The Associated Students of Oregon State University is seeking OSU students in Corvallis to run for a position in student government, and take on an active role in how the campus serves students.

ASOSU is the recognized student government for OSU’s Corvallis students. Student government at OSU provides a variety of responsibilities and opportunities for advocacy on behalf of students. For example, those involved with student government review and vote on incidental fee levels which are then approved by the Board of Trustees. For the current fiscal year, those student fees total more than $26 million. They funds everything from the Family Resource Center to the Memorial Union and RecSports.

Participation by OSU students in student government is key to deciding where student fees go, which contributes to the kind of experience students have at OSU, said ASOSU Vice President Dylan Perfect.

“The decision to run for student government has broad implications for the experience OSU offers, since nearly $500 is allocated by ASOSU for incidental fee-funded services each term, paid by every Corvallis-based student,” Perfect said. “The more students run for and engage in that process, the more these resources will reflect their needs

ASOSU members also advocate for student needs on the local, state and federal level, and the university itself. Representatives serve as liaisons between the student body and university leadership, including faculty and administration.

“With 39 offices up for election, there are abundant opportunities to represent your unique perspective on behalf of your fellow students at OSU,” Perfect said. These range from president and vice president to undergraduate representatives and senate positions.

Candidate registration closes Feb. 8. The candidate registration form, as well as additional information, are located on the ASOSU website. For more information, contact [email protected]

While running is one way to leave an impact, every Corvallis student is encouraged to vote in the election. Voting will take place from 9 a.m. Feb. 14 through 5  p.m. March 4. Ballot links will be sent via OSU email on the day voting opens.