Hedberg earned an international reputation, having determined the structure of dozens of molecules, including Carbon-60—known as the “Buckyball”

whale license

A list of the most viewed stories of the year on the OSU news website


A summary of recent awards and honors

building sign

New campaign looks at where OSU stands on its path to create a more inclusive community

Cpt. Allworth

A century ago, an OSU alum made a decision that earned him the Congressional Medal of Honor

Science Pub poster

Ripple received global attention last year for publishing a second scientists’ warning to humanity paper


Award reflects the strides the county has made to improve the health and well-being of its residents

parent with child

Endowment helps offset costs but demand is far greater

Alix Gitelman

Gitelman succeeds Susana Rivera-Mills

Hattie Redmond
A collective statement written in support of survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence at OSU

What happens when intelligent, automated technology begins to make moral decisions that affect the everyday lives of people?

London students

At Oregon State, students have hundreds of study abroad options

osu exhibit

In February 2018, we began a monumental undertaking: create an interactive museum exhibit that demonstrates the history, accomplishments, and legacy of Oregon State University to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the university’s founding.

University Day

The annual kickoff to the school year


Simonich, Pisias receive honors