CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregon State University continues to advance its 150-year mission to provide access to a high-quality education by enrolling a record 32,011 students for fall term 2018.

Rising student enrollment at OSU-Cascades in Bend, in OSU’s nationally ranked online Ecampus program and in hybrid programs offered in the Portland area contributed to OSU’s growth.

Overall, Oregon State’s fall term 2018 enrollment grew by 107 students over last year, making OSU the largest university in the state for the fifth consecutive year.

Oregon State’s enrollment among graduate and transfer students, military veterans, and students of color also rose. Enrollment at OSU’s Corvallis campus decreased by 1.9 percent or 470 students. A third of this decline occurred among international students.

“Oregon State’s mission is to provide access to an excellent higher education to all Oregonians,” said OSU President Ed Ray. “We are providing a high-quality OSU education where students are located, and when and how they want to be educated. I am very proud of our expanding service to learners at our new campus in Bend, as well as through our more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered online, expanded service to the Portland region and the continued strength of our Corvallis campus.”

Ray said OSU continues to be a school of choice among Oregonian undergraduates with 13,620 students or 71.2 percent of OSU’s Corvallis undergraduate enrollment coming from the state of Oregon.

Oregon State’s fall enrollment includes:

  • 24,290 students at the university’s main campus in Corvallis;
  • 173 more transfer students over last year enrolling at OSU from community and other colleges;
  • 229 more graduate students – a 4.5 percent increase from fall 2017;
  • 6,565 students in Ecampus, an increase of 478 students or a 7.9 percent increase over last year;
  • 1,259 students at OSU-Cascades, an increase of 4.6 percent over a year ago;
  • 91 students taking advantage of offerings at the new Portland Center, located in the Meier & Frank Building downtown;
  • 7,857 students of color, an increase of 197 students or 2.6 percent increase over last year. Diverse students now make up more than 25 percent of OSU’s overall enrollment;
  • 1,162 veterans – a 10.9 percent increase of 114 students over last year;
  • 3,410 international students, a decline of 146 students from fall 2017, mirroring a national trend among universities.

“The diversity of Oregon State’s enrollment is mission driven,” Ray said. “It is essential that all Oregonians have access to a high-quality college degree, and that we connect our state to the people of the nation and the world through Oregon State’s diverse and inclusive enrollment.”

This fall, OSU has enrolled 7,857 students of color – Asian, African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander or students who identify as being of two or more races. This is an increase of 197 students or 2.6 percent over a year ago. In total, 25.4 percent of the Oregon State Corvallis and Ecampus enrollment identify themselves as a student of color, compared with 3,207 students and 15.8 percent of the Oregon State student body a decade ago. At OSU-Cascades, 216 students or 17.2 percent of the campus’ enrollment identify as being students of color. This represents a 9.1 percent increase over 2017.

Additionally, 22.9 percent – or 5,886 – of OSU undergraduates in Corvallis or enrolled in Ecampus – are first-generation college students, a 1 percent decrease from a year ago. Meanwhile, 31.3 percent of OSU-Cascades undergraduates are first-generation college learners.

Oregon State continues to attract top students. The average GPA of new students coming to OSU from high school is 3.59. Additionally, 492 students entered the university’s Honors College this fall, compared with 401 in 2017.

As well, of OSU’s new students:

  • 22 are National Merit award winners, up from 16 last year.
  • 183 of Oregon State’s new undergraduates were ranked No. 1 in their high school graduating class, up from 178 last year.
  • 31 are Presidential Scholars.

This fall, OSU’s international student enrollment of 3,410 students, or 11 percent of the university’s overall enrollment, compares to 988 international students – or 4.9 percent of enrollment – a decade ago. International students from 111 countries attend Oregon State this fall.

Oregon State’s commitment to graduate studies and engagement in research is evident with this year’s total of 5,287 graduate students—including students enrolled in programs in pharmacy and veterinary medicine—compared with 5,058 graduate students in 2017.

The number of fall first-time undergraduates from high school decreased 3.6 percent, down 144 from 2017.

At OSU-Cascades, 88.4 percent of the enrollment is composed of Oregonians, including 306 who are first-generation college students. OSU-Cascades’ enrollment includes 978 undergraduate and 281 graduate students. New freshmen enrollment at the Bend campus is 113, a 33 percent increase from 2017. For more information about OSU-Cascades’ enrollment data, read its enrollment news release.

Engineering remains the most popular discipline at Oregon State. The College of Engineering has a total of 9,099 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled this fall. The next largest programs are the College of Liberal Arts, 4,202 students; the College of Business, 3,985; the College of Science, 3,636; the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, 2,634; and the College of Agricultural Sciences, 2,595.

Enrollments in other colleges and programs are: College of Forestry, 1,156; College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, 912; University Exploratory Studies, 851; College of Pharmacy, 399; College of Education, 317; College of Veterinary Medicine, 258; and interdisciplinary graduate programs, 823.

Oregon State’s Honors College enrolls 5.3 percent of all undergraduates, or 1,345 students – a 13.3 percent increase over 2017.

The most popular undergraduate majors at Oregon State are computer science, followed by business administration, mechanical engineering, biology and kinesiology.

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About Oregon State University: As one of only three land, sea, space and sun grant universities in the nation, Oregon State serves Oregon and the world by working on today’s most pressing issues. Our more than 36,000 students come from across the globe, and our programs operate in every Oregon county. Oregon State receives more research funding than all of the state’s comprehensive public universities combined. At our campuses in Corvallis and Bend, marine research center in Newport, OSU Portland Center and award-winning Ecampus, we excel at shaping today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.

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