Today in the News Media

Today in the News Media is a synopsis of some of the most prominent coverage of OSU people and programs. Inclusion of any item constitutes neither an endorsement nor a critique, but rather is intended only to make the OSU community aware of significant items in the media.

If you're new to maximalist shoes, start with minimal mileage (Runner's World)

For a study published in the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, Oregon State University researchers brought 15 women runners into the lab on two occasions. Each time, the women’s biomechanics were analyzed before and after they ran an easy-pace 5K on the treadmill. (see also The London EconomicHealth CentralScience Daily)

How the NRA is trying to reach women (Glamour)

These stories mark a success for someone else too: the NRA. “More women are buying more guns, and more of them are buying guns for self-protection,” says Aimee Huff, a professor at Oregon State University who studies the industry’s marketing. As the percentage of men owning guns has dropped precipi­tously over two decades, according to a Harvard-­Northeastern study, the percentage of women has ticked up—from 9 percent in 1994 to 12 percent in 2015—a swelling of roughly 5 million. 

Beavers return to a champions' welcome (Register-Guard)

The Oregon State University baseball team made its triumphant return to Corvallis on Friday afternoon after winning the College World Series for the third time in school history. (see also Statesman Journal, KPTVOregonian)

Bend professor awarded $2 million for drinking water project (Bend Bulletin)

An Oregon State University-Cascades professor was recently awarded a $2 million federal grant to create a portable, solar-powered device that can roll up to an ocean shore and turn salt water into drinkable water.

Ocean science agency chief floats removing 'climate' from mission statement and focusing on trade deficit (Washington Post)

“This unraveling of NOAA’s core mission ignores the best interests of the American people, core congressionally mandated responsibilities, overwhelming scientific evidence, and plain common sense,” said Jane Lubchenco, a marine scientist at Oregon State University, in a statement.

YInMin project 'new music' festival kicks off to an eclectic start at Whitespace (ArtsAtl)

YInMn Blue is an inorganic blue pigment that was accidentally discovered at Oregon State University in 2009. Comprising the metals yttrium, indium and manganese, YInMn Blue is noteworthy for its vibrant, intense color and high near infrared reflectance rating.

A baby boom is helping West Coast starfish recover (Earth Fix)

A wasting disease in 2014 took an unprecedented toll on sea stars up and down the West Coast. It nearly wiped out the populations of starfish ecologist Bruce Menge has studied for decades with Oregon State University. Then the babies started coming.

Oregon State Beavers baseball makes believers out of all of us (Statesman Journal)

The Oregon State University baseball team has made Beaver Believers out of us all. But not for the reason one might think.

Brian Doyle and the language of the stage (Oregon Artswatch)

The book’s publisher, Oregon State University Press, had never sold either kind of rights before and was deliberate about constructing a contract. 

Acoustic detection of subsea methane seeps will help quantify greenhouse gas (The Engineer)

Researchers from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) working at Oregon State University have successfully used a hydrophone to record the sound of methane bubbling up from the sea floor off the Pacific Northwest coast. This technique, they claim, will help them to identify and quantify methane originating from the seabed. (see also Science Daily)

What's the Gulf Coast's future in confronting rapid environmental changes? (

"How much flooding are people willing to put up with?" said Tuba Ozkan-Haller, a civil engineering professor at Oregon State University and chair of the committee of scientists and engineers who wrote the report. "How many days or weeks of flooding must occur before a person decides to move?

Travel ban impacts Oregon's largest universities (Seattle Times)

Oregon State University also has a substantial international student population, including representation from the same five travel ban countries as PSU. OSU officials are being circumspect in their advice to students, according to comments sent to OPB by Vice President Steve Clark.

OSU-Cascades tops fundraising goal for new building (KTVZ)

Supporters of the expansion of Oregon State University-Cascades have contributed more than $10 million in private gifts, exceeding the philanthropic match required for state bonding for the next academic building on the Bend campus, the school announced Thursday.

Should apple trees be pruned in the summer? (Oregonian)

Gardening season is in gear and everyone has a question of some sort. Get answers from Ask an Expert, an online question-and-answer tool from Oregon State University's Extension Service.

Oregon State U faculty is unionized (Inside Higher Ed)

Oregon State University’s new faculty union is now certified, the American Federation of Teachers- and American Association of University Professors-affiliated union announced Thursday. A majority of the university’s nearly 2,400 teaching and research faculty members in tenured, tenure-track and non-tenure-track positions, along with postdoctoral workers, pledged support for a union earlier this month, and the Oregon Employment Relations Board officially recognized the United Academics of Oregon State University this week. (see also Gazette-Times)

New statewide IPM coordinator named for Oregon (Good Fruit Grower)

Katie Murray, of Oregon State University’s Integrated Plant Protection Center, has been appointed statewide integrated pest management coordinator for Oregon, according to a statement from OSU.

OSU baseball provides boost in sales at Beaver Store (KEZI)

The Oregon State University Beavers' success on the diamond has also helped propel business at the OSU Beaver Store. Erik Anderson, the general merchandise manager at the store on campus said they have sold 2,000 to 3,000 units of College World Series merchandise the last couple weeks. That includes T-shirts, hats and other merchandise.

Allez le bleu! (Le Parisien)

One day in 2009, while working in his lab on a new electronic material, Mas Subramanian, chemist and professor at Oregon State University, had a funny surprise. (Attention: This article is in French) (See also Ideas.Ted.Com)

Thirst for knowledge (Eugene Weekly)

In fact, it’s a standing-room-only crowd for a talk about human-robot interactions on a dank January night for the monthly Science Pub Corvallis. Oregon State University computer science professor Heather Knight shared the stage with her latest creation, a teddy-bear-sized plastic robot named Ginger, perched on a high stool. “What do we want from robots? It’s not just about efficiency and getting things done,” Knight told the crowd. More charismatic machines are needed — to replace computers, not people, she said.

'Cascadia: Where Oregon meets' traveling photo exhibit coming to OSU (Gazette-Times)

 The display features 48 Oregon photographs "which emphasize our similarities and diversity as a state, yet aspire to bridge the east and west, urban and rural —divided historically, geographically and politically by the lofty Cascade Range," Crossroads says on an exhibit poster.

Nanoparticles Therapy may be 'One Size Fits All' approach for CF, study suggests (Cystic Fibrosis News Today)

The study from Oregon State University and Oregon Health & Science University provided proof-of-concept evidence for an improved therapy approach. The new strategy involves loading chemically modified messenger RNA (mRNA, generated from DNA in gene expression) from CFTR into lipid (fat)-based nanoparticles, a treatment that could be inhaled at home.

Researchers find connection between genes, response to environmental chemicals (Global Health Newswire)

Why do individuals respond differently to the same environment? Researchers from North Carolina State University and Oregon State University have pinpointed a genetic difference in zebrafish tied to differing responses to the same environmental chemical. The work could have implications for identifying genetic factors that explain differential chemical sensitivity.

OSU buys coastland for wave energy test project (KTVZ)

Oregon State University has purchased a five-acre parcel north of Waldport along the central Oregon coast that will be the shore-based facility for converting wave energy captured from a test site to be located about seven miles offshore into utility-grid accessible power.

Hive Mind: Inside The Complicated World of Bee Colonies (Science Friday)

Oregon State University entomologist Ramesh Sagili chats about his study published in the journal Scientific Reports. He examined what happens when the queen of a honeybee hive dies and how the surviving bees choose the next queen.

Potatoes get revamped (Western Farmer-Stockman)

Aymeric Goyer, associate professor in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University, studied the levels of vitamin B9, or folate, in different potatoes. Vitamin B9 is essential for optimal brain and nerve function, and for infant development.

Dogs On Task Can Use A Little Help From Friends (Jefferson Public Radio)

Oregon State University's Human-Animal Interaction Lab put both pet dogs and trained search and rescue dogs to work solving puzzles (yes, they involve treats). Lauren Brubaker, a doctoral student at the lab, led the research.


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NEW! Animal Adaptations Family Program: Looking for a fun afternoon with your family interacting with sea urchins, sea stars, and more? Come to Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport on July 6 from 1 to 3 p.m. and explore the adaptations of coastal animals found in the estuary, rocky shore, and sandy beach habitats. Cost is $15 per person; learn more and register.


Beaver Classic Cheese sales: Come purchase your favorite Beaver Classic cheeses. Come and taste our 10 different varieties including our award winning smoked cheddar. We have cheddars, swiss and provolones. Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Withycombe 159. For more info please contact

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OSUsed Store Public Sales: The OSUsed Store is open for its weekly public sales Tuesday 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Friday noon to 3 p.m. at 644 SW 13th. Personal purchases must be made during public sales. Staff may shop for their department 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays. More information on our website.


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Upcoming Events

NEW! Dean of Students reception: The Office of Student Life invites all to a welcome reception for the new Associate Provost and Dean of Students, Kevin A. Dougherty. The meet and greet with light refreshments is Wednesday, July 11, from 10 to 11 a.m., Snell 150. For disability accommodation requests: 541-737-9035 or

NEW! Retirement Reception for Dan Arp: You are invited to attend the retirement reception for Dan Arp, dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences. Arp is retiring after 28 years of service to the university. The reception is Wednesday, July 18, 5-7 p.m. in the Memorial Union Lounge. Short program to start at 5:30 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

Exhibit at The Little Gallery: Erin Price is showing "Mountain Memories: Glimpses of Asia." Exhibition dates: July 2 – Sept. 21 in the Little Gallery, 210 Kidder Hall. Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Lectures, Workshops, Webinars

NEW! Library Faculty Association lecture: Danielle Robinson, co-executive director at Code for Science & Society, will present “A Vision for Decentralized Data Preservation Across a Network of Libraries and Trusted Institutions.” The seminar will take place on July 13 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. in the Willamette Industries Seminar Rooms (Valley 3622) on the third floor of the Valley Library. Light refreshments will be provided.

NEW! Drones in Education in Corvallis (July 10-12): This training is designed for educators who are currently using drones or who are interested in learning more about how to incorporate drones into the classroom. $200 scholarship for some Oregon teachers! Details available here.

NEW! ABC+D of Medicare: Medicare choices? Part D? Medigap? Medicare Advantage? Designed for people 63 and older. Presented by Kyle King, CPRC®, APMA®, Associate Financial Advisor, CFS*.  July 18, noon, MU 212. RSVP to

NEW! Cider and Perry Production (July 23-27): Learn how to craft the perfect cider and perry with Oregon State University's Fermentation Science experts in Corvallis, Oregon. Click here to find out more and secure your seat today!

NEW! Summer SJEI workshops: Social Justice Education Initiative from Faculty Affairs has a few seats left for Summer term Tier One workshops. See schedule and registration at Join your colleagues and peers to begin, or continue, your social justice journey in this well-reviewed program. Contact SJEI Director Jane Waite for further information:, 541-737-0866

Technical Writing Course Online: Learn how to produce writing that is precise, concise, organized and based on complex information. Find out how here. This online course starts July 9.

Business Writing Online: Elevate your writing in this online course led by an expert writing instructor. You’ll master a variety of workplace writing, such as emails, reports, proposals and more. Course starts July 9. Click here and secure your seat today

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PERS: Tiers 1 & 2 Simplified: What role will PERS play in your retirement plan? Understand how your PERS retirement works and explore the various choices, advantages/disadvantages you will need to consider when you decide to retire. July 11, noon to 1 p.m., MU 212. Designed for people within 5 years of retirement. Presented by Barbara Koontz, Financial Advisor, CFS*.  RSVP to

BennyBuy training: The BennyBuy (eProcurement) team will be offering Shopper/Requestor and Approver trainings starting in mid July through the end of September. See the professional development site at under the category Business Affairs training.  Classes are title Benny Buy Shopper/Requestor and BennyBuy Approver training. Registration is required. These sessions are for all units/departments and not department-specific. They will focus on the shopper/requestor experience and the approver experience. If you would like us to give a presentation and training for your unit, contact Diana Lindsley to discuss your needs.

Procurement standards training: The OSU procurement standards are updated for fiscal year 2019 to comply with uniform guidance and this class will assist you in understanding the reasons for the update, recognize dollar thresholds for different procurement methods and learn how to apply a new informal (small) procurement process.  To register, see the professional development site at  and titled: New Procurement Standards & Informal (Small) Purchases.

Equal Opportunity and Access Title IX/Title VII workshop July 11-13: No cost, register at by June 29.  This year we are proud to host our annual statewide Title IX/Title VII workshop at Oregon State University.  This two-and-a-half day workshop will include information on Title IX, Title VII and other anti-discrimination legal issues and procedures, and an overview of best practices. Presenters include Jackie Sandmeyer and Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, LLP.

Take Note

NEW! Xpress Stop: Printing and Mailing Services’ Xpress Stop location in the MU will be closed from July 2 through July 16. Our main location at 4700 S.W. Research Way will remain open during this time. If you have any questions please contact us at 541-737-4941.

NEW! Use of Drones/Unmanned Aircraft Systems for OSU operations and research: As of May 15, 2018, the OSU special authorization, known as the “COA,” to fly Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for research purposes expired but OSU can continue to operate under Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulations Part 107. Going forward all OSU community members must fly under the oversight of an individual who has a “part 107” FAA remote pilot’s license, if that flight is for official OSU activity, including research. Additionally to obtain liability and insurance coverage through OSU, the flight operations must be logged with the OSU flight log system, found at: OSU seeks to support the OSU UAS community and provides free access to training to prepare for the Part 107 remote pilot test and will also provide a licensed pilot for research use, if needed. Information on both maybe found at: If your operation falls outside the scope allowed under part 107 or you are unsure, please contact Mark Peters in the Research Office well in advance of the planned mission.

NEW! Welcome Week 2018 Submissions Open: Sept.16-23, 2018, is Welcome Week, a time to celebrate and welcome our new and returning students to campus. An outline of events can be found at A more complete schedule will be available in late August/early September. If you are interested in offering an event during Welcome Week you can submit events online at:

NEW! The latest issue of Oregon Sea Grant’s newsletter, Confluence, is now available: This issue includes stories about students learning to conduct research aboard an OSU shipupgrades to the aquarium tanks at the HMSC Visitor Centerresearch on how noise pollution effects whalesevacuation simulations that help towns plan for a tsunami; and the development of an ocean-forecasting websiteRead it here.

NEW! Noise plan: Are you exposed to loud noise at work?  Find out more about OSU’s Hearing Conservation Program and Noise Control Plan. The goal of OSU’s Hearing Conservation Program is to monitor and protect employees who have the potential to develop noise-induced hearing loss – a preventable, permanent and progressive health issue. In collaboration with Environmental Health & Safety, Occupational Health Services provides annual hearing testing for those exposed to loud noise on the job. Training is available through the EH&S website.  Contact Occupational Health or Environmental Health and Safety with questions.

FERPA Learning Community: The Office of the Registrar is recruiting for their next FERPA Learning Community. This learning community will have folks complete different FERPA activities that are meant to expand one’s knowledge of FERPA and provide some tangible collateral to use with one’s department. The LC will meet from 3 to 4:30 p.m. on July 10, July 24, July 31, Aug. 21, Sept. 4 and Sept. 18. If you are interested, please fill out this survey by July 1. Questions? Contact

Student Researchers at OSU-Cascades Energy Systems Lab Place in National Design Competition: Student researchers in OSU-Cascades Energy Systems Lab competed against universities nationwide and this week earned an Honorable Mention at the Hydrogen Education Foundation’s Design Contest on Power to Gas. Their design uses natural gasto take advantage of renewable energy that might otherwise be lost. NW Natural sponsored the student researchers.

Benton County survey: Residents of Benton County are invited to participate in a survey conducted by Erica Fischer, assistant professor of structural engineering, and Sal Hernandez, assistant professor of transportation engineering at Oregon State University for a research project, “Evaluating the Impact of Post Disaster Public Behavior on Emergency Management.” If you have questions about the project, contact: Erica Fischer or Sal Hernandez.

Volunteer Opportunity at the HSRC Food Pantry: The OSU Human Services Resource Center (HSRC) is looking for faculty, staff, students and community members to volunteer at the HSRC food pantry this summer. To volunteer, complete a one hour training. You can drop by Avery Lodge (HSRC) anytime between 11a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday to complete it. More information about the HSRC and the food pantry schedule can be found here. For more information:

Beaver Champion Award: Every year on University Day the president awards the Beaver Champion to an individual (or individuals) for outstanding effort, the achievement of excellence, extra effort beyond that requested, and performance of the highest quality that has yielded university-wide impact. The President’s Office is seeking nominations for this award.  Send nomination letters to Edward J. Ray, President, Office of the President, 600 Kerr Admin. Bldg. or to

Traffic and Maintenance

NEW! Richardson Hall West lot: As part of the Advanced Wood Products project, there will be utility work taking place in the Richardson Hall West lot. The lot will be open during this work but you may need to use the entrance off of 35th Street for a short period of time (July 9-20), detour signs will be in place. See attached map for areas of work and duration (map). For questions or comments on this shutdown contact Rick Freeman at 541-231-5368.


This email only lists new or recently updated job postings. For a full list of current job postings for OSU Today, go to:

To apply for the below positions, visit unless otherwise specified.

NEW! Oregon State University‘s University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS) is seeking to fill 1 Custodian position. This position will be a part of the Operations & Facilities unit providing custodial services that ensure a clean, healthy and presentable environment in all UHDS facilities. Custodians are committed to the overall success and satisfaction of UHDS students, customers, clients and guests and demonstrate this commitment through the work that they perform. Posting #P01636CT. Closes July 4.

NEW! This recruitment will be used to fill one full-time Office Specialist 2 position for the Office of Admissions at Oregon State University. Posting #P01620CT. Closes July 5. 

NEW! This recruitment will be used to fill one full-time Analyst Programmer, competency level 2 position for the Office of Financial Aid at Oregon State University (OSU). Posting # P01631CT. Closes July 7.

NEW! Administrative Program Assistant: This recruitment will be used to fill one part-time (approximately 38 hours per week) .95 FTE Administrative Program Assistant position for the Oregon State University Extension Family and Community Health (FCH) program. This is a limited-duration appointment expected to last approximately one year from the appointment begin date. This position will be located in Portland, Oregon. This position will have a priority designation for working with Spanish speaking audiences through the utilization of bilingual/biliterate/bicultural skills. Posting #P01629CT. Closes July 9.

NEW! Cook 2: University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS) invites applications for one Cook 2 position. This is a full-time, regular (12-month), classified position. Posting #P01616CT. Closes July 9.
NEW! Student Health Services invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Supervisor-Medical Reception,Posting #P02305UF. Closes July 13.

NEW! Student Health Services invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Contraceptive Care Program Specialist (PR1), Posting #P01638CT. Closes July 14.

NEW! Academic Advisor: Oregon State University College of Engineering invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, fixed-term professional faculty position. Posting #P02298UF. Closes July 17.

NEW! Accountant 1: University Administration Business Center (UABC) in Corvallis invites applications for one full-time (1.0 FTE) salaried, 12-month Accountant 1. Posting #P01627CT. Closes July 22.  

NEW! Student Event Assistant: The College of Engineering is seeking up to five student event assistants. This position assists with planning, preparation and execution of COE signature events. The position is part-time ranging from 2 to 20 hours per week, with the potential for winter/spring/summer break employment. Posting #P04020SE. Closes July 24.

UPDATED! Controller: The Division of Finance and Administration invites applicants for a Controller. Reporting to the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Controller is responsible for maintaining an effective and compliant accounting and financial system, along with related policies and business processes that support the mission of the university. This is a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month position. Posting #P01975UF. Closes Sept. 3.


OSU150 fun fact: Bruce Mate, director of the Oregon State Marine Mammal Institute, pioneered the use of satellite-monitored radio tags to track threatened and endangered whales, allowing discoveries about their migration routes, habitats and behaviors.

Corvallis: Mostly sunny this week with highs creeping toward 80 by the weekend, and lows mostly in the 50s.

Central Oregon: Sunny and warm this week with highs reaching the upper 80s by Thursday, but a cooling trend with some chance of showers could hit by the weekend.

Newport: Sunny with some clouds throughout the week, highs in the mid 60s, lows in the 50s.

Statewide: For OSU employees around the state, find your local forecast here: