grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation that will allow them to outfit a pair of undersea gliders with acoustical sensors to make them "think like a fish."

Study outlines threat of ocean acidification to coastal communities in U.S.

Coastal communities in 15 states that depend on the $1 billion shelled mollusk industry are at long-term economic risk from the increasing threat of ocean acidification.

Climate change may affect tick life cycles, Lyme disease

A new study suggests that climate change is altering life cycles of blacklegged ticks, which could increase transmission of certain pathogens, including the bacterium that causes Lyme disease.

Scientists find deep-ocean evidence for Atlantic overturning decline

A new study has found evidence from the deep ocean that the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation declined at the end of the last ice age.

Global warming to increase ocean upwelling, but fisheries impact uncertain

New research indicates that global warming may increase upwelling in several ocean current systems globally by the end of this century and will cause major changes in marine biodiversity.

Study outlines impact of tsunami on the Columbia River

OSU engineers have created some of the most precise studies yet done of the impact of a major tsunami on the Columbia River, and how far inland flooding might occur.

OSU professor elected to the National Academy of Engineering

Gabor Temes, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Oregon State University, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

Study finds lamprey decline continues with loss of habitat in Oregon

A new study has found that both the population and habitat of Pacific lamprey - an ecologically and culturally important species - are declining in western Oregon.