Chrissa Kioussi and Inara Scott have been selected as Provost Fellows for the 2020-21 academic year. Support for leadership development remains a priority and the Provost Fellows program provides a unique opportunity for aspiring leaders to gain experience while working on a project that directly impacts OSU. The program complements the University’s commitment to develop and mentor effective leadership by providing intense and focused experiences in leadership and administrative roles at the senior levels of the institution. 

Chrissa Kioussi is a professor in the College of Pharmacy and her research focuses on the developmental programs that define how different gene subsets become available to each particular cell type as the body forms. She uses animal models to understand the molecular mechanisms and signals that embryos normally use to create functional organs with the aim to build body parts to correct birth defects in newborns or replace body parts in the aging. As a Provost Fellow, Kioussi will work with Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School Philip Mote to advance SP4.0 priority projects related to graduate student competencies and transferrable skills.

Inara Scott practiced law for over a decade before joining the College of Business. In private practice, Scott represented clients on matters including general corporate, environmental, and business law, before specializing in energy law and utility regulation. Scott’s research at Oregon State centers on sustainable business, clean energy, and legal and policy implications of climate change. As a Provost Fellow, Scott will work with Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Alix Gitelman on initiatives related to the continued improvement of remote teaching and learning. 

Throughout the year, Kioussi and Scott will engage with the university’s senior leaders and collaborate with Senior Vice Provost Susan Capalbo on faculty and leadership development efforts led by the Office of Faculty Affairs.