OSU professor among American Geophysical Union 2018 honorees

The American Geophysical Union has selected its 2018 class of medalists, awardees, and prize recipients. 33 individuals are recognized this year for their dedication to science for the benefit of humanity and their achievements in Earth and space science. Among the awardees is Nicklas G. Pisias, Oregon State University, who received the Maurice Ewing Medal. The honorees will be recognized during the Honors Tribute at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting, which will take place on Dec. 12 in Washington, DC. Learn more about theĀ AGU Honors program.

Simonich awarded scholarship to attend HERS institute

HERS (Higher Education Resource Services) selectef Staci Simonich, associate vice president for research and professor of chemistry and environmental and molecular toxicology at Oregon State University, to attend the 2018 HERS Institute at the University of Denver in June. Simonich was awarded a CBL (Clare Boothe Luce) Scholarship, which provided full tuition, accommodations, meals and travel to women in STEM higher education to attend the HERS Institute. She was also a part of the HERS Luce Program for Women in STEM Leadership.

Simonich joined a group of approximately 70 women leaders across the United States as a part of the HERS Institute at the University of Denver, six of whom were awarded the CBL Scholarships. HERS is a leadership development and research organization that is dedicated to creating and sustaining a diverse network of women leaders in higher education. Through various programs that support women in every stage of their careers, HERS provides program participants with transformational experiences and opportunities that result in stronger institutions of higher education.

For further information about HERS, please visit www.hersnetwork.org or call (303) 871-6866.