Five Oregon gardeners recognized with statewide awards

The honorees received their awards at the Joy of Gardening conference, an annual event sponsored by the Oregon Master Gardener Association.

Instead of leaving soil naked, coat it with cover crops

Grow "green manure" to keep soil from eroding, weeds from exploding and to add nutrients.

What’s the real story? Garden myths debunked

Misinformation proliferates on the internet so OSU horticulturists give the real story.

Used appropriately, coffee grounds improve soil and kill slugs

Coffee grounds can be worked into the soil or added to a compost pile but should be done with some restraint.

25 plants for attracting native bees to the garden

About 500 -- perhaps more -- native bees make Oregon their home. Gardens are important habitat for these important pollinators.

Growing vigorous kiwi takes care and a strong trellis

Kiwifruit need some attention to yield the large amount of fruit they’re capable of producing.

Rain gardens help keep pollutants out of waterways

Stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces has been routed directly to streams through stormwater pipes and ditches with little infiltration or treatment.

Create gardens accessible to all

Using universal garden design brings elements together to make a space that's beautiful and accessible to everyone.

Gardening can be accessible to all with some adjustments

“Universal” garden design is planning the landscape so that anyone can access and enjoy it.