Playing with Barbie dolls could limit girls' career choices, study shows

In one of the first experiments to explore the influence of fashion dolls, a OSU researcher has found that girls who play with Barbie dolls see fewer career options for themselves than for boys.

OSU a partner in $320 million "digital manufacturing" initiative

OSU will be a key partner in a new, $230 million national initiative to support "digital manufacturing," which could revolutionize the way things get built in America.

Low birth weight reduces ability to metabolize drugs

Pharmacy researchers have discovered that low birth weight may be a factor in how a person metabolizes drugs, and could have effects that last a lifetime.

Sustainable manufacturing system to better consider the human component

Society is demanding a higher degree of corporate social responsibility, and OSU engineering advances on sustainable manufacturing are helping to meet that need.

Aging men: More uplifts, fewer hassles until the age of 65-70

A new study of how men approach their golden years found that how happy individuals are remains relatively stable, but dealing with “hassles” tends to get worse once you are about 65-70 years old.

Volcanoes, including Mt. Hood, can go from dormant to active quickly

Magma sitting 4-5 kilometers beneath the surface of Mount Hood has been stored in near-solid conditions for thousands of years, but that the time it takes to liquefy and potentially erupt is surprisingly short.

Study confirms link between salmon migration and magnetic field

Chinook salmon use the Earth's magnetic field to orient themselves to their river of origin, a new study found, explaining how the fish navigation thousands of miles of open ocean.

Genetic function discovered that could offer new avenue to cancer therapies

OSU pharmacy researchers have discovered the function of a gene that may offer a new avenue to cancer therapies.

OSU surpasses fundraising milestone of $1 billion

OSU’s first comprehensive campaign has surpassed its $1 billion fund-raising goal – 11 months ahead of schedule.

Study identifies high level of "food insecurity" among college students

New research suggests many college students may experience "food insecurity," with possible impacts on their health and academic performance.