The following Oregon State University faculty and staff have expertise related to the elections and are willing to speak with journalists. Their specific expertise and contact information is listed below. For help with other OSU faculty experts, contact Sean Nealon, 541-737-0787, [email protected].

David Bernell, 541-737-6281, [email protected] *Available after Oct. 25

Bernell is an associate professor of political science in OSU’s School of Public Policy. His research interests include energy policy, international relations, American foreign policy and Latin American politics. He can speak to: 

  • How political rhetoric around rising gas prices is likely to affect voters / turnout / results 
  • How the war in Ukraine is affecting domestic elections 
  • Election issues in both Oregon and national races

Catherine “Katie” Bolzendahl, 541-737-0590, [email protected] *Available after Oct. 26

Bolzendahl is the director of the School of Public Policy and a professor of sociology at Oregon State. She is a political sociologist whose work examines gendered political change over time and cross-nationally, particularly women’s access to democratic political participation. She can speak to:

  • Comparative differences in democratic political participation (including voting and informal participation).
  • The meaning of family and gender in the political culture of the U.S. and other wealthy Western democracies.
  • The importance and impact of women’s political empowerment.

Dwaine Plaza, 541-737-5369, [email protected]

Plaza is a professor of sociology in OSU’s College of Liberal Arts. His research interests include migration and settlement, and race and ethnic relations. He can speak to: 

  • The history of white supremacy and how it has permeated U.S. institutions
  • Immigrant communities in Oregon, their assimilation and acculturation
  • Gentrification in Portland
  • Second-generation youth (Latinx) in Oregon and the U.S.
  • Refugee communities in Oregon and the U.S.
  • U.S. and Canadian Immigration Policy 
  • Issues related to international development and globalization.   
  • Issues related to Canada vs. U.S. relations

Susan Shaw, 541-737-3082, [email protected]

Shaw is a professor in the women, gender and sexuality studies program at OSU, where her research focuses on feminist studies in religion. She teaches courses on feminism and the Bible, feminist theologies, feminist teaching and learning, and gender, race and class. She can speak to: 

  • Gender-related issues, including reproductive rights and trans rights
  • The role of gender in prominent elections
  • How gender-related issues can serve as a motivating or demotivating factor among different blocs of voters
  • The role of religion, especially evangelical Christianity, in election issues like abortion, LGBTQ rights and Christian nationalism

Rorie Solberg, 541-737-9512, [email protected]

Solberg is a professor and head of the political science department in OSU’s School of Public Policy, where she teaches courses on constitutional law and the judicial process. Her research focuses on judicial politics. She can speak to: 

  • How recent and/or upcoming Supreme Court cases will have a direct impact on elections and voting
  • Whether the general discourse around the Supreme Court is likely to motivate voters to participate in the election

Judy Stiegler, 541-420-4129, [email protected]
Stiegler is a part-time instructor of political science at OSU-Cascades in Bend, where she teaches introductory courses on U.S. government and politics. A former state representative, and former member of several state boards and commissions, she is well-versed in Oregon’s legislative and policy-making processes and pitfalls. She can speak to:

  • State and local races and candidates.
  • Central Oregon issues facing voters.
  • The rural-urban divide among Oregon voters.

Chris Stout, 541-737-4729, [email protected]

Stout is an associate professor and Ecampus coordinator of political science in OSU’s School of Public Policy, where he teaches courses on presidential and congressional politics, including a class this year on campaign and election politics. His research interests include Congress, identity politics, racial and ethnic politics, political behavior and political representation. He can speak to: 

  • The Oregon gubernatorial race and Oregon congressional races
  • Identity politics, including issues of race, ethnicity and gender
  • Campaign advertising and messaging
  • The inner workings of Congress

Tenisha Tevis, [email protected]
Tevis is an associate professor of adult and higher education in the College of Education at OSU, where her work examines institutional practices in an effort to promote equity and inclusion for both students and leaders. She can speak to:

  • Single-issue voting 
  • Black tax and issues of voting access in the U.S.
  • The misinformation campaign targeting curriculum in K-12 schools and higher education