November - 2016
OSU News Release Precise nerve stimulation via electrode implants offers new hope for paralysis patients

Patients with spinal cord injuries might one day regain use of paralyzed arms and legs thanks to research that demonstrates how limbs can be controlled via a tiny array of implanted electrodes.

OSU receives $4 million grant to identify mechanisms for control of genetic engineering in plants

With a $4 million, five-year grant from the National Science Foundation, scientists at Oregon State University will develop new approaches to identifying genes that control the ability of a plant to be genetically engineered. 

AAAS and Oregon State University announce 2016 Fellows

Three Oregon State University professors have been named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

OSU News Release Rockfish siblings shed new light on how offspring diffuse and disperse

A splitnose rockfish’s thousands of tiny offspring can stick together in sibling groups from the time they are released into the open ocean until they move to shallower water and settle near shore. 

Curiosity can predict employees' ability to creatively solve problems, research shows

Employers who are looking to hire creative problem-solvers should consider candidates with strong curiosity traits, and personality tests may be one way to tease out those traits in prospective employees.

Chronically ill women underusing online self-care resources, study shows

Barriers to internet use may be preventing chronically ill middle-aged and older women from being as healthy as they otherwise could be, new research from Oregon State University suggests.


Storing more carbon in western Cascades forests could benefit some wildlife species, not others

Forest management policies that aim to store more carbon in the Pacific Northwest may benefit some wildlife species more than others.


OSU News Release Bacteria discovery offers possible new means of controlling crop pest

A bacterium common in insects has been discovered in a plant-parasitic roundworm, opening up the possibility of a new, environmentally friendly way of controlling the crop-damaging pest.

Public meeting on design of OSU's Marine Studies Building to be held Nov. 17

Oregon State University will host an informational meeting and open house on Thursday, Nov. 17, to present the schedule and design process for the interior of the new Marine Studies Building in Newport.

Repeatedly thinking about work-family conflict linked to health problems

Thinking over and over again about conflicts between your job and personal life is likely to damage both your mental and physical health, research from Oregon State University suggests.

Talk addresses racial oppression and the internet

A scholar with expertise on the Trayvon Martin case is examining the role of social media in creating a spectacle around news reports of African American deaths by members of law enforcement.  

OSU News Release Immune system uses gut bacteria to control glucose metabolism

Researchers have discovered a link between the immune system, gut bacteria and glucose metabolism – a “cross-talk” that can lead to type 2 diabetes  when not functioning correctly.

image of bear with salmon The golden drool: Study finds treasure trove of info in saliva of foraging bears

A new study documents the ability of researchers to gather DNA from residual saliva on partially consumed salmon to the point that they can even identify individual bears from the genetic samples.

OSU News Release Kelp forests globally resilient, but may need local solutions to environmental threats

The first global assessment of marine kelp ecosystems shows they have a surprising resilience to environmental impacts, but local efforts will be needed to help protect their health in the future.

OSU News Release New 'optofluidic' technology taps power of diatoms to improve sensor performance

Researchers have combined one of nature’s tiny miracles, the diatom, with a version of inkjet printing and optical sensing to create an exceptional sensing device.

OSU News Release OSU overall enrollment up 2.9 percent, Corvallis campus increases less than 1 percent

OSU fall term 2016 enrollment grew 2.9 percent from last year, with stable enrollment at OSU’s Corvallis campus and double-digit growth at OSU-Cascades and the Ecampus online program.

Mars Viking program featured at Corvallis Science Pub

NASA’s Mars Viking program made history and changed the future of space exploration, influencing engineering, science, art and culture. 

OSU News Release Search launched for new OSU diversity officer

Oregon State University today began an international search for a vice president and chief diversity officer.

Image of votive table Leading scholar on Chinese art to speak at OSU

Ping Foong, a leading scholar of Chinese art and a specialist in Chinese ink painting, will give a public talk at 7 p.m. on Nov. 16.

OSU News Release Healthy recipes and effective social marketing campaign improve eating habits

The Food Hero social marketing campaign is an effective way to help low-income families eat more nutritious meals through fast, tasty, affordable and healthy recipes, new studies show.

OSU News Release Discovery of new bacteria complicates problem with salmon poisoning in dogs

A new study suggests that the risks dogs of the Pacific Northwest face from salmon poisoning is complicated, and that some pet owners make think their pets are immune when they are not.

Mental health spending nets return by reducing jail population

Each dollar a state spends on mental health care cuts roughly 25 cents off its jail expenditures by reducing its inmate population, a new study shows.

October - 2016
Image of Paul Miller DJ Spooky to bring 'Heart of a Forest' performance to four Oregon cities

New York-based composer, artist and author Paul Miller, also known as DJ Spooky, will perform “Heart of a Forest,” in four Oregon cities Nov. 6-11.

OSU presents annual International Film Festival Nov. 9-15

Oregon State University’s annual International Film Festival, which includes 18 films from 10 countries, will be held Nov. 9-15 in Corvallis.

OSU News Release Closed captions, transcripts aid learning for almost all students

Most college and university students who use closed captions and transcripts on video and multimedia find them helpful as a learning tool, despite them not regularly being made available.

OSU News Release Glucose-monitoring contact lens would feature transparent sensor

Type 1 diabetes patients may one day be able to monitor their blood glucose levels and even control their insulin infusions via a transparent sensor on a contact lens.

OSU News Release West Coast record low snowpack in 2015 influenced by high temperatures

The western-most region of the continental United States set records for low snowpack levels in 2015 and scientists point the finger at high temperatures, not low precipitation.

Auditions for OSU production of 'For the Love of Lies' to be held Nov. 15-16

Auditions for OSU Theatre’s winter 2017 production of 'For the Love of Lies' will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 15-16 in the Withycombe Hall Main Stage theatre.

Impulsive personality linked to greater risk for early onset of meth use

Methamphetamine users who described themselves as impulsive were more likely to have started taking the drug at an earlier age, a study of more than 150 users showed.

OSU trustees approve expanding veterinary teaching hospital, renovating Magruder Hall

The OSU Board of Trustees approved the renovation of Magruder Hall to allow the College of Veterinary Medicine to increase enrollment and expand its small-animal teaching hospital.

OSU News Release OSU's Fairbanks Gallery to feature Kerry Skarbakka exhibit 'On the Brink'

The Fairbanks Gallery at Oregon State University will host an exhibition of work by photographer Kerry Skarbakka titled 'On the Brink,' Nov. 5-30.

Fall Creek hatchery to hold annual festival on Nov. 5

The Oregon Hatchery Research Center will host its annual Fall Creek Festival on Saturday, Nov. 5, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the hatchery, located 13 miles west of Alsea on Highway 34.

OSU News Release Excess wildfire, cheatgrass affecting sage-grouse; targeted actions needed

Larger, more frequent wildfires in the Great Basin have led to a decline in greater sage-grouse, which, if left unabated, could reduce the population to 43 percent of present numbers.

OSU News Release Tsunami-safety panel to oversee construction of Marine Studies building

Oregon State University President Ed Ray announced today the creation of an oversight committee to monitor construction of a Marine Studies Building and student housing in Newport, Ore.

OSU recognized for sustainability efforts

Oregon State University has been recognized as a top performer in the 2016 Sustainable Campus Index.

Public invited to groundbreaking celebration for Oregon Forest Science Complex

The College of Forestry at Oregon State University will celebrate the construction of the new Oregon Forest Science Complex with a groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 29.


OSU News Release Boosting levels of known antioxidant may help resist age-related decline

Researchers have found that a specific detoxification compound, glutathione, helps resist the toxic stresses of everyday life – but its levels decline with age and can lead to health problems.

OSU's Department of Recreational Sports celebrates a century

Oregon State University’s Department of Recreational Sports is celebrating its 100th year

OSU News Release System changes improve prenatal care for Oregon Medicaid beneficiaries

Oregon’s 2012 shift to an incentivized, accountable-care system for Medicaid beneficiaries led to positive changes for expectant mothers and their babies, OSU research shows.

Wildlife migration routes for multiple species can link conservation reserves at lower cost

Scientists have demonstrated a new technique for designing effective wildlife migration corridors while reducing the costs of conservation


OSU to host town hall on high-risk drinking

Oregon State University will convene a town hall meeting from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Nov. 3 to discuss high-risk drinking and its related negative impacts. 

Oregon State University Theatre presents 'James and the Giant Peach'

Oregon State University Theatre will kick off the 2016-17 season with a family-friendly adaptation of the quirky children’s novel, “James and the Giant Peach.”

OSU to host presidential election discussion in Lake Oswego

'Making sense of the Presidential Election,' a panel discussion featuring OSU faculty members will be held from 6-8 p.m. Oct. 27 in Lake Oswego.

OSU News Release Larvae from fat fish on deep reefs help keep shallower populations afloat

Populations of coral reef fish in shallower habitats likely owe at least some of their sustainability to the prodigious reproductive abilities of large, old counterparts that dwell at greater depths.

OSU News Release A better battery: one-time pollutant may become valued product to aid wind, solar energy

Chemists have discovered that organic compounds in a family that traditionally has been known as pollutants could offer an important advance to make cheap, reliable batteries.

OSU to participate in Great Oregon Shake Out

The Great Oregon Shake Out, an earthquake preparation drill, will take place across the nation.

OSU, Samaritan will conduct mass casualty exercise Oct. 20

A mass casualty incident exercise will take place on Thursday, Oct. 20 from 6 a.m. to noon.

OSU News Release Study finds local fidelity key to ocean-wide recovery of humpback whales

A new study concludes that humpback whales' fidelity to local habitats – passed on through the generations – is a key to understanding the ultimate recovery of this endangered species.

OSU News Release 'Photograph 51' play to have live reading at OSU's Valley Library

The play “Photograph 51” will have a live reading at Oregon State University’s Valley Library at 7 p.m., Nov. 2.

OSU News Release OSU Dads and Moms weekends become Family Weekends

The names of Dads and Moms Weekend has changed to Fall and Spring Family Weekend, respectively.

OSU News Release Want to optimize those 10,000 (or fewer) steps? Walk faster, sit less

Want to get the most out of those 10,000 daily steps? Walk as briskly as you can as much as you can, and minimize the amount of time you spend sitting around.

OSU News Release Bushmeat hunting threatens mammal populations and ecosystems, poses food security threat

The decline of more than 300 species of animals poses a food security threat for millions of people in Asia, Africa and South America.

Image of artist Shoshanna Weinberger Artist Shoshanna Weinberger to speak at OSU Oct. 19

Artist Shoshanna Weinberger, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, will give a public talk at 7 p.m. Oct. 19 at Oregon State University.

Image of child playing Preschoolers' motor skill development connected to school readiness

Preschoolers’ fine and gross motor skill development is indicative of later performance on two key measures of kindergarten readiness, according to a study published today by researchers from Oregon State University.

Image of giant otter Study documents staggering loss of wildlife following Amazon "Rubber Boom"

Researchers for the first time have documented the killing of millions of animals in Brazil’s Amazon Basin in the 20th century, causing the collapse of some aquatic species. Most land-based species appear to have survived the carnage.

OSU News Release OSU Board of Trustees to meet Oct. 19-21

The OSU Board of Trustees will hold a retreat on Wednesday, Oct. 19, to discuss the university’s student success goals, current cost structure, and revenue generating opportunities.

OSU News Release Ancient wingless wasp, now extinct, is one of a kind

Researchers have identified a bizarre, parasitic wasp without wings preserved in 100-million-year-old amber, which belongs to no other family ever identified on Earth.

Photo of healthy tailgate food Entrants sought for healthy tailgate recipe contest; 5k fun run at OSU

Recipes are now being sought for the 2016 GridIron Chef healthy tailgate recipe contest at Oregon State University.

Image of Eileen Pollack Writer Eileen Pollack to speak at Oregon State University

Writer Eileen Pollack will visit Oregon State University’s Corvallis campus Oct. 21 for a pair of talks about her fiction and nonfiction work.

OSU News Release Beaver Store supporting open textbook initiative to aid affordability

As part of ongoing efforts to increase textbook affordability, the OSU Beaver Store is distributing free open source textbooks on its digital e-commerce platform.

OSU News Release Scientists outline biochemistry of xanthohumol - an avenue to treat metabolic syndrome

Researchers have made a fundamental advance in understanding xanthohumol – a compound found in hops that’s of significant interest to prevent or treat lipid and metabolic disorders.

Top Oregon family businesses to be honored at Nov. 2 event

Several Oregon family businesses will be honored at the Oregon State University College of Business’ 2016 Excellence in Family Business Awards ceremony on Nov. 2 in Portland.

OSU News Release New Startup Showcase is Demo Day 2.0

Startup Showcase will be presented by entrepreneurs from the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator/ RAIN Corvallis program on Thursday, Oct. 20.

Historian will present stories of African American railroad porters

Filmmaker and historian Michael “Chappie” Grice will share the stories of Oregon’s African American railroad porters on Oct. 12 

OSU News Release Oregon State University celebrates Star Trek with class, events

Oregon State University will mark the 50th anniversary of the seminal science fiction television series, 'Star Trek,' with a number of events as well as a class dedicated to the original show.

OSU News Release 'State of the Coast' conference set for Oct. 29

Registration has opened for Oregon Sea Grant’s annual State of the Coast conference, which will be held Oct. 29 at the Salishan Spa and Golf Resort.

OSU News Release New initiative will help investigate natural disasters worldwide

OSU will be part of a new initiative supported by the National Science Foundation to rapidly assess earthquake and wind damage at disaster scenes around the world.

OSU News Release New technologies - and a dash of whale poop - help scientists monitor whale health

A team of OSU scientists is using new technologies to monitor the health of whales in a non-invasive manner.

Corvallis Science Pub delves into U.S. foreign relations

From rhetoric about putting “America First” to arguments about the founding of NATO, global concerns are playing a prominent role in this year’s presidential elections. 

September - 2016
Oregon State University launches SPARK, a year-long celebration of arts and science

Oregon State University will celebrate the relationship between the arts and science throughout the 2016-17 school year with a new series of events and activities called SPARK.

New OSU restaurant features Latin American street food

McNary Dining Hall will have a new food option starting this fall – La Calle - but currently only night owls will reap the benefits.

Photo of OSU marching band Oregon State University band, the oldest program in the Pac-12, celebrates 125th anniversary

The Oregon State University band program will celebrate its 125th anniversary with a concert at 1 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 9, in the Austin Auditorium at The LaSells Stewart Center.

OSU News Release OSU President Ed Ray names search committee for new athletics director

OSU has named a committee to help search for a new intercollegiate athletics director, as Todd Stansbury moves on to serve as Georgia Tech’s athletics director.

OSU News Release OSU President Ed Ray names Marianne Vydra interim athletics director

Marianne Vydra has been named as interim OSU athletics director while the university completes a national search to select a new intercollegiate athletics director.

OSU student receives $132,000 EPA STAR fellowship

Christina Murphy, a doctoral student at Oregon State University, has received a $132,000 Science to Achieve Results, or STAR fellowship, from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

OSU News Release Civil engineering society issues first-ever tsunami-safe building standards

People in and around some newly built coastal structures will be more safe thanks to national construction standards announced today that will consider the risks posed by tsunamis.

OSU News Release New colors, a new world of pigments continue to evolve from accidental blue discovery

A bright blue compound that was first discovered by accident has now led to the more rational and methodical development of other colors that may ultimately change the world of pigments.

OSU News Release Relationship factors affect young adult use of condoms

The characteristics of a person’s relationship, including commitment and partner-specific risk factors, affect the choice of whether or not to use condoms, according to new research from Oregon State University.

OSU News Release OSU Ecampus named nation's best value in online education

OSU Ecampus has been named the nation’s best online college in terms of value by, an organization that ranks affordability and quality in higher education.

OSU News Release Oregon State to undertake national search to replace departing athletic director

Oregon State University is launching an immediate national search to replace Todd Stansbury, vice president and director of intercollegiate athletics at OSU.

OSU News Release Is there a right way to quit your job? Research finds some ways are better than others

There are good ways and bad ways to quit your job, new research shows. An OSU study suggests some of the preferred ways to resign to benefit both the employer and employee.

Planetary scientist to speak about Mars at OSU's Condon Lecture on Oct. 4

John Grotzinger, a planetary scientist from the California Institute of Technology, will speak about exploration on Mars at the 2016 Thomas Condon Lecture Tuesday, Oct. 4, at OSU.

OSU to mark 'Banned Books Week' with daily readings on campus

Faculty, students and staff from Oregon State University will read excerpts from challenged or banned books from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sept. 26-28

OSU News Release Salmon trucking success could open miles of historical spawning habitat

A new study documenting the reproductive success of salmon trucked above Foster Dam could open up miles of spawning habitat on the upper South Santiam and other river systems.

OSU News Release Simple test may help address $150 billion problem of post-operative delirium

Researchers have identified a simple test that can predict which surgical candidates are most at risk of delirium, a common complication following surgery in older patients.

Auditions for OSU production of 'James and the Giant Peach' to be held Oct. 3-4

Auditions for Oregon State University Theatre’s fall 2016 production, 'James and the Giant Peach,' will be held at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 3 and 4.

Oregon State University Theatre announces 2016-17 season

The 2016-17 Oregon State University Theatre season will feature themes of imagination, collaboration and hope. The season includes five productions exploring a variety of performance styles and approaches to creating theater.

OSU partners with Zipcar to offer car sharing on campus

Oregon State University has launched a new partnership with Zipcar

OSU News Release OSU's Fairbanks Gallery to feature new work from Julia Bradshaw and Anna Fidler

New work by Oregon State University art faculty members Julia Bradshaw and Anna Fidler will be exhibited Oct. 3 through Nov. 2 in the Fairbanks Gallery on the Corvallis campus.

Hatfield Marine Science Center to host ocean research film fest

A mini-film festival outlining some of the latest in coastal research and marine initiatives will be held on Thursday, Sept. 22, at OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.

OSU News Release Nutrition education and simple cafeteria changes leads to healthier eating

A combination of nutrition education and simple and inexpensive changes in elementary school cafeterias can lead children to make healthier eating choices.

Image of R/V Oceanus Tours available on OSU research vessel to dock in Portland at end of STEM cruise

Oregon high school students and teachers are joining scientists at Oregon State University aboard the research vessel Oceanus to gain at-sea research experience off the Oregon coast.

OSU News Release OSU-Cascades opens as Oregon's first new public university in 50 years

Oregon State University – Cascades’ new campus in Bend opened today, fulfilling a 30-year quest for higher education in what had been the largest region in the state without a four-year university.

Picture of mural by artist Eileen Hinckle OSU's Little Gallery to display work of artist Eileen Hinckle

Drawn to Murals, an exhibit of photographs of murals painted by artist Eileen Hinckle, opens on Monday, Sept. 19, in The Little Gallery.

OSU News Release Grand opening of Johnson Hall planned at OSU

Johnson Hall, a new, $40 million facility that will be home to the School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering, will celebrate its grand opening on Sept. 23.

Constitution Day event Sept. 16 at OSU will focus on First Amendment issues

The First Amendment will be the focus of a Sept. 16 panel discussion and town hall meeting at Oregon State University to mark Constitution Day.

Successful control of reproduction could help address concerns about use of engineered trees

Forestry scientists have found a way to arrest the development of flowers in poplar trees, paving the way for control of the unintentional spread of engineered or non-native tree species.

OSU to move in most new students Sunday, Sept. 18

Oregon State University will host its main day of new resident move-in on Sunday, Sept. 18, for students living in on-campus university housing.

University building with rainbow behind Executive and Audit Committee of OSU Board of Trustees to meet

The Executive and Audit Committee of the Oregon State University Board of Trustees will meet on Monday, Sept. 12.

Up close protein drawing Findings about protein could open door to new class of antibiotics

The first-ever detailed, atomic-level images have been made of a peroxiredoxin, revealing a peculiar characteristic that might form the foundation for a new approach to antibiotics.