Face coverings now required in OSU indoor settings: Face coverings are now required, regardless of vaccination status, in all indoor settings at OSU. This includes but is not limited to public and private workplaces, businesses, indoor areas open to the public, building lobbies, common or shared spaces, classrooms, elevators, bathrooms, transportation services, dining centers, recreation centers and other indoor spaces where people may gather for any purpose. On the Corvallis campus, face coverings are also required outdoors as per Benton County order if physical distancing of at least 6 feet can’t be maintained.

NEW! Timely Teaching Tips: Getting ready to teach in-person in the Fall? Classroom technology is a little different from before the pandemic at the Corvallis campus. Fill out this form to schedule a classroom technology walk-through with a classroom tech expert so you can become reacquainted with the classroom(s) you will be teaching in.

Today in the News Media

Today in the News Media is a synopsis of some of the most prominent coverage of OSU people and programs. Inclusion of any item constitutes neither an endorsement nor a critique, but rather is intended only to make the OSU community aware of significant items in the media. Content appearing includes timely news and feature stories from broadcast, print and online sources. Occasionally, opinion pieces and first-person columns appearing in mainstream media outlets that are written by faculty members and pertain to their academic or professional expertise may be included based on their unique, informative value, timeliness and space constraints. It is not the policy of OSU Today to include Letters to the Editor. Occasionally, articles highlighted in OSU Today may either be subscription-only or behind a paywall if a maximum number of articles has been reached that month. Many subscription-only publications, like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, can be accessed by anyone with an OSU email account through the search function on the OSU Libraries home page, which grants free access to many publications. See https://library.oregonstate.edu/ and click on 1Search.

'If you get sick, we may not have a bed': Covid surge pushes Oregon hospitals to the brink (The Guardian) 

“If not for the Delta variant, with the level of vaccination we achieved, most likely we would not see this kind of surge, but the reality is we are facing a very different kind of highly contagious variant,” said Chunhuei Chi, the director of the Center for Global Health at Oregon State University.

Lower vaccine rates contribute to Delta variant spike in southern Oregon (KATU)

"I think everybody is worried about what is the next variant that’s going to come along. So it’s really important to break the train of transmission, that’s what we’ve got to do to get this under control, is break the train of transmission, so a combination of vaccination and masks," said Professor Brett Tyler with Oregon State University's Trace COVID Project.

OSU researchers find evidence of 300-year-old earthquake, tsunami (KOIN) 

Researchers with Oregon State University found evidence inside tree rings of an earthquake and tsunami that happened more than 300 years ago. (see also KGWForbesGazette-Times

Trees get sunburn, too: Coastal range forests see damage from heat waves (Seattle Times)

Scientists like Beverly Law, a professor emeritus of the Oregon State University College of Forestry, study ecophysiology, which directly analyzes the ways that organisms naturally react to their environments. She says that non-acclimatized trees being hit by the excessive heat may be one factor in the damage, but only time will tell how lasting of an impact this will have, or whether we’ll continue to see the same kinds of summers in the future.

From dairies to restaurants, robots could be the future of food (OPB News)

“But there’s a very specific way professional pickers pick fruit. They do it in such a way it minimizes the damage and make sure it can store and go to the grocery shelf,” said Joe Davidson, assistant professor of robotics at Oregon State University.

A rare 'bird of two worlds' faces an uncertain future (The Revelator)

One thing sets marbled murrelets apart from other seabirds: They forage at sea but nest inland in mature forests. That makes them a “bird of two worlds,” says Oregon State University animal ecologist Jim Rivers.  

Weather promising for fire season's end; winds could change that (KOIN) 

“We’re probably out of the worst of fire weather in terms of high temperatures and low relative humidity,” said James Johnston, research associate at OSU’s College of Forestry.

A wildfire-predicting startup tries to help insurers cope with climate change (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Others argue that the priority should be discouraging risky development, not finding ways to reclassify areas so insurers will cover them. “We need stricter constraints for building permits and [for] developers to respect them,” writes Dominique Bachelet, an associate professor at Oregon State University, in an email.

Educators, parents clash over vaccinations, values and masks (Bend Bulletin)

Christopher Nichols, a history professor and the director of the Center for the Humanities at Oregon State University, said that while the political battles at school boards are exceptional because of the pandemic, battles over education have taken place about every generation.

Amid pandemic disruptions, grad students push to unionize (Science)

Part of what is motivating these efforts is seeing existing unions “advocate and push for graduate students to be taken care of,” Weinman says. At Oregon State University (OSU), for example, the decades-old graduate student union spent months negotiating with university administrators in the summer of 2020, eventually securing exemptions from in-person work for students who didn’t feel safe working on campus, as well as funds to subsidize home internet costs.

Oregon seems to be in 'perpetual drought,' climate expert says (KATU) 

The Capital Press reports that Larry O’Neill, state climatologist at Oregon State University, says the current drought is “historically significant,” with about three-quarters of the state experiencing conditions considered “extreme” or “exceptional.” (see also OPB

The science of how wildfires got so hellish (Mother Jones) 

Plus, if the low-lying vegetation is periodically burned off, it won’t build up into the kind of stockpile that could feed a massive wildfire. “I think it’s hard to imagine nowadays just how little fuel that would have been in these dry forests when you had fire every few years,” says Christopher Adlam, a fire specialist at Oregon State University. “Even if you had a hot and dry year, historically that wouldn’t necessarily have led to all of a sudden fires exploding everywhere—there just wasn’t enough to burn.” 

Space footage shows fires intensely blowing up in Western U.S. (Mashable) 

Last year, during intense, record-setting Western blazes, John Bailey, a forestry researcher at Oregon State University, noted that a forest is a magnificent, spiritual, and providing place. "But it's also fuel. It's fuel and it is going to burn," he said.

Week in Tech: Storm resilience and wood-frame structures (Architect)

Researchers from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Ore., are investigating the response of wood-frame structures in simulated hurricane waves and flooding conditions when located in low-lying regions. One model was elevated and one was on-grade; they had comparable strength and stiffness and were built at 1/6 the scale of residences impacted by Hurricane Sandy in Ortley Beach, N.J., and by Hurricane Ike on Texas’s Bolivar Peninsula. 

Drought impact: Stressed trees (St. Helens Chronicle) 

"If it is Oregon white oak, they take an early dive into dormancy and don't come back until next spring leaf-out," Oregon State University Extension Service agent Chip Bubl said. "They do look dead but several years ago, myself and a colleague tagged a bunch of these "dead" white oaks to see if they came back. Basically, they all did. Growing on basalt, our oaks are very adapted to extreme dry conditions."

The fight isn't over, keep going: Practicing disability justice in an under-vaccinated nation (Visible Magazine) 

A piece by Kathleen McCarty, OSU Ph.D. student in kinesiology with a concentration in adapted physical activity.

In the war against slugs, OSU researcher sees bread dough as potential new weapon (Register-Guard)

Slugs and snails love bread dough — old-fashioned, cheap-as-dirt bread dough. That's the result of recent research from the Oregon State University Extension Service and other universities, and the implications are actually more significant than merely knowing what slugs like to snack on. Cheap and easy to make, nontoxic and available anywhere, gardeners and farmers alike may soon make dough a weapon against the slimy pests.


COVID-19: UCSF out-of-office work extended until March 1 (Inside Higher Ed) 

The University of Oregon and Oregon State University became the first Power 5 universities to announce that they will require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test for people over the age of 12 to attend their football games, the Associated Press reported.

Chemistry breakthrough: Faster and cheaper ethanol-to-jet fuel on the horizon (Sci Tech Daily)

A patented process for converting alcohol sourced from renewable or industrial waste gases into jet or diesel fuel is being scaled up at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory with the help of partners at Oregon State University and the carbon-recycling experts at LanzaTech.

Oregon Sea Grant director will leave for new position with NSF (Gazette-Times)

Shelby Walker, director of Oregon Sea Grant, will leave her current position for a senior leadership position with the National Science Foundation. (see also Tillamook Headlight Herald)

OSU toxicologist receives $7 million to study biological impact of chemicals (Gazette-Times)

Robyn Tanguay, a toxicologist and professor at Oregon State University, will study the biological impacts of chemicals, thanks to an eight-year $7 million grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. (see also KTVZ)

Masks and vaccinations: Guidelines to attending outdoor sporting events this fall (KATU) 

If you plan to attend an athletic event at Oregon State University this fall, you'll need to show proof of vaccination at the entrance. Or, you can show a negative test result given to you within the last three days.

Tropical turbulence is driven by sunlight warming the ocean on calm days (Study Finds)

According to a study published earlier this year, turbulence in the atmosphere increases when sunlight and low-pressure winds increase the temperature of ocean surfaces in the afternoon. Researchers at Oregon State University say this information could be used to model climate change and to help forecast the weather.

Learning to identify native Oregon trees (News-Register)

The bottom line is that the more you know about the trees on your property, the better you can care for them and improve their overall health. Interested in learning more? The OSU Extension Service is offering a program on native tree identification on Friday, Sept. 17 at the Elkton Community Education Center.

Local researchers examine blue carbon from Salish Sea to Arabian Gulf (Go Skagit)

For Oregon State University researcher Chris Janousek, learning more about such areas as a wetland habitat around a slough that connects to Padilla Bay could help prioritize land management practices along the West Coast.

Ask an expert: Oregon gardeners have many choices for blooming shrubs (Oregonian)

Gardens are creeping toward fall, but there’s plenty to still do. You many have some questions. For answers, turn to Ask an Expert, an online question-and-answer tool from Oregon State University’s Extension Service. 

Today's photo

Cabroccoli or brocabbage? In this photo from Sept. 5, 1968, Dr. Jim Baggett and his student examine cabbage-broccoli crosses in the Horticulture Department's vegetable farm. Baggett was a faculty member at Oregon State University from 1956 until his retirement in 1995, with his work focusing on breeding peas, beans, cabbage and broccoli. 

COVID-19 vaccines: For information about vaccines in the Benton County, visit this website. OSU-Cascades students, faculty and staff can learn where to find vaccines in Central Oregon here. Check your local public health authority websites for more information. You can also visit the Oregon Health Authority: Get Vaccinated Oregon website and the CDC VaccineFinder for vaccinations anywhere in the U.S. Go to COVID-19 information for links to OSU, local, state and federal resources; and updates on the latest federal travel restrictions.


NEW! Ph.D. Defense: Please join us on Monday, Aug. 30 at 1 pm on Zoom for a presentation of Hankyu Kim’s dissertation, titled: “An examination of climate and land-use change as drivers of population dynamics in breeding bird populations.” Hankyu is earning his Ph.D. in Forest Ecosystems and Society with Brenda Mc Comb and Matt Betts. Please contact the FES Department at [email protected] to receive the Zoom password, with questions or for accommodations for disabilities. Join Zoom meeting: https://oregonstate.zoom.us/j/2567719874?pwd=T1NiWnI0QWQ5QVZ4MktBL24vanF3Zz09.

NEW! BioResource Research Interdisciplinary Program Summer Seminars: Teresa Valdez - HBS Bioresource Research, Options: Toxicology and Genomics/Bioinformatics, Minors: Chemistry, Toxicology, and Public Health, will speak on “Understanding biomarkers of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) toxicity and inflammation in human bronchial epithelial cells (HBEC)” Aug. 30, 3 p.m., via Zoom: https://oregonstate.zoom.us/j/98373347935?pwd=VEhSb04rM3k0REVhL2ZuTXQramJXdz09. Valdez’ mentors are Susan Tilton, Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, and Jamie Pennington, Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

OSU Laughter Yoga Club: Laughter reduces stress and improves health. Anyone can laugh intentionally. OSU’s Laughter Yoga Club will guide you through the exercise and experience of intentional laughter with a certified Laughter Yoga leader. Summer 2021 OSU Laughter Yoga Club sessions are Mondays at 4-4:30 p.m on Zoom. Sponsored by OSU CAPS and UIT. Write to Jon for disability accommodations and anything else: [email protected]. Register for OSU Laughter Yoga Club on Zoom at https://beav.es/JEY.


UPDATED! OSU’s Dept. of Public Safety to host Coffee with a Cop event: Join Oregon State University’s Department of Public Safety for an upcoming Coffee with a Cop event from 9-11 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 31. The event will be held at Dutch Bros. Coffee, located at 661 SW 26th Street on OSU’s Corvallis campus. Coffee with a Cop provides an opportunity for members of the university and the Corvallis community to meet with OSU’s public safety officers in a casual setting to ask questions and share ideas. Free fresh-brewed coffee will be available on a first come, first served basis. The event will be held outside. In following with Benton County’s face covering requirement for outdoor settings, attendees will be required to wear face coverings in public settings in which social distance of six feet cannot be maintained.

Beyond Benefits EAP, Coping During Uncertain Times: People have a powerful need to understand and predict their environments in order to feel in control. When we are exposed to potential threats to our well-being, we naturally respond to this uncertainty with anxiety and fear. This training will address ways of effectively coping with uncertainty in today’s media-saturated world. The course will examine how to remain positive and functional despite the risks of living in a changing world. Included will be practical tips for coping with uncertainty, re-establishing control and how to speak to children about fear. Tuesday, Aug. 31, noon to 1 p.m..  Register here.

OSUsed Store Public Sales: The OSUsed Store carries furniture, computers, household items, office supplies and more and is located at 644 SW 13th St. Public sales open to all shoppers are Tuesday, 5:30-7:30 p.m. and Friday, noon to 3 p.m.; details here. Staff may shop for their department Mondays through Thursdays, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; details here.


Beaver Classic Cheese Sales: Come see us at the Corvallis Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Corvallis Riverfront on First Street between Jackson and Monroe. You can also order online for the farmers market and just stop by the booth — no waiting. Start here: https://locallygrown.localfoodmarketplace.com/Index


NEW! HMSC Research Seminar: On Thursday, Sept. 2 at 3:30 p.m., Megan Considine with CEOAS’s Marine Resource Management program at Oregon State University will be giving a seminar titled “Shell Boring Polychaetes and the Pacific Northwest Oyster Aquaculture Industry: Spatial Distribution, Mitigation Strategies, and Stakeholder Engagement.” Please join us. Zoom link or call +1-971-247-1195 Meeting ID: 945 5573 115. Click here for more information.


Join us for the Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium (SURS):  Register today to attend the Sept. 13-14 SURS program presented virtually through Canvas. SURS is an annual showcase for OSU undergraduates to present their research and creative projects to the OSU community. Undergraduates from all academic disciplines, in all years of study, and all stages of research or creative work will be presenting. Registration to attend SURS 2021 is required and accessible only to OSU faculty, staff and students. For more info, visit the SURS website or contact [email protected].

UPDATED! Charlene Alexander Reception: Interim President Becky Johnson invites members of the Oregon State University community to a reception in honor of Charlene Alexander, vice president and chief diversity officer. Please plan to join us on Monday, Sept. 13 from 2-3:30 p.m. in the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center as we celebrate Charlene and wish her a fond farewell. A short program will take place at 2:30 p.m. Contact Shari Brumbach ([email protected]) with any questions.

2021 University Day Keynote Session and Lunch: Registration is open and requiredThis year’s keynote speaker is Holden Thorp, Editor-in-Chief of Science magazine. Watch the event live at the LaSells Stewart Center or via livestream on Tuesday, Sept. 14, from 10:30 a.m. to noon and be entered into the prize drawing. Lunch for pre-registered attendees will be served on 26th Street in front of the CH2M HILL Alumni Center from noon to 2 p.m. For more info, visit universityday.oregonstate.edu or contact Mealoha McFadden at [email protected] or 541-231-2585.

Giustina exhibition: The Giustina Gallery presents two collections for a two-month exhibition: Clark Studios 50 Years of Collections from America to Japan and The Michael Gibbons Exhibition Paintings from the Book “Painting in Nature.”  The exhibition runs through Sept. 25. For more information: https://lasells.oregonstate.edu/exhibit/giustina-gallery-presents-two-collections-clark-studios-50-years-collections-america-japan.

Lectures, Workshops, Webinars

NEW! Beyond Benefits EAP, Counseling & Therapy, Demystified: There are many myths about counseling and psychotherapy that ultimately prevent people from seeking the help that they need. In this session we will explore these myths and demystify the therapy process. We will look at areas where therapy might be beneficial. This session will provide some insight into what happens during a therapy session and what one can expect when seeking services. We will give an overview of different therapeutic approaches and discuss appropriate levels of care to address certain concerns. Thursday, Sept. 16, noon. Register here.

NEW! Beyond Benefits EAP, Managing Worry and Anxiety: Worries are thoughts we have about the future that generate fear. They arrive in the form of a “what if?” and generate dire warnings about terrible consequences that await us. Unfortunately, these warnings we give ourselves are generally overblown and focused on hypothetical problems that probably won’t happen. Chronic worry that begins to impact the quality of life becomes anxiety, and well-intended suggestions to “stop worrying” or applying common stress management techniques are mostly ineffective. This training will address how worry habits develop and methods of intervening with worry and anxiety. Sept. 21, noon to 1 p.m. Register here.

NEW! Beyond Benefits EAP, Strengthening Your Ability To Empathize: Everyone has heard the saying to “take a walk in their shoes.” It is one of the simplest explanations of empathy. Understanding other peoples’ outlook, being able to recognize their emotions and being sensitive to their situation is vital to communicating more effectively and building better relationships. This course will address ways to improve your capacity to demonstrate empathy. Sept. 30, 10-11 a.m. Register here.

Master Recycler class registration open: Learn all about waste reduction, reuse and recycling to create change in your community. Secure your spot in the Master Recycler class Monday evenings, Sept. 27-Nov. 29 on Zoom, plus in-person tours. Non-credit class is free to Linn and Benton County residents who agree to “pay back” what they learned by educating others. Registration is open until Sept. 7 or until spots fill, whichever comes first. Details here.

Crucial Conversations: Crucial Conversations is a 10-hour course that teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional or risky topics at all levels of your organization. By learning how to speak and be heard (and encouraging others to do the same), you’ll surface the best ideas, make the highest-quality decisions and then act on your decisions with unity and commitment. This program consists of a series of five live, online sessions on Tuesdays, 9-11 a.m., Oct. 19-Nov. 16. There is a $100 fee to attend Crucial Conversations. Learn more and register here

Free, online self-paced training: Introduction to DEI in the Workplace. The OSU Center for Advancing DEI in Business announces the latest addition to our series of free online, self-paced trainings: Introduction to DEI in the Workplace. This training provides a basic 30-minute overview of the ethical and business cases for DEI as well as a primer on basic DEI terms and concepts. Appropriate for people at all levels of an organization, this is a great way to ensure that people are on the same page when it comes to DEI basics. Feel free to enroll for a refresher course yourself, or share it with your industry contacts. Join us as we make change, together. 

Take Note

NEW! Mobile Crisis Response Team Survey: OSU Assist, a multidisciplinary support team, will provide a mobile crisis response and wraparound services for students facing mental health challenges or experiencing other forms of distress. The OSU Assist Advisory Committee would appreciate input from students, faculty and staff to inform the development and launch of this program. A link to the survey can be found here. The survey will be available until Sept. 13.

NEW! $15K of Funding Available: The OSU Advantage Accelerator is currently seeking applications that describe technology-based projects in any discipline that will move OSU-owned technologies closer to commercialization. Proposals should describe a project that requires $15,000 or less of funding to achieve an important milestone(s) connected to commercialization. Proposals can include expenses for activities related to customer discovery, prototyping, student time, research, commercialization plan development and more. Each project may be awarded up to $15,000 and should span 9 months or less, beginning in October 2021. Proposals are due before 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 17. Learn more here: https://advantage.oregonstate.edu/advantage-accelerator/funding-opportunities/aid-fund.

NEW! Applications for an OWHE conference scholarship now open: The President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCOSW) is offering scholarships to cover registration costs for the 2022 Oregon Women in Higher Education (OWHE) conference. This year’s conference will be held in Ashland from Jan. 27-29, 2022. OSU faculty, professional faculty, staff, students and OSU community members are eligible to apply. Preference is given to those who have not been funded in the past for the in-person conference. The scholarship application deadline is Friday, Oct. 8. NOTE: Please DO NOT register for the OWHE conference if you are applying for a scholarship until you are approved. Once approved, you will be sent a special registration link for the OWHE conference. PCOSW cannot reimburse people for registrations that have already been paid. For questions, contact [email protected].
NEW! BEaver KIND | Send an encouraging message to students: Students are still navigating the pandemic and gearing up for fall — and with just one short note, alumni and friends can offer the support they need to keep going strong. Share a message about what your degree means to you to inspire and motivate Beavers building their futures at Oregon State. Submissions open now through Sept. 22.

NEW! Monthly Emergency Preparedness Topic: Mnemonics  A mnemonic is a device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering. It is a word or string which is intended to be easier to remember than the thing it stands for. (Dictionary.com)  This month’s poster can be downloaded at https://emergency.oregonstate.edu/emergency-preparedness/preparedness-topics/mnemonics.

Now accepting FYI Friday presentation proposals for Fall 2021: Does your group have a service, process or system you want to share with the campus community? Consider FYI Friday as your venue. FYI Friday is a weekly remote program where campus partners are invited to present brief, one-off, awareness- or skill- building topics intended for a wide audience of professional faculty, academic faculty and classified staff. Learn more about the requirements and application process here

Suggest a book: In a mixed celebration of the potential of the future and in memorial of the altered past, the Reading Room is reopening to the public under the theme Metamorphosis, and OSU Libraries is seeking book recommendations to be featured in the heart of the library this fall. Submissions for books can be from any genre. To fill out the survey and suggest a book, click here. If you need help finding ideas for books, check out the Libguide.  

Digital course packets: Printing & Mailing will be offering digital course packets starting this Fall term. This is a great option for students that will help keep costs down and provide quick and easy access to the material. The Beaver Store will use our digital platform to distribute both in store and online. A print on-demand option will be available for those students preferring a hard copy. Faculty plan on using a course packet/reader for Fall? Make sure to contact Judy Bankson with Printing & Mailing to have it all arranged: [email protected]. Now is the time to submit any of the course packets that require copyright approval to insure the packet is ready for fall. Contact the OSU bookstore experts on campus when it comes to student options, cost and distribution. Contacts are: [email protected][email protected], [email protected].

Cyberbullying and Information Sharing: Keeping Kids Safe. Whether you have children of your own or they are part of extended family, friends’ kids, or your community, we all want to keep kids safe from cyberbullying and teach them safe information sharing principles. And part of that safety plan is to prevent home network tampering. Find out what you can do to help protect kids and your networks by checking out this article at https://www.cisecurity.org/newsletter/cybersecurity-for-families-cyberbullying-and-information-sharing/. (You can also download the article as a Word document.) We encourage you to share this information with your friends, family and community to help protect the ones they love. This message brought to you by the OSU Office of Information Security.

Football tickets: Oregon State University faculty and staff can purchase tickets to the football home opener against Hawai’i for $20 (including fees). The game is scheduled for 8 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 11 at Reser Stadium. The promo code is OSUFS at this link

Mid-Month Emergency Preparedness Topic: Water in Disasters. Humans are made up of 65% water and need water after three days or we will perish. Water flows through the blood, carrying oxygen and nutrients to cells and flushing wastes out of our bodies. It cushions our joints and soft tissues. Without water as a routine part of our intake, we cannot digest or absorb food. This month’s poster can be downloaded at https://emergency.oregonstate.edu/emergency-preparedness/preparedness-topics/water-disasters.

EXTENDED! Apply for grant funding for open educational resources: Funding to adopt, adapt or author an open textbook is available through OSU’s Open Educational Resources Unit. Help your students save money by creating high-quality, freely accessible learning resources. Grant recipients will receive assistance in locating, adopting or authoring zero-cost course materials. All funding is a department-to-department transfer; talk to your department head about how this applies to the grant. The deadline is Sept. 1. Visit the OERU website for more information or contact Stefanie Buck

Impact the future of online education through research: Each year, the OSU Ecampus Research Unit funds projects, up to $20,000 each, to support the research, development and scholarship efforts of faculty in online education. Many OSU colleagues have had transformative experiences in the Ecampus Research Fellows Program. A recent Fellows study highlights the ways in which these projects have advanced research in online/hybrid education. Learn more and consider submitting an application beginning Sept. 8. Contact Naomi Aguiar, assistant director of research, with questions. 

Help wanted for new study: Principal Investigator Naomi Fitter is looking for participants (18+) who have full use of their arms and legs for an upcoming research study (“Perception of Vibrotactile Sensations”) to evaluate how vibration perception can be used to locate objects in the environment. The study will take approximately an hour and will occur in a lab space on campus. Contact Information: 541-737-9193, [email protected].

Participants wanted for OSU Research Study: Educational Virtual Reality (VR). OSU faculty teaching university-level courses only. The study is investigating the effectiveness of current VR products and verifying the aptitude of the current applications to the requirements elicited from educators. If you are interested in participating, please email [email protected]. For more details, please email Principal Investigator: Raffaele de Amicis ([email protected]). Info about the study: https://sites.google.com/oregonstate.edu/educational-vr-study.

Traffic and Maintenance

NEW! Graf Hall renovation: As part of the Graf Hall Renovation Project, the Monroe Ave. and 16th Street parking lot (lot #3221), located south of Graf Hall, will be closed for construction starting on Monday, Aug. 30 through Sept. 21 (view map). The accessible spaces at the east end of the lot adjacent to Merryfield Hall will remain open. For questions or comments on this closure, contact Project Manager David Amundson at 541-737-2760.

Load restriction on Oak Creek bridge: The Oregon Department of Transportation has put a new load restriction in place at the bridge crossing Oak Creek on SW Western Boulevard, located between SW 26th Street and SW Grove Street in Corvallis (view map). The Oak Creek bridge, bridge #07T24, is a 43-foot-long single span, reinforced concrete bridge. It was originally constructed in 1925 and widened in 1941. Weight restriction signage has been posted at both approaches along SW Western Boulevard at SW Grove Street and at SW 26th Street (photo of signage attached). The weight restrictions are: 4 axle, 23 tons; 5, 6 and 7 axle, 25 tons. Please contact Som Sartnurak, the Engineering Supervisor/Traffic Engineer for the city of Corvallis, at [email protected],if you need help identifying alternate routes.

ILLC: Brick repair work for the International Living-Learning Center (ILLC) is scheduled to start on Monday, Aug. 9 and continue through Thursday, Sept. 16. Temporary sidewalk closures around the ILLC building will be in place and a lift will be on-site (view map). For questions or comments on this closure, contact Joshua Walsh at 541-737-0927 or Patrick Robinson at 541-737-2428.

Washington Way: For work related to Pacific Power system upgrades, Pacific Power will continue to perform electrical trenching and drilling work through the end of August. Electrical trenching and drilling work started at the intersection of 35th Street and SW Washington Way in mid-April. Ongoing work will occur on both sides of SW Washington Way between 35th Street and 30th Street (view map). This work supports Pacific Power’s power infrastructure and prepares for future upgrades to SW Washington Way.


This email only lists new or recently updated job postings. For a full list of current job postings for OSU Today, go to: http://today.oregonstate.edu/email/jobs To apply for the below positions, visit jobs.oregonstate.edu unless otherwise specified.

NEW! The OSU Honors College invites applications for a full-time Public Information Representative. Posting #P03119CT. Closes Aug. 31.

NEW! Instructor of Art Media Technology (Internal Employment Opportunity): OSU-Cascades in Bend, OR invites applications for a 9-month, full-time (1.0 FTE) Instructor position focused in Art Media Technology. Posting #P04727UF. Closes Sept. 2.

NEW! Student Health Services invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 9-month, Medical Aide-Receptionist. Posting #P03153CT. Closes Sept. 3. 

NEW! The Research Office is seeking a Managing Grant Accountant. This is a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month Administrative/Professional Faculty position. This position oversees a group of dedicated Grant Accountants responsible for the financial management of a diverse and exciting portfolio of externally-funded sponsored projects. Posting # P04691UF. Closes Sept. 6.

NEW! Admissions Advisor: This recruitment will be used to fill 1-2 full-time, 1.0 FTE, 12-month, Professional Faculty positions for OSU-Cascades in Bend, Oregon. Posting #P04745UF. Full consideration Sep. 12. Closes Sept. 19. 

NEW! The OSU College of Engineering is seeking a Director of ENGINEERING +. This new and exciting position will lead an innovative program that re-envisions the delivery and deployment of undergraduate students’ first year experience. The successful candidate will demonstrate and reinforce the skills of professional practice in areas essential to successful early career engineers, collaborating closely with college industry partnership team members. The Director will hold both an administrative appointment and academic appointment with the latter determined by the individual’s education and experience. Posting #P04732UF. Full consideration date is Oct. 1. Closes Nov. 1.

NEW! The College of Engineering has an opening for a Coordinator of Student Outreach and Recruitment. The successful candidate must be able to work independently under the Director of Outreach, Recruitment, and Diversity Initiatives, demonstrating both initiative and follow-through, but must also work effectively as a team member in support of the mission of the College. Posting # P04734UF. Closes Oct. 3. 


"Try to remember the kind of September / when life was slow and oh, so mellow." ~ The Fantasticks

Corvallis: Sunny for most of the week with highs reaching the 80s toward the weekend, and lows in the mid 40s.
Central Oregon: Sunny this week, highs in the 70s, lows in the 40s.

Newport: Drizzly with some sunshine, highs in the 60s but reaching the 70s by the weekend, lows in the upper 40s to low 50s.

Statewide: For OSU employees around the state, find your local forecast here: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/pqr/