Journalists covering Oregon State University are welcome to call the Department of News and Research Communications (541-737-0787) at any time for assistance. The following sources and links may be of assistance in finding information about the university.

University Spokesperson

Steve Clark, 541-737-3808 (cell: 503-502-8217), [email protected] is the vice president for University Relations and Marketing at OSU and serves as chief spokesperson for the university on timely or sensitive issues. If he is unavailable, contact Sean Nealon, news editor, at 541-737-0787, [email protected].

OSU Experts

News editor Sean Nealon, 541-737-0787 can help journalists who are seeking expert sources for their stories. [email protected].

Top Level Administration

Journalists interested in speaking with OSU Interim President Becky Johnson should contact Steve Clark, 541-737-3808 (cell: 503-502-8217), [email protected], vice president for University Relations and Marketing. If he is unavailable, contact Annie Heck, associate vice president for University Relations and Marketing, at 541-737-0790, [email protected].

Other OSU administrators and contact information is included below:

Intercollegiate Athletics

Questions about OSU’s Department of Intercollegiate Athletics should be directed to the Office of Sports Information. The number is 541-737-3720.

Honor Roll and Graduation Lists

Our office coordinates the dissemination of the university honor roll each term as well as the list of OSU graduates in June. If you have a question about a local student, call 541-737-0781, or email [email protected].

Campus Crimes and Criminal Investigation

Law enforcement at Oregon State University Public Safety. Non-emergency contact: 541-737-3010.

Shanon Anderson is the associate vice president for public safety and the chief of police. She can be reached at [email protected].

The university also has an Alerts webpage on which timely warnings from law enforcement, notices of building shutdowns, weather warnings and closures and other emergency alerts are posted.

Student Enrollment and Success

Jon Boeckenstedt is vice provost for enrollment management and can answer most questions related to the university’s enrollment numbers, strategy and history, including tuition costs. He can be reached at 541-737-0759, [email protected]. Other key sources relating to the university’s enrollment include:

Student Housing

Dan Larson is vice provost for student affairs, and can answer questions about OSU’s residence halls and cooperatives, as well as plans for future housing. He can be reached at 541-737-3626, [email protected]. . Related sources include:

  • Steve Clark, vice president for University Relations and Marketing, is part of an OSU-Corvallis collaboration team looking at community issues surrounding off-campus housing. He can be reached at 541-737-3808 (cell: 503-502-8217), [email protected].

OSU Facilities, Operations and Construction

Bruce Daley, 541-737-7345, [email protected] is Associate Vice President for University Facilities, Infrastructure and Operations and can answer questions about OSU buildings and other facilities, construction projects, the campus’s physical plant and operations and related issues.

OSU Foundation and Alumni Association

For questions about the OSU Foundation or the university’s private giving, contact Molly Brown, assistant vice president, communications, for the foundation at 541-737-3602, [email protected].org.

For questions about the OSU Alumni Association, contact Kevin Miller, director of the Oregon Stater magazine, at 541-737-0780, [email protected].