Oregon State University is partnering with Lyra Health to provide mental health coaching, therapy, and other support for employees’ emotional well-being. The program launches Nov. 1.

Through Lyra, Oregon State employees and their dependents have immediate access to mental health care from on-demand resources and free sessions with mental health providers, both virtually and in-person. Participants can schedule therapy and mental health coaching sessions, and get unlimited access to a self-care library to help maintain emotional well-being.

“OSU has partnered with Lyra to provide our employees with the support and resources they need to help prioritize their mental health,” said Christina Schaaf, work-life coordinator at Oregon State. “This collaboration comes at a pivotal time when addressing mental health and emotional well-being is more critical than ever. Lyra is a powerful ally in this endeavor.” 

Employees and their dependents will receive a range of confidential support services, including:

  • Eight sessions per person per year, with eight sessions between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31. Lyra has more than 8,800 providers. Participants can select the mental health coach or therapist who best matches their preferences and begin care right away. The care is personalized, culturally competent and available to all ages.
  • Lyra Essentials, an on-demand self-care library to help build healthy habits through research-backed videos, articles, meditations, and more, available through Lyra’s app. These tools are helpful even for participants not currently experiencing a mental health challenge. This is available to those 18 and older.
  • Guided plans for self-care with advice and check-ins from mental health coaches. This is available to those 18 and older.
  • In addition to Lyra's digital support, Lyra will provide an on-campus therapist available for OSU employees one day a week. This will provide a convenient and in-person option for employees on the Corvallis campus. Most employees not near the campus will still have access to in-person providers in their area.

Lyra has expanded its network to encompass over 3,900 specialized providers for kids aged 17 and under in the U.S., offering evidence-based therapy and medication management. Additionally, they've introduced enhanced therapy for teens, providing personalized plans, 1:1 messaging with providers, and evening/weekend availability. Lyra has also expanded coaching programs for parents and introduced personalized care navigation for autism spectrum disorder, empowering caregivers and providing essential resources for advocacy.

Lyra also offers work-life supports for legal, financial, identity theft and dependent care services. Additionally, Lyra Learn, Lyra’s evidence-based eLearning platform, provides structured courses and live gatherings that help reduce stigma, support managers and teams, and build mentally healthy workplaces. Lyra Gatherings, a part of the Learn platform, are clinician-led group discussions where employees engage in structured, moderated conversations intended to strengthen the connection between social identity, mental health and workplace experiences. To access Lyra Learn employees can go to learn.lyrahealth.com, passcode #osu445.

“Lyra was by far the most impressive mental health benefit we looked at. By introducing Lyra as a new benefit, we hope to send a strong message: OSU cares about the whole person,” Schaaf said. “We are committed to creating an environment where mental health is a priority, and everyone feels supported, valued, and encouraged to thrive. We encourage all of our employees to take full advantage of this new benefit.”

Visit osu.lyrahealth.com to create an account. Take the care assessment to be paired with a provider. Lyra’s mental health coaches and therapists are custom matched to you and have appointments available for new clients.

~ Theresa Hogue