Alix Gitelman has been named Oregon State University’s new Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education effective Oct. 15.

Gitelman is a professor of statistics who joined OSU’s faculty in 1999. During her career as an academic statistician, she has taught, mentored, advised and provided problem-solving support to numerous undergraduate and graduate students, scientific researchers, collaborators and colleagues. In her statistical consulting role, she has worked with more than 100 OSU researchers, ranging from undergraduate students to senior faculty members.

In her role managing the Statistical Consulting Practicum, she has assisted many more students by supervising, training and mentoring student consultants as they work with peers outside of the statistics department.  She received the D. Curtis Mumford Faculty Service award in 2015, and has been highly engaged on curricular and other issues in the Faculty Senate, serving on the Baccalaureate Core Committee, the Graduate Council and the Executive Committee. She served as a Provost Fellow in AY17-18, working on initiatives related to undergraduate transfers to OSU, high school-based accelerated credit programs, legislative proposals affecting academic policies and programs, and OSU’s engagement with the Statewide Provosts Council and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

Gitelman received a BA in computer science from Columbia University and a MS in mathematics from Portland State University. She received MS and PhD degrees in statistics from Carnegie Mellon University. She was a Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellow, awarded for her research related to education. In the early part of her statistics career, she worked on causal inference problems in situations complicated by statistical dependence. More recently, her research is in development of statistical methods for problems in the environmental and ecological sciences.

Gitelman succeeds Susana Rivera-Mills, who became provost and executive vice president of Ball State University on July 1. This summer, the Office of Academic Programs and Learning Innovation was restructured and renamed the Office of Undergraduate Education.