The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at Oregon State University offers support and resources to employees on a daily basis, but also has a number of offerings that can specifically address employee concerns regarding COVID-19. Below is a list of some of those resources and employees are encouraged to take advantage of these free resources as needed.

Counselors available via video chat; including 24/7 crisis support via phone: 
Fear, stress and anxiety about COVID-19 can be overwhelming. Feel free to share the Managing your Anxiety handout, and remind people that EAP offers counselors available via secure video-chat, telephonically and text messaging. For more information, download the Cascade's Telehealth handout.

Caregiver stress and responsibilities: 
This is a very challenging time for parents and caregivers. The EAP is available to help support people cope with rapidly changing information and disruption to daily life. Download the Family Preparedness handout for more information. 

Financial uncertainty: 
EAP financial coaches are available to offer information, resources and problem-solving assistance to help people work through the many financial challenges and decisions that they may face in the coming days and weeks. Download the Financial Resources for Health Emergencies handout for more information.

Support for managers/supervisors:  
Providing leadership during the unprecedented times surrounding COVID-19 can be extraordinarily challenging. Utilize the Tip Sheet for Managers handout, reach out to EAP for a consultation, and direct employees to the EAP Member Site for regularly updated resources and information. 

In addition to EAP resources, here is a list of trusted sources outside OSU that may provide important information:

CDC site on managing anxiety and stress during COVID-19:

Mental health experts recommendations from World Economic Forum:

Specific resources for kids: