Colorful indoor plants make delightful gifts for the holidays

The choices go beyond traditional poinsettias and amaryllis. Colorful African violets, gloxinia, cyclamen, orchids, ornamental peppers and Christmas cactus are blooming and readily available.

The debate over native plants and their cultivars gathers steam

Research about native plans and their cultivars that has been done – primarily on the East Coast – hasn’t been conclusive.

Go underground with bulbs for colorful spring bloom

When purchasing bulbs, choose large ones. The bigger the bulb, the bigger the bloom.

No-till gardening keeps soil – and plants – healthy

No-till gardening minimizes soil disruption, which compacts the soil and destroys the pathways that channel air and water through the soil.

Mothballs are a pesticide and should be used with care

Mothballs, one of the most common methods to control clothes moths, need to be recognized as a pesticide that can be harmful to humans or animals when misused.

Don’t cut down that ash tree just yet – Oregon won’t see full effect of emerald ash borer for years

Currently, the emerald ash borer has been found in trees only in Washington County, where a quarantine prohibits moving ash (Fraxinus) or fringe tree (Chionanthus) wood in or out of the area.

Five Oregon gardeners recognized with statewide awards

The honorees received their awards at the Joy of Gardening conference, an annual event sponsored by the Oregon Master Gardener Association.

Used appropriately, coffee grounds improve soil and kill slugs

Coffee grounds can be worked into the soil or added to a compost pile but should be done with some restraint.

Rain gardens help keep pollutants out of waterways

Stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces has been routed directly to streams through stormwater pipes and ditches with little infiltration or treatment.