A Media Fellowship and Summit Program
Sponsored by Oregon State University

See photos from the 2019 Fellowship 

Meet the 2018 Marine Science Media Fellows

See photos from the 2018 Fellowship

Our coasts are changing. Seas are rising and warming. Storms are intensifying. Fisheries are in jeopardy. Waves offer a potential source of energy for the future. Underlying these global trends are a changing climate and a growing coastal population.

The Oregon coast is the ideal laboratory to study these trends. And scientists from Oregon State University - whose oceanography program is ranked third in the world - are the ideal experts to talk about the natural and human factors affecting our oceans.

You’re invited to join researchers from Oregon State University, state and federal organizations and a community of people on the Oregon coast, for an in-depth, three-day program covering major coastal ocean topics.

Program highlights

The three-day fellowship program includes sessions at Oregon State’s main campus in Corvallis and its Hatfield Marine Science Center on the coast in Newport.

  • Tour Oregon State’s wave research facility, which is the world’s largest tsunami simulation basin and a site to test wave energy devices.
  • See how Oregon State researchers build and maintain underwater ocean gliders and buoys that monitor ocean conditions.
  • Visit one of the world’s largest repositories of oceanic sediment cores.
  • Tour the Oregon Hatchery Research Center and learn about hatchery practices and their effects on salmon in the wild..
  • Learn about whale monitoring research, including using drones to track whale behavior.


  • Climate change
  • Wave energy
  • Salmon hatcheries
  • Tsunamis
  • Beach erosion
  • Ocean acidification
  • Whale monitoring
  • Research ships
  • Crabs and oysters
  • Aquaculture


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Oregon State University
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