In response to a shortage of hand sanitizer and surface sanitizer due to the new coronavirus, the Oregon State Department of Chemistry is producing the products and making them available to the university community. The products are free to all departments within the College of Science and available for purchase to other university units. They can be obtained at Chemstores, 154 Gilbert Hall, on the Corvallis campus.

The supply and demand ebb and flow. Currently the department is out of bottles and getting low on ethyl alcohol.  Both are on order and they receive stock daily.  When they are out of stock, there is a list so faculty and staff can get their sanitizer in the order that they ordered it.  At times they are also limiting quantity in a single purchase so more departments can be helped.

To minimize social contact, faculty and staff need to call or email Chemstores to check stock and put their name on a list to receive product. Email them at  [email protected] or call 541-737-2271. 

Non – College of Science customers need to sign-in through Duo in order to complete the purchase, so bring your phone or Duo tokens with you in order to complete the purchase.

The surface sanitizer is a mix of ethanol and deionized water, and the hand sanitizer is a combination of ethanol and aloe gel.

A 16-ounce spray bottle of surface sanitizer costs $5.44. A refill costs 65 cents. You can also bring your own 1-liter bottle ($2.04 for a fill-up) or 1-ounce bottle (filled for 8 cents).

Hand sanitizer is available as follows: 16-ounce spray bottle ($5.88); refill, ($1.08); bring your own 1-liter bottle (filled for $2.51); bring your own 1-ounce bottle (10 cents for a fill-up).

Chemstores is also selling paper towels for $2.72 a roll.

Only university faculty and staff may purchase the items. The purchaser must show a university ID, and only OSU index numbers – no credit cards, checks or cash will be accepted.

For more information, call 541-737-2271.